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Hothacas' long journey

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Day 35:

I have traveled far and wide, searching the continents of Azeroth for a remedy for my brother Cathacas. A short time ago he fell ill. It was a sickness I have never seen our kind contract. He started to forget his ties to nature, to the land, and to our people. I knew that he was slowly loosing his mind, and I knew I had to do something about it. I first traveled to Stranglethorn Vale, a tropical area, known for its many medicine-bearing plants, but nothing I found would break his daze. I then traveled to the Undercity, talking with Dr. Herbert Halsey. Using his vast library we searched for days, and eventually found what could be another shot in the dark, but also another chance to save my brother. I must travel to the Elven land of Teldrassil and begin a quest to find a mysterious fruit tree. It will be a tough journey, through enemy lands, and I can only hope they will give me passage when they hear my story.

Day 40:

I have permission from the elders to travel to the Elven lands. I will begin my preparations immediately.

Day 41:

Today I arrived in the Crossroads. A dry and barren place, unlike the rolling green hills I am used to. Many here have listened to my story and pointed me North. I am to journey to Ashenvale, and then head west to the coasts. At first I thought I would be able to swim to the Elven lands, but after a few hearty chuckles, those around me became serious. They explained that sneaking onto a boat was the only way to visit Teldrassil. A Tauren sneaking onto a boat!? I hope I am able to write about that soon.

Day 43:

I am perched outside of a small Elven village near the northern shore, trying to decide how best to make it onto the docks. They seem to high to climb onto from the water (I must give the Elves some credit there), and they are guarded heavily. I swam deep, and came up near the docks, and counted no less than 6 Elven guards I would need to get past. My only hope is that my wolf form is to fast for them.

Day 44:

I have made it! My timing was perfect!! At the first light of dawn, during what I can only assume was the switching of a shift, I bolted from the wood, down the long pier, and bounded past the guards onto the ship Just as it was pulling away! I write this from the Elven ship! I do hope this is the hardest part of my journey.

Day 45:

I have arrived at an Elven outpost. Not much time to write, the pier is my only cover. I think I must make it into the portal to continue on…it seems the boat ride was not the hardest part. I will write again I hope.

Day 47:

Once again my wolf form helped me greatly. I charged the portal and was sent to the spirit realm just as my feet landed in an enormous Elven city. I only saw it for a moment…no, not even that long…I can only imagine it now. The Spirit Healer brought me back far from the city, and here I sit, waiting for my sickness to lessen before I move on.

Day 47 (2nd entry):

I fell asleep sitting on a bench just outside of an Elven village in Teldrassil. When I awoke I saw a young Elven rogue, Anassaria, stalking me. I let out a chuckle and felt a cold dagger catch me in the back, how foolish of me to think she was alone! Slyfoot gave me my second, third, and fourth trips to the spirit realm as quickly as I left them, but then he paused, I did not fight back, for my brothers life rested on the kindness of my enemy, I meant to show him no harm. Naturesfury, the eldest of the Elves to notice me arrived on a large white cat, but took no action against me. For that I was thankful. Slowly, although we could not speak to each other, a cautious truce was made, and the three Elves followed me as I searched their lands. Shortly into our journey I tried to head North, and Slyfoot warned me with his blades that I could not continue in that direction. I had hoped my brother’s cure was not there. I continued South, then West until I came upon a glowing tree bearing strange fruits, I became excited, and Slyfoot, not knowing my intentions once again sent me to the spirit realm. When I returned, I think he realized that I meant no harm at all, and let me observe the tree, and pray to the gods to keep the tree safe while I took a sample from it. I have just arrived in Orgrimmar, and I will continue to the Undercity after I catch my breath from my amazing journey. I have a feeling this is not the last time I will need to visit the Elven lands. Perhaps with some help, I will have an easier second visit…

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Pala sent for me the other day and upon arriving at her inn I found something she said my brother had done that morning...

*wildly carved into the wooden wall above my cot in Innkeeper Pala's establishment at Thunder Bluff, a fingernail still stuck in the old wood*


t l

ake me, iron om e

do i can taste e


..i, m s



t go

y s k

wh taay, ta e m

y l



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Day 50:

My brother seems madder than ever before. I fear that I must return to the Elven lands sooner than I expected. I have access to some invisibility potions, and I hope they will help make this trip easier.

I do think that this time I will need an escort. Last night in a battle outside of Astranaar, Naturesfury was part of the Alliance party, and she showed me no mercy during the battle. Perhaps it was the situation, but I feel that I will not be granted safe passage back into Teldrassil.

Some members from my guild will be helping with the escort, but more might be needed. I don't know if Cathacas will be joining the party or not. The plan is to leave for Teldrassil in 4-5 days. I will need the help of an expert herbalist, and an expert alchemist to help harvest the fruit, and then to make a remedy of it.

I will post notices in the towns in the next day to announce the journey, and hopefully to gain the interest of some adventurers willing to help my brother and I. Hold on brother, hope is on the horizon.

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~~*Posted at the inns of Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, and Lordaeron.*~~

I am looking for members to join a small recovery party that will enter Teldrassil with myself and a few members of my guild, Dawn Patrol.

The mission is to recover the fruit from a mystical fruit from a tree that is located near a ridge SW of Dolanaar.

I have made the journey once, and have a plan on how to get a small (10-15) party into the interior of the Island.

Please meet at Pala's Inn in Thunder Bluff in three days, a few hours past sundown ((Saturday at 9:00 P.M. server time)).

Send note if you have questions.


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May the spirits bless your quest to recover the mystical fruit.

I suggest you inform the Nether Council of this as they may be able to gather Horde members to assist you.

((Their threads can be found on the General section of these forums))

I am sure that the Frostwolf Brotherhood would be honored to send whoever they can. Try sending us word if you need numbers.

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