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Garnith Thunderhammer

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Full Name: Garinth Thunderhammer

Nicknames: None

Date of Birth: Exact date unknown

Age: Mid 20's

Race: Half-orc

Gender: Male

Hair: Pitch Black

Skin: Sun darkened yellowish green

Eyes: Grey blue

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 185 lbs

Place of residence: Thunderbluff

Place of Birth: Unknown orc internment camp

Known Relatives: Father, Balgar (executed) Mother, Unknown (deceased- childbirth complications) Adopted Father, Thunderhammer (deceased- natural causes)

Religion/Philosophy: Raised by both the orcs and the tauren, Garinth has an unsual bastardization of shamanistic beliefs.

Occupation: Shaman-Elementalist

Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary

Guild Rank: Initiate

Enemies: None

Likes: Peace, learning, meditation

Favorite Foods: Just about any fruit or vegetable.

Favorite Drinks: Water, Tea, and well brewed ale.

Weapons of Choice: Hammer and shield

Dislikes: Ignorance, arrogance, intolerance

Hobbies: Alchemy, Fishing, horticulture

Physical Features: Even at first glance, it is apparent that Garinth is unlike many of his peers. Aside from his skin carrying a yellowed pale green palor, his frame is significantly lighter built.  In this regard he greatly favors his human side, standing a little taller than the average orcess with similarly muted musculature. His facial features have softer lines than one might expect from an orc and are generally less chiseled across the board. Through obvious effort or exertion however, his moderate frame lacks enough extra fat and carries enough corded muscle to mark him as at least some manner of fighter.  A thick braid keeps his hair out of his face, but a full beard is wraps along his jaw line.

Other distinguishing markings on the shaman include a significant amount of Kalimag tattoos and harsh scarring.  Wearing little armor on his arms, some of the black runic tattoos can be readily seen.  The more artistic markings that cover his torso, however, are rarely on display.  The scarring he bears has grown more prolific with time, including several on his cheeks and forehead, and a lichtenberg figure on his left arm.  The lightning born damage is grows out from a healed but sizable gash, and is mirrored on either side of his forearm.  The left hand functions, but without nearly the dexterity he can manage with his right.  

Special Abilities: Spirit Walking.

Positive Personality Traits: Patient, determined, confident, caring

Negative Personality Traits: Shy, slightly anti-social, can be gruff or seem aloof

Misc. Quirks: None

History: An awkward youth raised by strange parents, Garinth still managed to live as 'normal' a childhood as those in his generation might have expected. The half orc was brought up during his earliest years within the confines of an internment-camp, though he remembers little of it. His mother died in child-birth, and his father was put to death for the rape that brought about his only son. Garinth, as a result of said execution, was raised by the orcs until after they made their way to Kalimdor. He was passed around during this period from family to family, as almost no one wanted anything to do with the half-breed. It was not until the orcs met up with the Tauren that the aging Shaman Thunderhammer took pity on Garinth, and took him under his wing. Slowly, the half-orc began to learn shamanistic traditions and about belief in the Earth Mother.  Though this period wasn't relatively that long, Garinth cared for the aging Tauren as best he could, and Thunderhammer taught Garinth the ways of the world. It wasn't until the old tauren passed away that Garinth left Thunderbluff to make a solitary way in the world.

While neither he nor his savior speaks of the matter in question, a short stay within the Emerald Dream left the fledgling shaman nearly shattered.  The price for the journey and the events that took place in the Dream was his sight, and almost all of his confidence.  Though he found brief pause within the ranks of Sanctuary, this was not to last.  Unable to find the necessary strength, he eventually caved into depression and fell away from the world.  Seeking out shelter within the shattered Outlands, the half-orc spent time within Shattrath, calling what he could from the elements to heal the wounded and needy there as the Horde and Alliance turned their attention to Northrend.  He went so far as to assume a new name to hide from any who might search for him, calling himself Ohkoto.

Talent is rarely left unnoticed when in active use however, and he eventually drew the attention of another shaman, a mag'har named Marg Firesong.  The aged elementalist took the youth under his wing as best he could, rebuilding his character and confidence from the ground up.  Garinth's ability to commune with the elements was never under question throughout the process, but the healing process of the mind was not a short one.  Indeed, it was not until Deathwing's return that his troubles proved to be something he could overcome, and the need of his homeworld too great to simply turn a blind eye to.  In a parting gift, Marg managed to finally restore the half-orc's sight and bring him fully back to the realm of the living.

Once back in Azeroth, Garinth resumed the use of his birth name and moved to integrate into the Frostwolf Clan rather than return to his old compatriots among the rest of the Horde.  Joining the clan was a trial, but not an unsuccessful one.  Smaller even than those ten years his younger at that point, his goal was almost considered little more than a joke.  Indeed, his most fervent doubters thought him dead as the task stretched into a full three week absence.  He would return however, emboldened and with his own bonded frostwolf. Grey-wind proved to be a young specimen of his species, and would eventually grow to be one of the largest frostwolves in the half-orc's generation.  Since that time, Garinth has for the most part studied under the Frostwolf shamans, only venturing away from the clan only recently to aid in the Horde's efforts on Draenor.  With visions starting to show him a new path however, he is grudgingly coming to the conclusion that it is time seek out and mend old alliances.

Edited by Garinth

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Garinth is new to our guild, but his story was so touching that I knew he'd fit right in. He's very kind and friendly. I do hope that he will be a lasting friend.

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"Garinth..." Kex'ti begins, rubbing his beard. "I do not claim to know much of him, but find his profession and character fitting. He straddles the spirit and material worlds along with his own heritage."

"He is a strong elementalist and a gracious communicator. I know few half orcs, but I wish I knew more like him. He is most certainly Frostwolf, and he is certainly Sanctuary."

Kex'tI pulls his notebook from his staff. 

"I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss elemental spirit with him, and I understand he is an alchemist as well." Kex'ti smirks. "I wonder if he uses the elements in his formulae..."

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