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Julietta Bloodclaw

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Full Name: Julietta Bloodclaw

Nicknames: Jules

Date of Birth: Winter Year 10 New Current Time-Line

Age: 24

Race: Frost Worgen

Gender: Female

Hair: Snow White but full bodied, it goes just past her shoulder blades.

Skin: Mahogany Brown

Eyes: Ice Blue

Height: Short human, average Worgen

Build: Athletic

Place of residence: Maintains a Home in Ironforge as she enjoys the cold

Place of Birth: Bloodclaw Estate; Borean Tundra; Northrend

Known Relatives: Reginald Alexander Bloodclaw (Father, living); Lillian Mary Alexander (Mother, living)

Occupation: Bounty Hunter for hire; prefers dead bring in.

House/Family: House Bloodclaw

Likes: Rifles, The Thrill of the Hunt, anything that flares her beastial instincts.

Favorite Foods: Bear Steak

Favorite Colors: Powder Blue

Weapons of Choice: Rifle

Dislikes: Gnomes

Hobbies: Leatherworking

Quick Glance: In her Human form Julietta is quite physically appealing with a body more suited for love and leisure than combat or survival.
This is deceptive however for in what she considers her true form, her Worgen form she is quite capable
and often partakes in hunts both of beasts and of man to test her skills.

Positive Personality Traits: Eh...depends what you are into.

Negative Personality Traits: Is an aristocrat from maybe everything?

Misc. Quirks: Sniffs people and retains their scents for later tracking.

Played by what famous person?: Idk Meg Thee Stallion?

Theme Songs: (Seaside Rebels - Thrill of the Hunt)


It is unclear how the aristocratic Lord Reginald Alexander Bloodclaw of Northrend received his Worgen curse but was is clear is that it was not like
the curse faced by the Gilneans and the Night Elves. It seemed to freeze his blood in his veins and chill his soul as it took all the warmth that had 
once made him human away. For months he was lost in the snows of the Borean Tundra until he came upon a woman whom he shared his curse with by force.
This woman, Lillian Mary Alexander, would become pregnant with Julietta bearing both her own curse and now a cursed child.

Through means unknown to Julietta they found some way to finally calm the beast within them and regain their human forms for short periods of time when
Julietta was still a pup having been born already shifted into a beast of snow white fur, silver claw and sharp fang. Finally able to think, her father
retreated with them back to the shambled estate that had once been his families glorious property in the frozen tundra and went into hiding for many years.

When Julietta finally emerged out to the world it was to an overwhelming learning process of social ques and who and who you could not attack and consume.
Eventually these constraints became a burden and so she too retreated by to her family estate and has begun working as a sort of Hunter For Hire for those who
need someone killed but don't need all the secrecy.

(Will likely change and add more as I come up with it for history)


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