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Full Name: Gaspard Gibrillont
Nicknames: Gassy
Date of Birth: The Seventh Umbral Era
Age: Old Soul
Race: Elezen
Gender: Male
Hair: Huge Pompadour
Skin: Blemish free, bitch
Eyes: Purple
Height: Big Boye
Weight: But not like that
Place of residence: All of Eorzea is his home
Place of Birth: The Streets
Known Relatives: He's currently in a relationship with your mother
Religion/Philosophy: The bigger the pompadour, the stronger you are -Pompadour's Creed
Occupation: Warrior of Light
Group/Guild affiliation: The Pompadours
Guild Rank: Comb Master
Enemies: Your dad
Likes: Skirts, good hair, good lipstick, and being the manliest motherf*cker in all of Eorzea
Favorite Foods: whatever those little shark dudes are preparing
Favorite Drinks: one with you, baby
Favorite Colors: purple
Weapons of Choice: a bow
Dislikes: bad hair days, evil
Hobbies: slaying
Positive Personality Traits: huge slut
Negative Personality Traits: huge slut
Misc. Quirks: eats pizza wrong
Theme Songs: Geese Lighting



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