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Malethia Blazestone

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Full Name: Malethia Blazestone

Nicknames: Mal, 'Thia

Date of Birth: 16 November, Year 8

Age: 35

Race: Sin'dorei

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Golden Glow

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 104 lbs

Place of residence: None

Place of Birth: Silvermoon - Blazestone Manor

Known Relatives: Quindel Blazestone (father, assumed deceased), Delaria Blazestone (mother, deceased), Melos Blazestone (younger brother, deceased)

Religion/Philosophy: Zen

Occupation: Adventurer, Sage

Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary

Enemies: The Scourge, the Burning Legion, the Twilight Hammer

Weapon of Choice: Fists

Physical Features: Malethia's skin is covered in tattoos, largely invisible save for flickers of arcane energy randomly flowing through them. They begin to glow brightly when she uses her abilities.

Special Abilities: Malethia is a Runemaster; her tattoos channel arcane energy into her body to increase her physical prowess to increase her strength and agility, as well as granting her mystical abilities in conjunction with her Pandaren training.


Born to a great family of fire mages, Malethia Blazestone was destined to a life of luxury as one of the city's ruling Magisters. That destiny changed when the Death Knight Arthas lead the Scourge into Quel'Thalas; her family was slaughtered while she was left for dead. Malethia barely survived, but serious pyrophobia developed from the attack and prevented her from continuing her family's legacy.

Salvation came from the newly founded Order of Blood Knights. Its Mistress, Liadrin, inducted her as one of the Order's first and youngest members. Driven by a desire for vengeance, Malethia excelled in her training but remained emotionally detached from others. On the eve of her ceremony bonding her to M'uru's power, the Naaru visited her in a dream. For reasons unknown, it unlocked her natural connection to the Light Primal. Now a paladin, Malethia held the source of her powers secret for fear of the stigma it would cause amongst her own people. Scared, confused, and alone, Malethia masked her natural personality behind that of a harsh Blood Knight taskmaster.

Driven by rage and a desire for revenge against all who had wronged her, Malthia joined The Grim and their bloody war against the Alliance. The constant strife and bloodshed fractured her personality and she became increasingly unstable, until she was finally banished from their ranks. Broken and abandoned, she wandered lost until she encountered Vilmah Bloodborne by chance. After a conversation, she joined Sanctuary and embraced the path of peace as a priestess.

Shortly before the Cataclysm, Sanctuary engaged the Twilight Hammer to prevent the deployment of a super-weapon capable of wiping out cities. Malethia seemingly sacrificed herself to destroy the weapon. Though believed dead, she was in fact trapped in the caverns beneath Silithus. Bereft of her connection to the Light, contaminated with fel and void magic, her personality completely split. She pursued a path of evil, killing innocents and pursuing insane acts of science and magic in an attempt to reclaim the soul she was convinced had been stolen from her.

Eventually, her path took her to Pandaria in search of the dark energies of the Sha for use in her experiments. There, an attack upon a Pandaren village resulted in her capture. Sentenced to death for her crimes, a wandering monk happened to stop by. Seeing the young elf for who she was - a lost and wounded soul - he set her free. Using his mystical skills, the Pandaren cleansed Malethia of the magic infecting her and introduced her to the Way of Zen. After years of conflict both physical and spiritual, Malethia learned how to balance the warring fragments of her self. For the first time in her adult life, she became whole.

Malethia spent years traveling Azeroth to learn the ways of the Runemaster, combining her training as a Monk with the arcane power of her family's legacy. With her new abilities, she decided it was time to rejoin the battle for peace, returning to Orgrimmar and entering the ranks of Sanctuary once again. 

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