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Gruk Gigglerib

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Full Name: Gruk Gigglerib
Age: Early 40's
Race: Orc (original timeline)
Gender: Male

Physical features:
Hair: Bald
Skin: Yellow-green
Eyes: Dull orange
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 300+ lbs.
Distinguishing features: Facial scars across his lips, a broken and mended right fang bound by an iron ring, and a hevy scar across the top of his scalp leading down to his forehead. He also has a tattoo but refuses to say of what or where.

Personal information:
Place of residence: Dragonsroost Port
Known Relatives: Guron Gigglerib (Location unknown)
Occupation: Guardsmen/Amateur builder
Group/Guild affiliation: Borrowed Time
Enemies: Squirrels
Likes: Pineapple, pastries, woodworking, masonry, boating, the feminine form, and lazing about
Dislikes: Being called stupid, excessive effort, micromanagers
Favorite color: Blue
Strengths: Extremely durable, a great deal of stamina, physically strong, and surprisingly alert to hidden enemies. Also skilled in hand to hand combat, bolas, and shield usage.
Weaknesses: Not the fastest thinker, easily distracted, easily frustrated, claims he has latent magic ability (does not), easily deceived

Gruk does not remember his life before the camps, only that he was a few years old when the original Horde was defeated and those that remained were herded into bondage. Growing up as the target for an older brother's frustrations, a mother who was disappointed with his perceived weakness, and a father succumbing to Fel lethargy, Gruk spent his formative years heavily abused from all angles. He spent most of his time hiding from the guardsmen, his brother and his friends, or any other orc that saw him as an easy target. When found, he quickly learned the best way to roll with the blows.
When liberated by Thrall and his growing Horde, Gruk went mad with freedom and quickly pledged himself to the army and the new way of life, gaining freedom through raiding and force of arms. In the campaign of the third war and the Horde's exodus to Kalimdor he served as a raider with his wolf mount, Legacy. A word whose meaning he mistook as a compliment on her thick quarters and running speed.

On the battle for Mount Hyjal, Gruk's unit suffered massive losses, leaving him one of the few survivors and his beloved mount one of the casualties. Falling into a depression in the following years Gruk found himself with the freedom he coveted but none of those he planned to celebrate it with. He spent the next several decades indulging to excess in food, ale, and women to make up for his deprived years. He had achieved his freedom and he was going to live like he had not been allowed to before.

The lifestyle proved unsustainable and quickly losing all coin, he became a humble guardsmen in the city and later, other outposts as requirements in wartime changed.
He lost his job as a guardsmen under Hellscream's regime, choosing the other races of the Horde over the Orcish supremacy, a choice which also cost him his tenuous ties to his remaining family members. He later joined a mercenary company requiring extra bodies for the Horde's incursion into the alternate Draenor and then transitioning to the permanent home of Dragonroost Port.

He continued to remain an underachiever, hardly working for his weekly pay until the Captain's position fell into the hands of a firmer Head of Security who sought to improve the force of guardsmen as a whole. s the Company grew and their endeavors grew bolder, he rekindled many relationships, regaining friends and interests he had lost and breaking out of his decades long depression at long last.

He now serves as a part-time guardsmen for the company, taking on the occasional mercenary task while pursuing certification as a builder for the Horde.

In the fight for the Shadowlands he has pledged himself to Ardenweald, perceiving it as a realm of second chances, something he believes everything of value in his life owes itself to.


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