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Full Name: Belamara Stormhazard

Nicknames: Bela

Age: 24

Race: Goblin/Gnome

Gender: Female

Hair: Azure

Skin: Light green with some pinkish tones and freckles

Eyes: Violet with flecks of blue

Height: Very short, even by Goblin standards

Weight: Very throwable

Place of residence: None really but usually returns to Everlook after a while

Place of Birth: Booty Bay

Known Relatives: Felix Stormhazard, Father

Occupation: Scout

Group/Guild affiliation: Ravenflight/Sanctuary 

Likes: Animals, new places, weird doo-dads

Favorite Foods: Meat, fruit pies

Favorite Drinks: Loves warms drinks of anykind but black coffee is a personal favorite

Favorite Colors: Blue

Weapons of Choice: Long bow and arrow, various "tricks" and bombs, has experience with various other weapons if need be

Dislikes: Rudeness

Hobbies: Her animals. has extreme wanderlust, collects odd things

Physical Features:

Bella has thick, dark blue hair which is almost always up with long bangs. Sometimes(when she's annoyed with them) they are clipped back with any number of cute pins, usually animal themed. Most probably bear themed.  There is a "beauty mole" below her nose on the right side,  has a fair amount of freckles and a off kilter gap in her teeth.

She has thick thighs, though the rest of her is very lean and muscular, yet still has some curves. Has burn marks on her left arm due to an accident. Semi sensitive about it but it doesn't physically pain her. 

Typically she is not flashy at all, tending to wear a lot of darker leathers with furs and any assortment of bones or feathers. She has quite a few piercings, two of which were ripped off and created a jagged edge on her right ear.

Always has her boots on.

Special Abilities: Has a knack for animals and well versed in mechanical devices. Makes her own specialty arrows that have different effects. Knows a good deal of engineering from her father but tends to only make things for her animals.

Positive Personality Traits: Extremely loyal, caring, protective, fun loving

Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, can be a bit childish, has a bit of a temper

Theme Songs: She has a playlist


Bella was raised by her father, never knowing her mother. Growing up in Everlook, she saw her fair share of adventurers with her childhood friend Max. While helping her family's workshop and training to be a bruiser, she constantly daydreamed of going off and exploring the world. After the cataclysm happened, she got her chance, immediately signing up as a new member of the Horde.


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couldnt read bc it was dark lolol

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