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[LFRP] The Long Hard Road Out of the Maw

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Spoilers ahead!

Title: The Long, Hard Road Out of the Maw


WARNING: spoilers lie ahead!





Seriously, the premise to this story idea contains spoilers for the Shadowlands questline.






Alright, you’ve been warned about the SPOILERS. Seriously, last chance to turn back.





Description/History: this is a spin on the “found family” group of strangers who must overcome ego, prejudice, and yodeling Mawsworn bards to escape from Hell.


The premise is that a group of four or five adventurers are locked up in adjacent cells within the Maw. Each of them arrived in the Maw in their own way, but all of them ended up captured by the Jailer’s forces and watched as rows of other prisoners were turned into anima to fuel the Maw’s armies. Those group of four/five adventurers are the ones who manage to escape their cells together and reach a waystone gate. There are no chosen heroes, there are no world-famous champions, there is no climatic destruction of the Maw; there are just a few down-to-Earth (or down-to-Azeroth) adventurers who find their way out of a horrible situation and live to talk about it.


I have no ending for this planned. They have their goal to escape, but I want this story to develop organically with input from all players involved, so I’ve intentionally left the story arc open.


Looking for: three or four chill role players who can help to mold and shape this together. The idea is still in development, and I’d like if the other people to be involved help with that development; I’m big on collaboration.
Restrictions: preferably RPers who’re reliable in the long term. I’m hoping for partners who can walk that balance of respecting when one member of the group is delayed by real-life responsibilities while also being dependable and sticking with the story to the end.


Level of RP desired: Moderate to high. Being an expert isn’t a requirement, but this is better suited for people who aren’t first-time RPers. Length should be a few paragraphs per post.

Misc. notes:[/b] the basic premise is based on the idea that there are multiple maw walkers per in-game text. Only one of us needs to have the maw walker power, but I’d prefer that it’s not my character.
Contact: Ihsan997#7712 on Discord

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