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Full Name: Elianis Stoneflower

Nicknames: Eli

Date of Birth: Spring Year 15 Current Timeline

Age: 18-20 (depends current year played in. 34 is current year I believe in BFA)

Race: Pandaren

Gender: Female

Hair: Black wavey and thick coming to her lower back if straightened. Purple highlights in bangs

Skin: Maybe

Eyes: Pinkish-Purple

Height: 4'11

Build: Thicc with stronger lower body

Place of residence: None Currently

Place of Birth: Stoneflower Plot; Townlong Steppes; Northern Province; Pandaria

Known Relatives: Jadianis Stoneflower (Older Sibling, unknown), Po Stoneflower Jr. (younger sibling, killed in burning of Teldrassil), 
                    June Stoneflower (mother,deceased), Po Stoneflower (Father, Deceased)

Religion/Philosophy: Trusts in nothing but her shield and the weapon in her hand.

Occupation: Alliance Shield-Sister [Siege Specialization] attached to the 19th Shield-Wall Legion consisting of mostly Night Elves.

Group/Guild affiliation: The Honorborn

Guild Rank: Recruit

Enemies: Sylvannas Windrunner is her most deeply hated being for the burning of Teldrassil; she turns this anger on Horde in the field

Likes: Blacksmithing, Cooking, Romantic Stories

Favorite Foods: Green Curry Fish

Favorite Drinks: Pandaren Plum Wine

Favorite Colors: Purple

Weapons of Choice: Shield and Spear or an axe of any kind.

Dislikes: The Undead, Most Worgen, Yak Cheese Curds

Hobbies: Cooking

Physical Features: Elianis stands shorter than the average Pandaren but makes up for it in being pretty sturdy with a strong lower body
                      which she can use for a better base to take impacts upon her shield and armor. She has a brand on her right shoulder 
                      of the 19th Shield-Wall Legion Crest.

Brand: It is a tower shield crossed by a spear and a axe. In the center of the shield is the number "19". 
             The lion seal of the alliance looks down upon it from above as though in constant judgement.
             The entire brand is approximately six inches in length and three inches across being in two separate parts 
             for the shield and the lion.

Positive Personality Traits: Warm and friendly if you are not Worgen, if so she will be a bit on edge but still communicate.

Negative Personality Traits: Keep to anger if threatened or someone she cares about is threatened even if they do not know she cares
                                about them.

Misc. Quirks: Is fluent in Pandaren and Darnassian but cannot speak Common well.

Theme Songs:  One Second (feat. H.E.R.) · Stormzy · H.E.R

           Elianis knew the homeland of her people for only fifteen years prior to the war that took place on the island of Pandaria between the
           Horde and the Alliance. Her mother had been pregnant at the time of the Horde invasion and her father had died ensuring that she was able
           to escape with a group of Alliance though along with Eli, though Eli's older sister Jadianis was lost amongst the chaos and thought to be dead.

           Her mother found refuge in Darnassus where she quietly raised Eli and her younger brother doing her best to keep to herself and out of the cautious eye of the
           Night Elves who ran the city - or their Worgen guests. Elianis herself grew up watching the Wardens, fascinated by their abilities yet what fascinated her more
           were the ancient Blacksmiths who made and maintained the Night Elves ancient weapons and equipment.

           Eli eventually made friends with one of the smiths who allowed her to observe him at work. Quickly she learned his ways from watching him work the forge and 
           after proving herself she became his apprentice choosing to dedicate herself to smithing. She learned beneath his watchful gaze until the day her mother died
           from an illness she had come down with shortly after leaving Pandaria and had suffered through for many years. 

          Unable to find peace in the city of Darnassus and knowing that she must take care of Po Jr, Eli joined the Alliance Military and was assigned to the 
          19th Shield-Wall Legion due to her surprising strength and resoluteness. She quickly excelled and received additional training in Siege Warfare soon
          becoming head of a Air-Ship Drop Team Detachment known as Sledge Hammer. A month before the burning of Teldrassil, Elianis was forced to leave Po Jr under
          the care of her old smithing Master as she would be gone for quite some time in the battles to come. She was granted leave the day of the burning but
          arrived only to watch what had become her new homeland burning like a star in the void just as her first homeland had the hands of the Horde.

          She has known nothing but fury on the frontlines since that day vowing to fight until Sylvannas is brought to heel or the Horde spills her life-blood
          upon the battered hills of the battlefield and ends her suffering with honor.

Recently: Sledge Hammer has been ordered to withdraw from their current assignment where they have been deeply entrenched for several weeks. Unable to accept that order 
          Elianis went AWOL joined a mercenary crew in the area known as The Honorborn. She currently is struggling to find her place amongst them as most are Worgen.



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