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Delphinia Acontis

Delphinia Acontis

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Full Name: Delphinia Acontis
Nicknames: Delphie (childhood only), Dee,  Delph (most common)
Date of Birth: January 12, 597KC (5 years after the start of the First War)
Age: 29
Race: Human (Worgen)
Gender: Female
Hair: Wild, wavy, black
Skin: fairly light, olive undertones
Fur (worgen): solid pitch black
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'9" (human) 8'5" (worgen)
Body type: Lean, sinewy
Place of residence: The Grove, Wetlands
Place of Birth: Gilneas City
Known Relatives: James Acontis - Father, Deceased; Rose Acontis - Mother, Deceased, Oleander "Olly" Acontis - Older Brother, Deceased; "Didge" Acontis - Younger Brother, Unknown
Occupation: Ex-criminal, leader of a mercenary outfit
Group/Guild affiliation: The Honorborn
Guild Rank: Leader
Likes: Reading, smoking, being warm, cuddles (though she'll probably kill you if you try), her little brother
Favorite Food: Oranges
Favorite Drinks: Beer
Weapons of Choice: Poisons, smoke bombs, dual wielding daggers
Dislikes: being compared to her father, hard liquor, strong smells, loud noises, being pitied or spoken down to
Hobbies: Alchemical research, reading, drinking
Special Abilities: Alchemical expertise, ability to manipulate her transformation between forms to certain effect, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and other thieves skills
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, protective, accepting, giving
Negative Personality Traits: Abrasive, quick to anger, prideful, rebellious, distrusting, defensive, kind of gross, addict, struggles with closeness
Misc. Quirks: Smokes a version of the worgen serum to control the curse; has night terrors and occasional anxiety attacks; has a weak stomach
Theme Songs: I honestly have a spotify playlist for Delph but I'm too embarrassed to post it publically, you can ask for it and MAYBE I'll show it to you if you REALLY want

Physical Features: Human - On the taller side for a human woman, Delphinia is lean but well muscled. Her features in human form reflect her worgen side heavily. Her jaw juts forwards with canines too big for her human mouth, she's hairy and her eyes are red. Her fingernails are black, regularly cut back to keep from becoming claws. Her wild mop of black hair is a perpetual mess, and she's almost always scuffed up and bruised in some way. Scars cover most of her body, though her armor usually covers them. Some are from a variety of injuries, drug use and cigarette burns, though others have the fine lines of surgical scars. Of note are a large quantity of rough old scars running vertically down her back. Also on her back are a pair of tattoos, a cluster of oleander on her right shoulder blade and a sprig of foxgloves arcing up the left side of her back. Silver piercings decorate both of her ears and face.

Worgen - Only her bright red eyes and gnashing canines offer contrast to her jet black fur. She is lanky, powerful, and a frightening monster to encounter--especially in the dark.

In both forms, her voice is a husky smoker's tone, her Gilnean accent extremely thick and marred by a slight speech impediment due to her over-sized teeth.


Delphinia Acontis was born the middle child of Rose and James “Jimmy” Acontis in a poverty stricken neighborhood near the western canal in Gilneas City. Growing up, she had a rough childhood, filled with poverty, addiction and abuse. Her mother was a prostitute, her father a drugmaker, snake-oil salesman and general con. While the Acontises were not in any way a powerful crime family, they were fairly well known in their area for being untrustworthy degenerates--going to far as to be a brief mention in a larger drinking song about the various low-lifes of Gilneas. When she was fourteen years old, her father was hung for his crimes, and two years later her older brother, Oleander, followed in his footsteps to the headsman. She spent most of her young life believing this would be her fate as well, that she had no real choice but to follow in her father’s footsteps as a criminal and one day be executed for it. Her only real hope was that maybe, one day, she could spare her beloved little brother the same fate.

With her father and older brother gone, it fell to Delphinia to be a breadwinner for her mother and younger brother. With no other prospects, she slipped into a life of thieving, conniving and dealing for years. Eventually, she ended up joining with the Rebels in the Gilnean civil war, railing against a system she saw as unjust. One night, working to smuggle weapons for the Rebels, things went haywire when they ran into a feral worgen. The night ended with several people dead, including Rose Acontis, and Delphinia bitten.

Shortly after becoming afflicted with the worgen curse, Delphinia was captured. Her curse struck years before worgen would become a known entity to anyone outside of a very elite group, and well before the development of a system to manage the affliction. She became one of the earliest subjects of experiments to develop the worgen serum--an alchemical solution which allows the human side to take back control over the wolf. The process was long and harrowing, and while an effective serum was eventually developed, the experimentation left Delphinia scarred and unable to feel lasting effects from any conventional solutions. It also, however, meant that she was privy to a large amount of high-level alchemical work, leading her to learn quite a bit. 

When the Cataclysm struck, she managed to escape, fleeing to Darnassus with most of her people. She struggled deeply with managing the curse and finding the money necessary to fund her own solutions to it. Seeking a mental escape from the wolf in her head and the harrowing past few years, she fell even harder into criminality. Eventually, this led to her crossing paths with Sir Tonric Baur--then the Knight-Commander of an order of Stormwind Knights focused on serious cases of law enforcement. Tonric was on the case of a Gilnean gang-leader who had committed several murders--those of Delphinia’s own gang-mates. They became an unlikely team, and in the end, Tonric helped lead Delphinia out of the pit of crime she had dug herself into, giving her a second chance.

Delphinia spent the next few years struggling to find honest work--a difficult task due to her history and troubles. Around the time of the war with the Legion, Tonric would double down on his aid by offering Delphinia a reliable job in his mercenary company--The Honorborn. It would not last terribly long, Tonric facing his own problems and dissolving the group, leading Delphinia back into a life on the wrong side of the law as they attempted to take down a criminal organization--The Black--from the inside. This led to an execution warrant being placed on Delphinia’s head, and wanted posters for her whereabouts going up. After almost a year of legal battle, Tonric was exonerated and Delphinia was cleared of her related crimes. With the support of Tonric, she reformed The Honorborn under her own leadership; seeking to provide the same chance it gave her to turn her life around to others.




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