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((WR-September)) The Unanticipated Adventure

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Everyone in Azeroth knows about the Dragonflights, Blue, green, bronze, Black, Red.

But there is one, lost in time, the Prismere dragonflight.

This dragonflight, like none others. did not use the power of nature, or any of the elements for that matter. Instead, they had to power to control ones mind, and used the power of their own rage to protect Azeroth.

The Legion were seen as if they had no chance of claiming or even leaving their mark on Azeroth. But one day, five seconds is all it took to erase the Prismere Dragonflight. In those five seconds, a portal to another universewas torn into the air inhailing all who was near. The Prismere Dragonflight was no more...
Or... So they thought.

As the legion continued to attack Azeroth they realized that it couldn't of been that easy t get rid of one of the Dragonflights, But at the same time shrugged it off as the demons they are.

Three years went by, after the Prismere Dragonflight had been vanquished, and there were now "Factions" Horde and Aliance... How pitiful....

Curiosity Ironically didn't kill when a curious little Druid found a Dwarf in a coffin made of a strange red rock, and thought to ressurect the being.

The being happened to be a dwarf, but with charredskin as if they were pitch black scales.

Uppon revival, the druid asked the dwarf "What is the red rock you were burried in"?... no answer... "why is your skin as black as obsidion"?... again no answer...
"What is your...".........
"Me'  Name be' Thrane......... Prismere..." replied the Dwarf.
"an' who migh' ye' be, Bringon' back an elder of an Ancient Dragnfl... *wheeze*..."

"oh where are my manners, my name is Thy'Ladon"..... "I've gotten this interest in learning about ancient times, My Wife Elaine loves to studdy fowers, and how they can help people get better, and which ones heal the fastest" he says with a smile on his face.

Thy'Ladon: "So, I hope I'm not bothering you, but what is the red coffin for"?

Thrane: " 'Twas to show an officer of the Prismere Dragnflights courage in battle."

suddenly the Ground started shaking, sounds of footsteps, marching, yelling, screaming.
A moment later, a young Nightelf Rogue ran into the room with Thy'Ladon and Thrane.

Thy'Ladon: "Elaine"! " What's going on out there"?

Elaine: "Arthas has come"

Thrane: "Arthas"? 

Thy'Ladon: "stay away from windows and doors, ok"?

Elaine starts moving away from the dor when a frosty blue sword impales her through the door.

Thy'Ladon: "ELAINE"!!!!!

Elaine gets back up after a moment, but with frosted eyes, the eyes of the cursed.

Thrane stood up, trying to regain his balance after centuries of being dead...

Tackled the Night elf who had helped him, and told him, with a tear in his own eye, that Elaine was gone for good.

Elaine Clawed at Thranes back as he stood infront of Thy'Ladon.
Thy'Ladon took up his spear, and stabbed right through his Newly wedded wifes heart. and as the blood ran to the floor, he cried, telling her how sorry he was.

Thy'Ladon Picked up Elaines body and took off with Thrane.

In destought, Thy'Ladon and Thrane went to Stormwind to seek King Varian to warn him of the Lich King, and what he had done to Thy'Ladons home.

After hearing about this, King Varian requested them to follow him outside his castle. He led them just outside of the Dwarven district under a tree, where Thy'Ladon could bury his precious Elaine. "This is sadly all I can do for you." and as he set down a doll by the grave, Thy'Ladon promised he would find a way to pay the king back.

Thrane remained by Thy'Ladons side for comfort.

Thrane needed to find what had remained of his Dragonflight, but did not want to leave a heartfallen elf behind, and so he invited him to get his mind on what had happened.

As they set off to head to Northrend, flowers flew in the breeze as if guiding them. The flowers had come together in the shape of an elf, a female elf, Thy'Ladon all of a sudden got a burst of emotion and courage, for the flowers were guided by the spirit of Elaine who had sworn to him to stay by his side forever. and so Thy'Ladon collected a pedal from one of the flowers. When they reached Northrend, Thrane Morphed into a Dragon, allowing the druid to ride to the location.

Thrane: "I's alo' colder than i' was las' time I was 'ere."

When they reached their location, There were only bones, death, decay, and shattered hope. Thrane knew he was the last of his kind.

Thy'Ladon: "Are you ok friend?"

Thrane: "Tha' damn Legion................"  ..........   " 'ey tood everethin form meh....."  .........  "Teh Legion are monsters..."  "remember tha'."

After a few moments to mourn the fallen, They started heading back to where they started 

Thrane and Thy'Ladon then flew by the tower of dragonflights heading back, and thought they had heard Thrane's name being screamed.

"PRISMERE?!?!?!? IS IT REALLY YOU??? IT CANT BE!" shouted a semifamilier voice.

when he landed at the tower, he saw a gnome, chromie, his favored friend..... and she still lived......

Thrane: "It........ It can't be....... You're......" Thrane stated going down in tears.

Chromie: "I am... It's Nice to see you again.... Prismere."

Thrane then almost fainted as the tears ran down his face, sweat building up on his forehead, and muscles tensing up.

Thrane: "How did you survive... De' Legion?"

Chromie: "After the Prismere Dragonflights fall... The Legion just kind of.... well........... Vanished."

Thrane: "We were the target all along........." ..... "I'm sorry... I have to go..."

Chromie: "Farewell...Dear friend."

They conitinued on their Journey to find answers to why the Prismere Dragonflight was targeted, and how they could manage to do it in merely a few moments.

They found nothing.... not a hint, nor clue...... the answer lost.... forever forgotten......... 

As a year came by since Elaines burrial, Thy'Ladon and Thrane went to go visit the gravesite, suddenly..... the sounds of Arthas came from behind Thrane, and as he turned around Arthas swung his sword and for a fraction of a second that felt like an eternity, Thrane saw the past, the answers to it all. The legion was never truly there, a member on the inside was fooled by the Legions promise of power and slew their own brethren. Thrane woke up in a cold sweat because of the vision and saw vision after vision after vision, Arthas falling, a new Lich king, Deathknights Being freed from their Dark, Corupted chains, Betrayal, the Legions return, Lost culturs, and even the death of all worlds.

Thy'Ladon looked over at Thrane as he was tying his shoes.

Thy"Landon: "You ok man?"

Thrane: "Don' worreh 'bou' i'."

they then, actually, went to the grave of Elaine, and as they were walking over, again the beautiful sprit of Elain followed them in the flowers holding Thy'Ladons hand the entire way there.

A tear ran down Thy'Ladons face as he reached his poor beloved Elaines grave...



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