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Aaren always had a very steady warmth to her. It was something that radiated from deep within her core, physically, that was just… something normal to her? Perhaps in reflection she could have sensed it and felt a real purpose, but as things go it was just always there and she never noticed it. She only knew that she usually wasn’t so cold as others were in night breezes. She knew she didn’t need so many layers while on holidays in the mountains. It wasn’t something to think about or argue with, especially when it got the evening’s select someone closer to her at opportune times.


Whatever It was, It wasn’t mental or emotional. Unless the person in question was one of probably three people, she selfishly kept it entirely to herself and unknowingly reveled in it.


Aaren’s mother was one of those people for whom she held the most pure love. Even the moments one might be annoyed or defiant as one often is in youth, her mother’s gentle kindness reminded her to be kind in return. Be considerate to another’s feelings. Be genuine in caring about it. Just with her mother. There was a disconnect somewhere along the way to where other people would be considered, but she didn’t see it and didn’t care to find out why it was that way. Everyone else could fuck off at their own convenience and she couldn’t care any less than she already did.


Late one night she kept herself up reading from a pile of random books she decided to sit on top of texts on the arcane and magistery, the order of spells, things that delved far past what basic arcanery was already inherent for an elf. They were all things that she actively chose to have no interest in simply because she was told that is what she was to do. She had already wasted time skimming a cookbook, a primer on dwarven language, and some basic tome on the nature of the Light. The text was adapted from typical human theology, but its subject focused on the more “magical” properties of the Light, for lack of a better comparison. What does it feel like? How much energy does X spell require? How does one get better? It was meant to pique interest, but little more than that. It was boring and Aaren’s only interest was in wasting time.


Her mother was just then returning home from the city. She had twisted her ankle sliding down from her hawkstrider after a long day dealing with business and asked for aid in binding it. “Only an annoyance,” she called it. “It’ll be better within a day or two.” Aaren took it upon herself to study the annoyance for the sake of wrapping it correctly, like she always would when dealing with her favorite person to exist. Her thumbs pressed carefully into the joint in a mindful knead to understand the nature of the injury while they spoke on whatever it was that was expected to come of the day’s work. She asked her about the boy she used to see after her lessons, and then the girl she had been visiting lately. All in a nurturing How are they? way. She shared she had eaten for the day, and what she’d want to do the next day.


Aaren’s future in schooling wasn’t a subject, because her mother didn’t want to distress her more than she already was over it. Perhaps sore was a better word for it, but the topic was graciously avoided. The young elf offered a comment on how handy a freezing spell might have been if she had water sitting beside her to wrap in the bandages and prevent any swelling for forming in the first place. However, her mother pulled her foot away curiously before the wrapping could begin with a signature airy hum. “I don’t think that would be necessary, anyway. I suppose I didn’t hurt it too much to begin with.”


Before the ankle could be bound, she rose to her feet and kissed her daughter’s forehead before her silent footsteps took her to her chamber, without the slight limp from earlier. Aaren didn’t think very much of it until she went to gather and re-stack the introductory books on the Light to hide academic arcane folios she wanted nothing to do with. It wasn’t until then that a connection was made in her mind and felt within her chest. So many plans shuffled through her mind in the space of moments.


She wasn’t excited about healing, or the Light itself. She couldn't possibly care less about it. She finally had a real reason to tell her snobby asshole relatives that didn’t care about her in the first place to fuck entirely off with their magic bullshit.


Either in those exact words, or in a polite but very public way to piss them off even more.

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