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Full Name: Kumai
Race: Orc
Gender: Female
Hair: Long, henna colored.
Eyes: Light brown
Height: A little on the short side
Weight: A little on the round side.
Notable Physical Features:
A massive burn scar covers most of the left side of her body, including most of her neck down to her hips, though it is usually only visible if intentionally uncovered by clothing
She refuses to speak, though whether she actually can or not is debatable, and instead either creates images with ash and heat or signs with her hands

Place of Residence: Dalaran
Place of Birth: Nagrand
Known Relatives: None

Occupation: Errandmage, apprentice enchanter
Guild Affiliation: Sanctuary
Known Associates: Qabian Grimfire
Known Nemesis: Always wary of Twilight cultists and current members of The Grim, but no sincere enemies

Special Skills: Extremely delicate manipulations of fire and heat, especially shadow, light, and ash directly within a flame source.
Positive Personality Traits: Determined, independent, intellectual, curious, carefree, easygoing, tenacious
Negative Personality Traits: Overly cautious, naive, proud, selfish, stubborn


When Kumai joined the Grim, she confessed her Bleeding Hollow clan origins and her past interaction with the Twilight cult that resulted in her scarring and her disconnection from the elements. She was born and raised in Nagrand, but she is very far from Mag'har. She just had her rite of passage into adulthood when the portal to Azeroth was opened permanently, and ended up with the Twilight not long after. She was only with them a very brief time before being rescued from Blackrock, though her rescue did not go smoothly.

After a slightly awkward admission interview with the Grim, she faded into the background quickly and remained there, hidden and untested. Not long after Qabian returned during the campaign in the Broken Isles, Kumai asked him to teach her. He took her under his wing and became unusually protective of her. Eventually, he cut ties with her publicly when her capacity to follow The Grim's Mandate became questionable.

In the present, Kumai has fully abandoned all of her connections and past with the Grim and the Twilight. She seeks knowledge and companionship with Sanctuary, a hard turn from her previous associations, but she tries not to belabor her past too much, looking instead to the future.


Beginnings and Beginnings: Letters to a friend, current character journal
((Letters Unsent: Kumai's old Grim journal))

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