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"Right now... where yer took care o' me after I was hanged."

"Chingaso meet Shaggy there."

The Grim meeting broke up, and Ashagga was already out the door. Her guild mates were shrieking for blood and violence, planning to move to Crossroads and from there, who knew? Maybe Astranaar, maybe Darnassus. Any other time, Ashagga would have willingly gone with them, but not tonight.

She called Omen, mounted, and sped through the streets of Orgrimmar, careening around corners fast enough to make her dire wolf scrabble for purchase, nearly knocking over the emissaries from the Defilers. Only when she passed the front gates of Orgrimmar did she think that she should have stopped and gotten a dress from her bank.

Several nights previous, Chingaso had approached her with a proposition. She could not be his wife. He had obligations. She knew that, knew she could never be with him... but then he made the suggestion. She'd hoped he would, hoped he'd considered it, and apparently, he had. He tossed it out as a suggestion, but no decision had been made.

Tonight, at the Grim meeting, they'd held a whispered conversation through their hearthstones, like children behind their teacher. She'd agreed. He told her to say when and where.

"Right now... where yer took care o' me after I was hanged."

"Chingaso meet Shaggy there."

And then she was suddenly at the meeting place, hurriedly removing her leathers, trying to look less like an assassin and more like a woman. It wasn't something she was good at. She paced nervously, waiting for Chingaso, and when he arrived, he was clad all in his armor.

They made awkward small talk. She wasn't used to such a gentle approach. The men she'd known had always just taken her. She wasn't prepared to lead. He made a comment about how delicate she'd been after the hanging. She told him she wasn't delicate now.

And then, finally, there were no more words.

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"Right now... where yer took care o' me after I was hanged."

"Chingaso meet Shaggy there."

Chingaso hurry from meeting. Orugasa already leave, tell Chingaso have business with shaman trainer in Thrall chambers. Inside, shame burn in Chingaso. Chingaso know what do hurt Orugasa when find out. And Chingaso not doubt Orugasa find out. But Chingaso feel must do for Shaggy and for spirits.

As Chingaso ride through Orgrimmar, stop short by voice.


Chingaso stop, look around, see Mohan. "Yes Mohan?"

"Have you learned the skill to make a cloak of the hide of the Broodmother yet? I have the proper materials if you can craft it. I would greatly appreciate it."

"Ah. No, Chingaso save head of Broodmother for give to Thrall tomorrow before Grim go to war, so Grim all get blessing of Thrall. After blessing, Thrall teach Chingaso make cloak, then Chingaso promise make for Mohan."

"Very well. I shall see you tomorrow."

"Safe travels Mohan."

Chingsao look about self. See no other Grim, nor any friend Chingaso.

Chingaso think back over all transpire. Shaggy go through ritual, and Chingaso guard against harm of beast and alliance. And Shaggy confess love Chingaso. Chingaso surprise, but realize love Shaggy too. After ritual, Chingaso take Shaggy to one of hideout Chingaso for rest and recover.

Chingaso think on plan of wed Shaggy, and how ceremony begin before interrupt by Orugasa. Tale of Orugasa how fathers promise each other compel Chingaso stop wed, even though many Grim disapprove. Chingaso hear that Shaggy no speak to. Chingaso go in daze to Barrens for peace.

Chingaso think on spirits that plague Chingaso day and night. Yichimet say Chingaso spirits be angry with break promise make to Shaggy. Chingsao have constant bother day and night, no sleep good with spirits bedevil.

Chingaso think on how Shaggy take potion from Lupen, destroy womb so Shaggy never make orcling. Chingaso remember pain when Shaggy tell.

Chingsao remember how Chaindog grab Chingaso by shoulders and shake, then take hunt. Many hunt Chaindog and Chingaso speak. And Chaindog say Chingaso maybe have wife and mistress, more troll way than orc, but possible solution.

Chingaso think on Orugasa. How orc slow introduce self into Chingaso life. How Orugasa spend much time hunt with Gorvena, and Gorvena tell Chingaso how Orugasa act, how Orugasa genuine. And how Chingaso grow in feel for Orugasa. How Orugasa make fine orc wife. On how much Orugasa hurt if Chingaso continue with Shaggy...

Chingaso think how all go well and over until Shaggy come to Chingaso and declare intent to steal from Orugasa. How Shaggy no longer wish deny feel. Plus Shaggy promise Chingaso rest from angry spirits follow Chingaso all time. So Chingaso say Shaggy of Chaindog suggest. Shaggy say think on. Then during Grim meeting, after Mistress promote Chingaso to Bloodreaper of Grim, Chingaso feel proud and bullet-proof. At that point Shaggy whisper Chingaso on stone, suggest meet.

Now Chingaso ride hard on new raptor earn from Darkspears. Take detour or two make sure not follow. Then approach lair.

Chingaso enter, see Shaggy in Grim tabard, not much else. Chingaso realize not as sure as think, but proceed. Chingaso still awkward in situation, so Shaggy take lead.

Then talking stop.

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Orugasa met with Chingaso like she did almost every day. It was a good way to start the day. She was happy. Thrilled in fact because Chingaso had just been promoted and she couldn't be more proud.

She trained daily with Chingaso's cousin Gorvena and they talked of him repeatedly. Gorvena told Orugasa of advice she had recieved from other Grim. If she wanted to keep Chingaso, then she's better fuck his brains out before Ashagga tried to get him back.

Orugasa thought of these words when Ashagga was looking for a place in line with the Grim last night. She offered Ashagga a place in front of her while thinking, then I can look for a place to stick a knife. But Asghagga declined and hurredly found another place.

When the meeting was over, Orugasa had to go and meet with her shaman trainer and congratulated Chingaso with a hug and a kiss. As she was leaving, she looked back and saw Ashagga talking to Chingaso. It was a short conversation so she tried to ignore it as nothing.

This morning though, all of the worry was gone. She greeted Chingaso warmly and gave him breakfast. He seemed different. He was more quiet. Orugasa wondered what was wrong.

Suddenly it hit her. What had Ashagga said to Chingaso?

Chingaso ate quickly and then said, "I have to go, I will talk to you later. Thanks for breakfast Orusaga."

"Orusaga??? you mean Orugasa." she said. "What has happened. Is it Ashagga?? Is that who you are thinking of?"

"No," Chingaso said. "I mean yes, I don't know really. I..."

Orugasa did not let him finish.

"If I am wasting my time you need to let me know. I thought you had chosen. If you have not. If you have given yourself to her, then we are through.

" I will not be second choice," she yelled "I will not be second best."

Orugasa ran out and did not return.

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Orugasa! Wait!!


Chingaso chase after, catch. Orugasa struggle like wild animal, even scratch Chingaso face with nail.

"Orugasa! Nothing happen with Shaggy! Nothing! Chingaso not give self..."


It was to be the wedding night they had been denied. Passion built, bodies touched, and...


"Yes Chingaso?"

"Chingaso not able do. This wrong. Chingsao love Shaggy, but still love like little sister. Like Chikana. And Chingaso already promise to another. And Chingaso realize love Orugasa."


"Orugasa understand? Chingaso go meet, but no do. No give self Shaggy. Chingaso realize. Chingaso love Shaggy like sister. Always have. But Chingaso love Orugasa and want belong with."

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Orugasa fled and ran her fastest. "I must not cry, I must not cry," She thought.

Chingaso caught her by the arm and pulled her around saying,"Wait." Orugasa lashed out at him cutting his face and feeling good for it. Her anger had gotten the best of her and she wasn't used to holding it in.

"Orugasa understand? Chingaso go meet, but no do. No give self Shaggy. Chingaso realize. Chingaso love Shaggy like sister. Always have. But Chingaso love Orugasa and want belong with."

Orugasa looked at him and studied his face. A million questions sped through her mind, "You met with her? You were alone with her? What did she say, what did she do. Did you kiss her? Did she touch you? Did you see her naked? Did she she your..."



She studied him further. Should she ask all the questions, did she have the right?

Orugasa took Chingaso by the arm and said, "Come on." She's remembered the advice Gorvena had passed on from fellow grim Chaindog.

She led Chingaso into the house and into the bedroom. She was determined that she would never lose him. She would make him hers.

Orugasa took off his belt and placed in on the table. She took off his weapon and sholder pads. She knelt before him and started to undo his pants. She had never done this but she was sure she could figure it out.

"Wait," Chingaso said. He took her hands and stood her up and pulled her close. He kissed her passionately. "Chingaso make this time to remember," he said.

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Ashagga dove into the crystal clear waters of Moonglade, her figure slicing smoothly into the water like a diver trained. For long moments, she let herself hang beneath the lake's surface, dangling weightless between worlds, before burning lungs pulled her upward. She broke the surface, moonlight glistening off her bare, green skin, highlighting the many scars over har arms and chest. She glanced over to her equipment, piled neatly beneath a bush on the edge of the lake. Still safe.

She swam laps in the lake until her lungs burned, until her arms and legs ached, until her eye started to blur from exhaustion. She pushed herself as hard and as far as she could, until she literally had just enough strength to swim to the water's edge and clamber out. Flopping fatigued onto the grass, the moonlight glimmering off her bare flesh, she pillowed her head on her arms and closed her eye.


It had been a good fight. She'd done her best, done everything she could. She'd tried wooing him with soft, kind words, tried wooing him with skill in battle, even tried to seduce him. In the end, though, he'd chosen his honor and his new wife. Surprisingly, she didn't find herself hating him for that. She WAS angry that he hadn't succumbed to her sexual advances, but only because she felt mildly insulted. She shrugged it off. After all, he was hardly the first man she'd attempted to seduce, and hardly the first to resist her.

She rolled onto her back, feeling the burn in her muscles. Orugasa. She must have been a damned fine woman. She was more for Chingaso than Ashagga was, anyway. Chingaso was a noble hunter, an honorable servant of Thrall and the Grim. Ashagga was a street rat, a murderer, a thief, and a scoundrel. She didn't have honor or nobility. Sometimes, he made her forget that, but never for long.

Orugasa was better for him. In time, Ashagga would have grown weary of him, of being married, of being domestic. She'd have strayed. It was her nature. She was a free spirit, and she'd have ended up hurting Chingaso.

What had come of all this? Chingaso and Orugasa were happy, Ashagga had learned a great deal about herself, and she'd forever removed the possibility of being tied down to a family besides the Grim. She'd escaped her mother's fate, breeding an orcling and being trapped, weakened, and killed by sickness. She might still die, any day, but she'd die a warrior, or an assassin, as you like. She'd be killed by a knife in the shadows, an arrow in the heart, or a spell from an Alliance sorcerer, but she wouldn't die sick and alone, regretting her ties to family.

Smiling, Ashagga let herself slip into the shadows and fell asleep.

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Orugasa lay in bed glad to be alive. She was happy. This is what life was all about. She had shown Chingaso what she could do in bed and how she could make him feel. But where to go from here?

Would they marry, would they live together? She wondered. Would they mate again. Orugasa had never done that before, but she was ready to do it again. Wait, Chingaso would be here for their morning meeting and breakfast soon. How could she get him to want it again?

She quickly got out of bed and searched the room for something to put on that was alluring and didn't cover much. She grabbed the harness that holds her staff and strategically placed it across her breasts covering only the nipples.

"Ok, now the bottom," she said outloud. She grabbed an old pair of leggings of the fang and an knife and hesitated. Gorvena had helped her get these in Wailing Caverns. Well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

She ripped into the cloth, creating a barbaric form of thong.

"Great, now, what?'

Orugasa quickly cleaned up her mess and lay on the bed in a, what she considered, attractive position and waited nervously.

Chingaso entered the room say, "Orugasa, where Oruga..." and stopped dead in his tracks.

He spent a few moments drinking in the sight then strode across the room and circled the bed.

It was Orugasa's turn to say, "Wait. I want this to be a time to remember."

She sat up on the bed and pulled Chingaso closer, removing his belt and armor and opening his pants.

((Should there be a pron warning here?))

His orc hood was exposed and Orugasa was not suprised at the size of it. She had felt every inch the day before and was sore from it. She brought it to her mouth and thought, "crap, is it with teeth or without?" She decided without and started caressing it with her tongue.

She stopped and decided to investigate further. She had never really seen a male's parts up close before. She was fascinated by it and Chingaso didn't seem to mind. She laid him on the bed and studied the long thick, stick and the veins running through and touched the soft pair of sacks haning below. Chingaso made unusual noises so she decided this was good. She eventually worked in to a rhythm using mouth and hands and achieved her goal. Chingaso collapsed back on the bed.

After a moment, Orugasa began to laugh and Chingaso joined in. They held each other close and enjoyed the feeling.

"There's something I've been wanting to tell you." Orugasa said. "When I met with my Shaman trainer on Sunday I met to talk about you."

"Me?" Chingaso asked.

"You. You and the spirits. You said the spirits are circling you, they are angry and whisper terrible things to you. I went to find out what to do about them."

"What Orugasa find out?"

"The spirits will never stop. They will always haunt you unless we fool them."

"Fool them?"

"Yes, fool them into thinking you are not Chingaso."

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