((WR - January)) Second chances

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"So what brings you here?" The fairy asked cheerfully, fluttering far too close to the orc's face for comfort. All but restrained by the bandages that the fairy had stolen from his pack to bind his wounds and then his limbs in, he could do little but lean away from those too large eyes staring at him with interest. "I dunno." He answered truthfully. "I passed out and woke up like this."

"Oh that was the Hunt! They found you passed out in the woods and dragged you here!"
"Well then I guess you know why."
"No, silly! I know why you're HERE here but not why you're here HERE!" The pitch was reaching a point reserved for calling dogs and did nothing to ease the orc's headache. Dehydration, hunger, and multiple untreated wounds had left him in a fragile state and whatever medicine they had pumped into him had saved his life, but left him unclear of what direction was up. The world itself wobbled and left his gut squirming with every movement beyond minor twitching.

"You mean in Ardenweald?" He asked slowly. At the fairy's node he stared at the ceiling. "In truth there was a girl I wanted to impress. She's the type that's closer to nature, probably already working with the covenant.... Figured if I have to fight for anyone it may as well put me with some people I know."
"Awwwww! How sweet! So you did it for love!"
"Not exactly."
"Well if not love then-Ohhh." The meaning of his words finally seemed to register. The cheerful smile shifted into a scolding frown. "Well that's not a very good reason at all!"
"I agree." The orc sighed. "I get that, hell I thought I got it a long time ago. Still fall way over my head into this crap though. But i'm here now, and I don't think i'm gonna leave."
"Why's that? You're not a servant of nature!"
"I'm not."
"You're not much of a hunter either, look how badly you got lost!" The fairy continued, resting herself upon the bound orc's left pectoral like a seat cushion. "I know."
"Are you a nature lover at least? A gardener? A hiker? A bird watcher?"
"I'm here because i'm a failure." The orc sighed, finding the endless barrage of questions tiresome. At the silence that followed the admittance, he slowly continued. "I'm here because everything in my life has come from someone not letting me die in the place I found myself content to rot in."

The answer finally ended the fairy's endless chattering as she watched him with wide-eyed interest. "My life has gotten a kick start because someone looked at my pathetic ass and said "Hey, you can do better"...Gave me a hand up and sent me on a new path. I'll never be where I want but i'm at least approaching it because someone decided that where I fell should not be the end of it, even if I was content. I'm not nature lover. I'm a par survivalist, AT BEST. But this place...." He sighed, staring at the ceiling once more.

"It seems like a world devoted to what I got. A chance to try again, and do better...Second Chances. That seems worth helping to preserve."
"You're hardly preserving anything running in circles and getting stabbed by Spriggan!"
"Are you always this much of a pain in the ass?"
"I'm a pain in anywhere I shoot! But you are right, this place needs all the help it can get." The fairy's smile turned wistful as she flapped her delicate wings twice and drifted off of the orc's body. "They saw what you did to the Spriggan who were destroying the roadway. The way you did it was not smart, not at all, but it stopped more travelers from getting lost like you did."
"Good." The orc sighed, closing his eyes as another wave of vertigo swept over him, slowly dragging his consciousness away once more.
"If you wish to help... I may have someone you should meet. Someone who can help with your problem as you help with ours."
"Who?" He asked groggily, fighting to stay awake.

"It's a surprise." She said in a hushed stage-whisper. "If you are true with your intention, then we have a use for you."
"I am.... Too stupid to lie."
"Oh they're going to eat you alive." She said with a fond smile. "Rest now. The Wild Hunt will want to meet with you when you recover to begin your training. What is your name?"
"My name is Gruk... Gruk Gigglerib." He murmured, his face twitching in annoyance as consciousness fled amidst a sudden screaming laugh from the fairy.



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