((WR - March)) Trouble Outside Ul'dah

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Hyuregk Bluard reigns in the fat chocobo, Choccy, that had become such a fast companion in the past few months. The Roegadyn squints, looking up at the glittering city in the middle of the desert before them, her impressive pompadour shielding the worst of the sun from her eyes. 

"We're almost there." She remarks to the Mi'qote riding beside her. 

"UwU RaWR XD." He replies in his native tongue.

"You're goddamn right G'rehe. It feels too easy."

Suddenly screaming sounds from not far off the road. G'rehe's catboy ears perk up and he suddenly urges his much smaller chocobo in the direction of the noise. 

"Wait! Stop trying to be the hero, G'rehe! White mages aren't supposed to run in first!" The Rogaydn follows, hot on his heels. 

Swinging her Choccy, the fat chocobo into a clearing in the desert, she takes in the scene. A Lalafel, small and helpless, surrounded by those cactus guys that are like cactuses but they move. 

"Mew?" Meows G'rehe, startled. 

"I don't know! If my hot viera waifu Bunnsuni Miku was here, she would know what to do." Hyuregk drops a hand to her blade. "Guess we're going to have to cut first and ask questions later." 


Hyuregk dashes forwards, past one of the cactus type guys, who look like cactuses, but alive. She closes the distance between herself and the distressed little Lalafel. Her blade is now drawn, and the cactus she crossed slides into two halves--anime style. "You ok there little lady?"

The Lalafel blinks up at her. 

Hyuregk senses with her cool samurai senses an attack from her left--no time for idle chit-chat--she twists, bringing her sick samurai sword around in Mangetsu manuver.

The cactus guys stare at her in awe, as their cactus heads slide off their bodies. 

"I asked you a question." Hyuregk says, eyes shadowed by her pompadour, back to the Lalafel, as she resheathes her katana. "Are you alright?"

"I-I didn't need your saving, baka! I'm a Lalafel, which means even though I look like a tiny baby, I'm actually a full grown woman."

"Sorry, old habits die hard. It's just in my nature I guess. As a..." Hyuregk stares into the middle distance, light filtering through her pompadour, "Warrior of Light."

"Meow!" G'rehe meows.

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