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Nadea paced back in forth in her small room in Brill. Biztik hopped between her and the table she kept sitting down to, trying to offer her wine.

"No Biztik, I don't want any," she kept insisting to him. Feeling slightly discouraged after a while, he placed the goblet of wine on the table next to her journal.

Nadea sat down and began writing.

'I'm not sure how to begin this...there has been a great disturbance in the ranks of Infection. Many members may be demoted, or perhaps removed from our fold. This weakens us to no end.'

Nadea put her pen down and stood up once more. She began to pace.

"I need to find Marroc...he can calm me down..."

Nadea sat down once again and looked at her journal. She began again.

'I don't really know how to tell the other members of the most solemn news of all. About Jergal and how he is dea--'

Nadea threw her pen down.

"Goddamnit Keraph, you BASTARD!" She yelled aloud, tears forming in her eyes. Biztik let out a small whimper at Nadea's yell.

Nadea grabbed the goblet of wine on the table and drank the whole thing in what seemed a single gulp. She slammed the goblet down, cracking the top just enough for it to break. As she watched the pieces of the cup crumble on to her open journal page, she grabbed the base of it and thew it across the room, hitting the wall and breaking.

She picked up her pen and started scribbling more fiercely in her journal, brushing aside the broken glass.

'It wasn't supposed to end like this. He wasn't supposed to do this to him! And to think...I once had feelings for him. I once tried to impress him...what the hell was I thinking, trying to fall for a heartless bastard?'

Nadea sighed and closed her journal. She was too upset still to write in it. She threw the book at Biztik, who caught it and put it away in it's designated area.

Nadea put her head in her hands and began to sob. She didn't know what else to do; she was stuck between what her guild thought and what she knew what was right. Her Forsaken ways had always taught her loyalty- but how could she be Loyal to a murderer? Even if the victim deserved punishment...they could have changed him. And Nadea could have stopped the whole murder, had she done more than just froze in place.

Biztik hopped over to Nadea and looked up. "Master, there is nothing you could have done," he said softly to her.

Nadea looked down at the imp and sighed. "You don't understand, you're just an imp," she said to him through her tears.

Nadea stood up from the table, still teary eyed, and left the house, mounting her Dreadsteed. She had to get this off her mind for a while...

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Darkblade needed answers. There was a split appearing in Infection, but with her being gone for a time, she did not know what the two sides actually were.

However, from her early days at Infection, she trusted Nadea and Keraph. She did not want to wind up on their bad side, unless it was necessary.

But was it necessary? She wanted to find out. And so she was outside the door about to knock when she heard the shout from inside.

Nadea wasn't too happy wtih Keraph, apparantly. Something big must have happened after Darkblade had utilized her hearthstone to remove herself from the Steamwheedle conflict.

Slipping into the shadows, the rogue pondered where to go next, only to see the self-proclaimed Dark Baroness storm out.

Perhaps there were answers to be found in that small room of hers.

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