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[H] Love is in the Air!

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Love is in the air! To celebrate the loveliest time of year we will be holding a party on February 19th, complete with games and merriment. Bring a date or come solo--who knows what will happen? 

When: February 19th at 6 PST/9 EST (That's after Blizzcon!)
Who: All the lovely members of the Horde are welcome.
Where: The Garden of Night in Ardenweald (warlock summons will be available).
What: A party! We will be holding the following events during the evening: 

- Secret Valentines: Send an anonymous message to your valentine, to be read aloud during the party. Or if you're feeling bold, sign your name! (Messages should be sent to James/Freakke or Sabeinne/Libelle via discord prior to the event.)
-Race for Love: Bring your fastest mount for the main event--a race around the Garden of Night! The winner will receive a prize. Love not guaranteed. 
-Mingle: Get to know your fellow partygoers with a game of Mingle! (Rules will be explained during the event.)

Contact James/Freakke or Sabeinne/Libelle via Discord if you have any questions!

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