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A Letter Marked, "Proudmoore"

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The letter was not unique, for hundreds were sent out all across Azeroth via the goblins of the Steamweedle Cartel. The parchments were all sealed with a blob of wax, embedded with the symbol of the Grim - a hooded skull with two blades posed to strike at its sides.

Let It Be Known,

Since the passing of last spring, the Alliance has grown fat and rich off the virtual silence of the Horde. Given the leeway, they have stretched their cursed touch where it does not belong. Manipulating and slaughtering those before them, little is placed in regard to the land that is others by right and privilege.

No longer.

While many of the Horde has seen what the Alliance has done, the Warchief has stayed our hand. His wisdom and forgiveness, vast and never ending; has been abused by the races of man, elf, gnome, and dwarf. Even the Warchief makes mistakes, and this mistake shall be handled by those that know what is necessary for the survival of the Horde.

The Grim has seen this from the beginning, and so we have stood with few others against our true enemy. Yet, new eyes are opening every day... seeing the actions of the Alliance as what it truly is. This action is now being countered, no longer as a defensive measure... but in a way that will see the end of it.

The day of this letter, a false ally of the Warchief has been brought down. Jaina Proudmoore, Archmage and Ruler of Theramore, has felt the taste of the Horde's wrath. While there has been an uneasy peace between the humans of the old Alliance and the Horde... this peace has been broken by her and her people’s actions.

Theramore has claimed to be neutral in the dealings of the Horde and Alliance. This lie has now been exposed. The Horde has not been allowed to enter this island fortress, yet the Alliance use it as their primary staging point to Kalimdor. Spies of Theramore have been caught near Brackenwall Village, the refugee home of the Horde's Ogre allies. Even more so, Theramore guards and soldiers bar the one road through the swamp to any but the Alliance.. and so rumors move that Theramore is even helping those of the Black Dragonflight, by securing the coastal access to the Broodmother's domain.

She has not been the first, and she will not be the last. The blood of betrayers and oath breakers will be purged from Azeroth - and the mistakes made by the Alliance will never be again.

Peace through Annihilation.


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Fhenrir stared blankly down at a letter that had been addressed to him, at a loss for words or even thoughts for the longest time.

Finally, he blinked once and stuffed the letter in his pocket as he thought silently to himself. "Maybe I was wrong about Jaina afterall..."

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Nouri sat in the Blue Recluse, sipping his morning tea and reading the Stormwind Times. The usual dribble, more speculation on the incident with the Archmage. Still no leads. The tales of woe from the ongoing famine. Loch Modan was feeling the weight of the shortages moreso than most places. Westfall still in upheaval as bands of roving brigands regularly assault the meagre grain storage silos.

There was an amusing tale about some woman swearing that she was being stalked by some chicken. Some people will say anything for attention.

Turning to page three World News, Nouri put down his mug and read the artice that dominated the page. The Grim attacked Jaina Proudmoore! Seemingly successfully at that! The article went on to explain how the newpaper recieved a letter from the Grim themselves, bragging about the deed. The letter in its entirety was included in the artice.

Nouri read through it. " That smells of propaganda. Truths twisted into inflamatory statements. Bah! No matter. Do they really think they can take out the worlds most powerful mage that easily? Jaina is probably already restored, fully healed and nursing a new grudge against the Grim. I fear all they accomplished was to make a new and powerful enemy. Also probably earned the ire of Thrall! She IS his girlfriend if the rumours are to be beleived."

Nouri turned the page to the cartoon section. " Lets see what Gloomberry does today."

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