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Greetings from the Discord guy

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Hi there! I’m the fellow who joined the Discord yesterday, Ihsan997. Like I mentioned, I don’t play on the TNRH cluster, but I’m hoping to join as a contributor to your community.

I’ve been playing the Warcraft series since the first game back in 1995, and I was also a fan of the Lost Vikings, so I’m a Blizzard loyalist. I’ve played WoW since vanilla, and in that time, I’ve only joined two guilds - each time for less than a month. I sort of drift in and out of scenes and scenarios, and for 15 years, I’ve honestly had a lot of fun that way. I don’t join guilds in two of the other main MMOs I play, ESO and SWtOR; I did join one in FFXIV and it’s been a weird experience for me (not bad, just very different). I’ve always preferred to RP via forums and, now that Discord is a thing, on that.

I’m also big on story writing, both on my own and with groups. I quite enjoy writing stories with multiple writers, collaborating on plot arcs, helping other people’s characters to change and grow through experience, and seeing scenarios develop from beginning to end. I’m not really a take the lead kind of person so much as a supporter, but I do legitimately enjoy helping other people. I hope that I can find a good bunch on here to write stories with (I love the server I currently play on, Moonglade EU, but we don’t have anything like what you’ve all built here for TNRH).

Nice to meet you all!

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