[H] Soleil Titania Bloodstorm

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Full Name: Soleil Titania Bloodstorm

Nicknames: Sol/Smol/Sunshine

Date of Birth: March 21

Age: 65+

Race: Sin’dorei

Gender: Female

Hair: Short, cropped blonde hair

Eyes: Green

Height: 5’5”//1.65m

Weight: 170lb //77kg

Place of Residence: Winterspring / Eversong Woods

Place of Birth: Eversong Woods

Known Relatives: Eladio (Father), Lunaire (Twin brother), Sapphira (Mother)

Occupation: Blood Knight (Just another blood elf paladin)

Group/Guild Affiliation: Sanctuary

Enemies: Rixxi Livewire (because he’s an ass)

Likes: Girls (All girls are good girls!). Ass (But not Rixxi’s type of ass). Bright lights.

Dislikes: The dark. Boys that try to flirt with her (they’re gross!)

Hobbies: Drawing, studying languages, singing poorly, hawkstrider riding

Favorite Foods: Her favorite meal is sweet and spicy fried fish with vegetables and rice

Favorite Drinks: She likes fruity drinks :) and water, stay hydrated!

Favorite colors: YELLOW!

Weapons of Choice: Enchanted shield and gauntlet so she can Captain America yeet the shield and summon it back to yeet again.

Physical Features: Fit and toned body, modest bust and waist, average height

Positive Personality Traits: Passionate, with a strong sense of justice. Positive and friendly. Energetic. Competitive.

Negative Personality Traits: Hot-headed. Jump first, think later. Crippled by the spooky, scary dark. Stubborn. Abandonment issues. Competitive.

Miscellaneous Quirks: Polyglot.

Important Possessions:

Personal History:

Soleil had a happy childhood, spent mucking around with her twin brother and causing all manner of shenanigan for her father and mother. When the twins were ten years old, their mother disappeared from their home one night, leaving nothing but a note for the two claiming that she would return. Soleil has spent most of her life wondering if she was the cause of her parents’ marriage failing and her mother running away from their home, contrary to the argument of anyone she has ever met.

Since she was young, Soleil has had a fear of the dark that she felt defined her. Whenever she got scared, she would look out her window at the stars in order to feel better, knowing that they were watching her from above to keep her safe. She keeps stickers upon her ceiling of the stars, arranged into her favorite constellations.

She learned all kinds of skills as a young, rich white girl, but the one that stuck with her the most into her adulthood was her hawkstrider riding lessons. Her personal steed, the glorious and wonderful Fancy Drop, is known for his ability to jump and weave through complicated obstacle courses. The pair have won several awards for their riding abilities.

As the girl blossomed into a young woman, she found herself increasingly becoming distant from her father as they related less and less to one another. She and her brother were sent to mage’s school, though it was quickly made clear how little magical capability the young woman had. She spent most of her days coloring pictures in her notebooks of her professors, copying and learning from her brother in the evenings after school had ended. She 100% flunked out. The one subject she excelled at during her schooling was the study of language, which she still studies to this day in order to communicate with as many people as she can. She loves the way people’s faces light up when she can speak to them in their own language, even if her accent is strong.

After failing her mage’s examinations royally, Soleil became a city guard in Silvermoon, becoming familiar with every inch of the city until the formation of the Blood Knights. When given the opportunity, Soleil focused her attentions to the Light, using it as a means to combat her fear of the darkness. If she had a source of light, she was powerful. She wears a set of bright, highlighter yellow armor to light her way forward wherever she goes. With her weak magical abilities, she only manages to create soft glows of the light with claps of her hands, the way you might turn on and off a set of lights in your living room. Her healing abilities cannot mend bones or stitch flesh together, they act more like a painkiller. Holy Advil.

Once she joined with the Blood Knights, Soleil became the apprentice of Solendenus Quelthorin, the two being known as Sol and Sol, sometimes even as Sol and Smol considering their height difference. With her abundance of energy, she always seemed to be causing the older Knight troubles. Through her mentor, she joined up with the guild Sanctuary and has since been working with them throughout the Shadowlands.

She signs up for a competition set in a mansion in Winterspring, where she meets several new and exciting friends (and that asshole Rixxi smdh), but most importantly she meets her beloved Einar. The two easily and quickly bond with one another, the paladin helping Einar to find a skin she was comfortable inhabiting. Soleil inevitably wins the competition, and the mansion in Winterspring, narrowly squeezing enough points past a certain disgusting gnome (JED). She and Einar live comfortably there when she isn’t off saving the world.

Ana Soklic - Amen
Nina Sublatti - Warrior
AWS - Viszlát Nyár

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