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The radiant, white sand seemed to stretch for miles before suddenly disappearing around the bend. The curve was obstructed by a high-rise and the twisting, nonsensical highways that swarmed around it. Behind him, traffic belched out a continuous stream of blaring honks, exhaust fumes, and the passing tunes played by music boxes.

Before him, the beach was packed, yet not yet saturated with people intent on turning the unseasonably warm weather into a day of fun. White sand was fed on by crystal blue waters in a scene worthy of a postcard with a snarky message, Wish you were here! Or more likely, feel bad because you can't afford to be here and I can!

"it isn't real." The goblin named Rixxi realized.
"Yeah." The Walrus agreed, taking another lazy puff from his cigar. "How could you tell?"
"We're at South-side beach. Even at Kezan's foundation the sand was grey, not white. We ain't far enough south and the dark stone of the mountain is what eventually made the beaches as the water ate at it. The water has always been dark, not this tropical blue. Plus there's a million mooks out there today and I don't see so much as a single discarded cola can. Plus, there's Axebeaks over there, not seagulls. Axebeaks are a native species to Draenor and even if we DID ship them over here we sure as hell wouldn't let them run free, the pollution would murder 'em."
"Okay how much of that was true?"
"I dunno, but it sounded right. I don't have any facts to back it up." He admitted. "Mostly i'm thinking about the main drag behind us. People are respecting traffic laws and while it's slow, traffic is actually moving steadily instead of stopping and going... That shit never happens."
"You could have lead with that."
"This is more fun." The goblin shrugged, biting into the fried filet of fish. "Guess i'm feeling homesick."
The walrus puffed at the cigar, rolling it expertly beneath a flap of its mouth to poke out the side before quirking a hairy brow. "Homesick for a place that definitely isn't Kezan?"
"Oh it is... Or, it could be? Coulda been?"
"You know that's not true."
"It mighta been! If we never found Kajamite. Never screwed with the mountain. We would be completely different. Maybe we'd be just as rooted in nature and bullshit as that....Whoa."
"What whoa?" The walrus asked, following his line of sight towards multi-colored swimwear clinging all too snugly to purple skin. "Well that seems inappropriate."
"Guess we found what part of my mind this dream is coming out of... But anyway, yeah, maybe we wouldn't be the technologically superior race and maybe we wouldn't have pursued industry to the point we did."
"So you believe that if Goblins did not embrace technology perhaps they would have pristine beaches like this? Moderate traffic and clean water?
"Well two of three but yeah the traffic would be so much better if nobody had a vehicle."
"Your grasp of the obvious is nothing short of a strangle hold."

Rixxi snorted and took another bite of fish. There was just enough oil and grease to punch his tongue into submission, salted to hell yet not overwhelming. There was more meat than batter and the amount of grease did not loudly promise stomach distress later on. Maybe in this world Joey had actually gotten a license and learned to actually cook rather than serving out of an alleyway where he cooked over a burning oil drum.
"So this is your dream? A moderately better-"
"MUCH better" Rixxi corrected.
"A much better Kezan. Where it is not filthy, traffic is not a nightmare and the island remains... uh"
"Undestroyed? Yeh, it's way too late now but I dunno. New tech means maybe one a these days we'll own a beach and not cover it in sludge. The type a beach people other than goblins will wanna hang out in. Break into the resort racket over the resource game."
"You realize that most resorts just exploit and devour the local populace as well as tear up the land for its wealth, yes?"
"That's every labor industry, everyone needs to make a living and at least working at a resort would get you a nice view." The goblin leaned back in his chair, the rusted metal creaking gently beneath his shifting weight.

The two lapsed into a pleasant silence as the lunch date that neither had truly planned came to its conclusion. The oily wrapper was pitched into a garbage can that was only halfway full rather than overflowing and the cigar was stubbed out in an ash tray that had only been used by two or three people. Spotless by the city's standards.
"A better world though. No wonder we can only dream of it."
"Well it ain't exactly a high bar to set at this point. But, you know? Just a little shitty to keep things interesting."
"Does this qualify as 'a little'?"
"Oh Profit no. This? This is breathtaking."
"Then what?"
"Spit shine the shitshow we've got now and keep spitting until it gets a clue. We're never getting here... But making an honest attempt might still get us a beach worth relaxing at. But enough of this after-school special, feel good crap. I think I need to get moving before I get blocked"

The goblin stood up from his chair and wandered towards the guard rail. "What do you mean blocked?" The walrus called after him. "Think you get where this is going, and knowing my luck if I don't get on this immediately, it's gonna get interrupted as soon as it gets goo-"

The walrus cried out suddenly. The wail left the goblin's hopes crashing to the floor as his  gaze fell away from the rapidly degenerating crisis spawned by coconut butter and towards the crumbling stone behind him. Amidst a hurricane of rank fish and tobacco stench, a rapidly ringing bell filled his ears and obliterated his view of the beach.

The alarm clock was silenced on the fourth slap from a wildly waving arm. When the ringing faded from his ears, Rixxi slapped it once more for its audacity.

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