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The Founding of the Frostwolf Brotherhood

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The story of the Frostwolf Brotherhood begun long before the foundation of Durotar and the Battle of Mount Hyal against the Burning legion. It begun with a young orc warlock apprendice named Brakogar of the Stormreaver Clan lead by the warlock and head of the Shadow Council Gul'dan.

Brakogar had been told by his teachers for as long as he remembered that the only true path in life was that of power, control and chaos and that this should be the foremost important ambition for any Stormreaver who wishes to one day control the clan and be initiated within the Shadow Council, this was even more important than honor and loyalty to friends, family and even fellow clan members. Brakogar never fully understood how such way of life could mount to power or at the very least lasting power as it requiered the individual to betray even those who he was close to in order to get anywhere within the clan. However he became a daily witness to this code of behaviour as many Mentors where betrayed by their students to take their rank, no Stormreaver in a senior position lasted for long, however those who did manage to stay in power for longer than usual had the previlige of joining Gul'dan within the shadow council.

Brakogar had been indoctrinated into the Stormreavers culture well enough to obey it and be respected as well as gaining admiration of some of his teachers and peers, but the truth was that he was personaly conflicted with what he was tought and what he believed to be correct and just. As Brakogar gained rank as an aprendice, he begun to dislike, and even became appaled with many of the warlock practices, later he learned of the pact that the Orcs had made with the Demons of the Burning Legion and the "gift" they had given the Horde which he silently saw more and more as a vile taint of dishonor and blodlust for carnage. Brakogar's innersoul constantly told him to scape, but ironicaly enough he felt loyalty to those that did not value it due to all the knowledge and training he had recieved.

Sometime passed and word came of the disapereance of Gul'dan and the entire shadow council. Rumours begun that they had perished while trying to uncover some demon artifact within the Great Sea. Many Warlocks within the Clan saw the disapereance of teh council as a chance to gain power and control of the Stormreavers and soon infighting broke, Brakogar could see that the Stormreaver Clan as he knew it was no more and that it would most likely destroy itself, so he finaly decided to flee.

Brakogar did not know where to go, so he decided to seek out the other clans within the horde in the hope to find orcs that had not been as severely affected by the Demonic taint as his former clan. He searched for what seemed like an endless number days while at the same time avoiding the seemingly constant Alliance patrols he came accross by using his novice knowled of the arcane to hide himself. Brakogar's search begun to become desperate as he was running out of food and water until he came accross a battered & abandoned old guard tower, he sought to seek refuge there for the night, but once he entered he recieved a sudden shock and surprise to what he saw inside.

The veteran orc warrior within the tower was as surprised as Brakogar, it was clear that this orc had been living in seclution for a long time and never expected anyone to ever find him from the startled look on his face. The old warrior inmediately reached for his nearby axe, and as he saw this, Brakogar's warlok teachings instinctively came to effect as he readied a spell to Drain the warrior's life, but thankfuly his reason quickly took over and he lowered himself before the warrior as a sign of respect, afterall this warrior could be an excile just as himslef and may have knowledge of the clans. Brakogar knew that he was putting himself at the mercy of the warrior, but he would have much have prefered to die at the hands of one of his own kind, than by hunger or an Alliance Patrol. To Brakogar's relief the warrior lowered his axe and inmediately begun to demand what clan Brakogar was from and how he had found him. Brakogar simply replied that he belonged to no clan and that he was as surprised as he was at their encounter. Upon having a closer look at the raggy and exauhsted young orc, the old warrior begun to display some sympathy in his eyes and motioned for them to sit down around a small camp fire, he offered some food and water which Brakogar was all to happy to accept, Then the old warrior introduced himself as Eitrigg of the Blackrock Clan and then asked who Brakogar was and how he had come to be here.

Brakogar had spent much of the evening telling Eitrigg of his disatisfation with the Stormreaver's dishonorable ways, the disapereance of the Shadow Council, the infighting and his eventual scape with the hope of finding the orc clans who he hoped would share his values, he was a bit concerned in revealing his Clan's name as the mistrust and animosity that all other Orcs had towards his former clan was well known but Brakogar saw sympathy and compassion within the old orc's eyes, as if he had a similar tale to tell. Eitrigg in turn told Brakogar that he fled the orc clans due to the constant infighting and treacheary between and within the clans that would only lead to destruction. Brakogar suddenly felt depresed and begun to think that his quest to flee the Stormreavers to find an honorable orc clan was in bain. He then asked Eitrigg if all clans were this way and he replied that there was one Clan that scaped the Demon's taint, The Frostwolf Clan, once lead by a mighty warrior named Durotan, who had been betrayed and murdered along with his wife and infant child by the shadow council for not submitting to it and the Demons. Eitrigg told Brakogar that after Dutotan's assassination the Frostwolves were exiled from the horde and they went to live high on the ice cold mountains of Alterac where they continue to practice the orc's tradtional beliefs of Shamanism which focuses on the spirits of the elments and nature rather than arcane demonic magics. Brakogar suddenly become hopeful again that there were still orcs that had scaped the demon's taint and valued honor and loyalty so he decided to seek them out. He asked Eitrigg to come with him, but he replied that he was much too old for the harsh trek and that that it was highly unlikely that they would take any of them if they survived as they prefer to live away from the world outside their mountain and that Frostwolves would most likely see them as a taint within their society by been outsiders. Brakogar however felt that if there was a chance of an entire Clan of orcs that still valued honor, he should try to seek them out or die trying.

Eitrigg helped Brakogar gather enough supplies during the following few days and when it was time for them to part ways, Eitrigg told Brakogar that he felt blessed by the spirits from meeting someone who despite coming from the most tainted and corrupt clan within the horde rejected the Demonic teachings and sought an honorable way of life, he mentioned that this made him hopeful for the future of his people as there are other orcs however few within the horde that had not succumbed to the taint and bloodlust. Brakogar thanked Eitrigg for all his help and mentioned that if he did manage to be accepted by the Frostwolfs, he would mention his name to them. Brakogar bowed to Eitrigg and departed for the long trek to Alterac.

The trip to the foot of the Alterac Mountains had been fairly simple thanks to Eitrigg's instructions as the path that Brakogar followed was far from Alliance refular patrols. Finally after a couple of days of walking the Alterac montain range was within sight, Brakogar marveled at the height of the mountains and for a moment reconsidered continuing his journey, but he realized that the only other alternatives were to live in exile like Eitrigg or die by Alliance hands, so he continued. As Brakogar came close to a large Alliance fortress know as Durnhold Keep near the foot of the mountains, he noticed from a distance that Alliance convoys were becoming very common on the main roads. These convoys seemed to be mostly transporting large cages, this sparked both fear and curiosity upon Brakogar as he felt that he needed to know what was in them. Brakogar got close enough to one of the convoys while hiding within a bushy section on the side of the road and to his horror her saw that the Alliance soldiers were transporting orc prisioners to Durnhold and nearby bases. It was now clear to Brakogar that the constant infighting within the horde had most likely cost them victory in the war against the alliance, and that now the Horde was no more with the remaining orcs been captured and placed like animals within cages to be transported to Alliance prisons. However what truly shocked Brakogar was what he saw in the behaviour of the captured orcs. Brakogar noticed that these orcs were just laying or sitting within the cages with a depresed and lethargic look upon them, if it wasnt for their physical looks, Brakogar would have never believed them to be orcs, this made him feel both disgusted and saddened.

Brakogar knew that there was nothing that he alone could do for the captured orcs as any action would lead to a senseless death or worse, capture, but he thought of informing this to the Frostwolf Clan once he encountered them, maybe knowledge of their fellow orcs, tainted or not, been treated in such a dishonourable and undignified manner may make them reconsider their isolation.

Brakogar managed to bypass the Alliance interment camps and reached Alterac Valley undetected, he had now reached the hazardous part of the trip as he needed to climb the ice cold mountain in order to reach the Frostwolf Clan's territory. Brakogar begun the last part of his journey. The snow storms were so dence as he climbed the mountain, that Brakogar could no longer tell from night or day, he had been walking for what seemed days and his supplies were running out. Since he started climbing the mountain he had not seen another living creature, but trees covered in snow. He begun to think that the Frostwolves were just a myth as nothing could possibly live in this harsh environment. After a few more hours or days, he could not tell, his food supplies ran out and shortly after he collapsed within the snow.

Brakogar could no longer feel his body, his limbs were so freezing cold and painful that he feared he would brake them if he tried to get up but decided to at least be Orc enough to die trying and not laying down like the orcs he saw in the cages. As Brakogar tried to kneel in order to stand, he saw a shadow moving through the snow towards him at a fast speed, Brakogar figured that it was the spirits coming to take his soul, but as the shadow got closer he noticed that it was a massive animal, a wolf. As the wolf got closer, Brakogar was barely able to grab a nearby fallen brach and swore to himself that he will not allow himself to be devoured by the creature without a fight, even if it wasnt going to be much of one given his present condition. As the wolf got even closer, Brakogar noticed that the wolf had something on its back, it was what looked like a rider, an Orc Rider! Brakogar felt reliefed that he had finally found the Frostwolves and that his journey, and possibly sacrifice, was not for nothing and for his own pride decided to try to stand on both his feet to greet the rider by using the branch to support himself. The Wolf rider stoped in front of Brakogar with a satisfied look in his eyes, as if he had been looking for Brakogar all along, Brakogar saluted the wolf rider and then collapsed.

Brakogar awoke shortly after within the den of the Frostwolf Clan. He was laying on a cold stone floor with a small fire nearby to keep him relatively warm. As he sat up he noticed some meat and water next to him which he consumed rapidly. As he ate a voice came from the cortner of the room saying that it is no wonder that he had ran out of food during his trip here by the way he ate. Brakogar felt embarased and both apoligized and thanked the voice before proceding to eat. The voice laughed and from the shadows the oldest orc that Brakogar had ever seen emerged. Brakogar thanked him for his rescue, and again for the food, the old orc simply responded in a disatisfied manner, that he should be thankful as there was barely enough food for the clan to eat and that many had given part of their share to feed him. However Brakogar saw that the old orc was both glad and angered by his arival. The old orc continued by saying that if he wished to stay he must provide for himself starting from tomorow and that he will not just have another mouth to feed.

Brakogar begun to hunt and gather herbs for himself with some assistance of the younger frostwolves, he was puzzled on why the old man, who seemed to be the leader of the clan had allowed him to stay so readily without knowing who he was and why he was here. He decided to remain silent and do his share of the work until he learned more. After a couple of weeks, Brakogar saw that the Frostwolves were endeed honourable people who were very selfless and loyal to each other and the clan as a whole, many willingly gave what litle they had to others who were more in need than themselves and Brakogar was sure that any of them would give his life for a comrade. That is when Brakogar decided to approach the old orc who others had refered to as Drek'Thar. But instead Drek'Thar came to Brakogar as if he already knew that he was about to aproach him. He mentioned that the spirits had told him of his reasons for been here and that they were indeed noble, he said that despite many trying to attempt to endoctrinate Brakogar with foul Demonic practices his true self remained uncurrupted and that the spirits aproved of his heart and soul. He mentioned that he can remain with the Frostwolves as long as the spirits wish it, but that this will not last forever and that he had a destiniy to fulfil, but for now the spirits are preocupied with the destiny of another.

Brakogar wasnt all that sure on what Drek'Thar had said about his destiny, but a few weeks after he heard news of another new arival, a young orc, roughly the same age as he was. he had also tried to climb the mountain and fell. Aparently he was more severely injured than he was. The older clan members seemed a little unsettled by this new arival, as if they recognised him somehow. Brakogar thought that he may have been a deserting Frostwolf who had decided to return and now the elders did not know what to do with him. Soon after, the newcomer appeared to be accepted by the Frostwolfs and did turn out to be a clans man, but many kept their distance from him, Brakogar found it odd how the Frostwolves had accepted him so readily but were having difficulty accepting one of their own, he wondered if he had somehow commited a crime. Brakogar decided to approach the young Frostwolf who despite his age was very large even for an orc, after a brief conversation with him he learned that his name was Thrall, and that he had been an orc raced by humans since infancy and was found wrapped in a piece of cloth bearing the emblem of the Frostwolf Clan. Thrall later scaped his human master and sought to find his clan. Brakogar found his tale fascinating and somewhat understood why much of the Clan seemed to distrust him.

Shortly after, Brakogar discovered that Drek'Thar had been spending much time with Thrall. Brakogar begun to believe that there was something much more to Thrall's tale. Shortly after he discovered that he is been trained as an initiate Shaman and that much of the clan now truly acepted and respected him. To Brakogar, Thrall seemed like an enigmatic but powerful orc, an orc of both honor and strength, from the litle time they spoke between Thrall's shamanistic studies and Brakogar's clan duties he had come to realize that Thrall was an orc of destiny, probably the one that Drek'Thar had spoken of.

One night a stranger arived, he was wrapped in a large cape covering his entire body, all the Frostwolves seemed overly polite to this stranger, specialy the older ones. Thrall sat next to him as he was drinking some soup by the fire. Thrall begun to politely ask who he was and what clan he was from, but the stranger only responded that he no longer belonged to a clan. Thrall begun to tell the stranger that he planned to liberate the orcs within the internment camps, but the stranger dismissed his ideas by saying that it was not worth it as the orcs were now self made cowards, and that this talk of liberating them was pointless specialy from someone who's people live in isolation safe from danger and conflict. Thrall became furious at at the stranger for insinuating that the Frostwolves were cowards, but strangely enough all the other Frostwolves surrounding the fire including Drek'Thar seemed to dismiss what was a clear attack on their clan. Brakogar begun to get up in order to assist Thrall, but Drek'Thar motioned him to stay put. Thrall continue to argue that he would liberate the orcs with the help of Grom Hellscream, the chieftain of the Warsong clan, and from what Thrall had told Brakogar, an honored friend of him. The stranger only dismised the name and said that Hellscream was just a Demon-ridden dreamer. This further infuriated Thrall who stood up and yelled at Drek'Thar that he may not have exercised his birth right as the son of the Frostwolves slained Chieftain, but as a Frostwolf he had every right to fight the stranger for both insulting his clan and his race. In that moment Brakogar realized that Thrall was no ordinary Frostwolf, but the son of Durotan, who was assassinated along with his wife by the Shadow Council. Thrall as an infant must have somehow survived and found by humans. The stranger also got up and removed his cape, he was fully clad in Black armour and wielded a massive warhammer. Thrall and the stranger begun to fight, at one point it was hard to say who would win as both fought with equal skill and strength, however Thrall managed to Outmanoeuvre the stranger and take the warhammer from him, and just before Thrall could swing a final blow, eight Frostwolves jumped on him to hold him down. Drek'thar quickly calmed Thrall and the stranger simply got up and laughed announcing himself as Ogrim Doomhammer, Warchief of the Horde, who had been looking for the brave idealistic young orc who would help him free the camps.

Afterwards both Doomhammer and Thrall begun to share their own stories and how they would liberate the camps. Doomhammer mentioned that he was searching for idealistic warriors who still held to the old values to help guide the new horde, upon hearing this, Brakogar approached both Thrall and Doomhammer and humblely informed them that he knew of such orc, and that his name was Eitrigg. Thrall wanted to hear all Brakogar knew about Eitrigg and swore that he would seek him out.

When the time ceme for Thrall and Doomhammer to leave the Frostwolves and liberate the internment camps, Brakogar wanted to go with them as he saw that the vision they both had for the new Horde was what he had always wanted to see in his people, but Drek'Thar asked him to stay with the Frostwolves and help protect them as he suspected Alliance expeditions, partcularly dwarves, were encrouching within their lands, but he assured Brakogar that when the time comes he would be called upon. Many seasons past, and Brakogar was becoming impatient, there had been some dwarven sightings within Alterac valley, but nothing to justify a threat to the Frostwolves.

As time past he heard that Ogrim Doomhammer had been killed while liberating one of the camps and that a great Battle had taken place against the Demons of the Burning Legion in a far a way land known as Kalimdor, in which all races including orcs and humans had united against a common enemy. Many Horde warriors had fallen during this battle including many Frostwolves and newly trained Shamans, but the demons were ultimately defeated. Thrall had later lead his people in stablishing the foundations for a new nation within Kalimdor for all orcs within an area that was very similar to the orc's ancestral world of Draenor. He named the new nation Durotar, after his father and within this nation he build the Orc City of Ogrimmar, in honor of Doomhammer.

Not all was good within the new Orc nation however, due to the large spiritual vacume from all the fallen Shaman at the Battle of Mount Hyal against the Demons, many Horde members including many of their newly found Allies, the Tauren were falling into curruption, thievery and selfishness. Drek'Thar found this the time to call for many Frostwolves, including Brakogar to descent from the mountains and travel to Durotar in order to initiate their untainted hearts into Shamanism so that they could guide horde members back into the ways of honor and loyalty.

Upon Brakogar's arival at Durotar he was amazed on how much progress the Orcs had accomplished in such litle time and was pleased with the general spiritual health of many other Horde initiates that Thrall was guiding along with the help of Spiritual and War masters within the Valley of Trials south of Ogrimmar. However once Brakogar's Shamanistic training had progressed to the satisfaction of his teachers, his Shaman trainer had asked him to continue his learning within the nearby lands known as The Barrens. Upon arival to the Barens, the spiritual decadence of the horde became aparent to Brakogar, many young horde members had become currupt with selfish values and obtaining pleasure upon the frustration and pain of others. This reminded Brakogar of The Stormreaver Clan and the Demons. The curruption seemed so wide that he begun to think that the horde will once again succumb to complete curruption and collapse.

Silently overwhelmed at the widespread curruption. Brakogar continued his Shaman training and also his duties to Thrall and the Horde. While fulfilling his duties as a warrior of the Horde he came accross an officer named Regthar Deathgate, who was in charge of troops defending the Barrens agains Centaur aggressors. He assigned Brakogar with the quest to defeat a centaur warlord named Hezrul Bloodmark who lead his centaur raiders from the Lushwater Oasis. Upon reaching the Oasis he begun his search. Brakogar searched for what seemed an eternity for the vile Centaur, he noticed that many of his minios were present there, so he must not be far, but during the search he was ambushed by three of the creaturs and it seemed that Brakogar's destiny would be to die at the hand of the centaur. But suddenly a brave Tauren emergerged from the bushes and engaged the Centaur ambushers. Both Brakogar and the Tauren managed to get the upper hand on the centaur by helping each other and defeated them, the Tauren then introduced himself as Fracture, Brakogar found the odd name amuzing, but most Tauren names seemed odd to him.

Fracture explained to Brakogar that he was also an initiated and was also in search of Hezrul Bloodmark, as he and his Centaur had been guilty of many crimes against his people and was here to aid the orcs in eliminating the Centaur threat from the Barrens, as Brakogar and Fracture had similar goals, they decided to team up.

Brakogar and Fracture searched the oasis for Hezrul, they had learned that he was a coward and would rarely walk outside his encampment, but when he did venture out, he was always accompanied by bodyguards. It was clear that ridding the Barrens of Hezrul will not be an easy task for two Horde initiates.

Brakogar suddenly spoted Hezrul with his guards near a the entrance of what the Druids call the Wailing caverns, He called upon Fracture who was near by. Both warriors engaged the Centaur leader with bravery and strength, they tried to take down Hezrul first in order to demoralise his guards, but he proved to be a chalenge as he was able to knock both down with his inmense strength, focusing both their training of the elements and warrior skills, they managed to take Hezrul down and defeat him. The body guards continued to fight and there was a point were it seemed like they were both going to fall, but their training took hold and used their newly learned Shamanistic and battle magics to reenforce and heal one another, finally all the centaur fell at their feet and both were glad that it was finally over.

While Brokogar journeyed with Fracture back to Regthar in order to report their success, Brokogar mentioned the curruption that was plaguing the horde, Fracture also expressed concern of the curruption as it was begining to affect his people. However Fracture was more optimistic than Brakogar, he figured that there must still be good people within Horde lands and all that was needed was to bring them together into one group that can brake the curruption by examples of honor, kindness and compassion, Brakogar was in agreement with his vision.

As Fracture and Brakogar spent time together discussing the formation and honor code of an organisation that is to provide spiritual and ethical guidance to the Horde, Brakogar explained the Honor and kindness that the Frostwolf Clan had demonstrated towards him. Fracture was enthusiastic about the way of life of the Frostwolves and agreed that if a group that was to uphold honor, loyalty and kindness was to be created ,it should follow the Honor code of a clan that held to their values despite the mass corruption that spread through most of their race.

As the Brotherhood was been planned and formed, Fracture came up to Brakogar with a sadden face saying that he had been called away on matters of duty and honor and would not see the foundation of the Brotherhood in Kalimdor. Brakogar understood and expressed to Fracture that he would always have a place of honor within the brotherhood should he return. Fracture expressed thanks and departed to do his duty, but Brakogar felt that despite his absence Fracture was as much a part of Brotherhood as any other due to his sense of honor and bravery.

Brakogar soon begun to search for like minded people within the horde who respected honor and loyalty as well as kindness and bravery, later Brakogar decided to name the new organisation after the people who's honor code they were folllowing and so The Frostwolf Brotherhood was born.

Written by


Former Leader of The Frostwolf Brotherhood

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