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Delphinia Acontis

[A] The Honorborn

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The Honorborn

Led by ex-criminal Delphinia Acontis, the Honorborn is a mercenary outfit which takes in specialists and people with unique talents. They work a variety of jobs, and as consultants, most anything that will earn them an honest coin.



The Honorborn, on it's face, as a group, does not have a grandiose purpose. They do not seek to save worlds or slay gods or herald justice or the light or the void. As an organization, they are here to do their jobs, and do them well, and earn a respectable living. But there is a small, subtler purpose, at least for the leader of the Honorborn. Having been born into a criminal family, and spending most of her life in the dregs of society, she found little opportunity to escape into a better life--until Tonric offered her a position in the Honorborn. Grateful for her new trajectory, Delphinia hopes she can help others in the same way; giving them a place free of judgement to become better and leave sordid pasts behind them.


Guild and Surrounding History

Of Sir Baur and the formation of the Original Honorborn

The first Honorborn was first founded by Sir Tonric Baur. Tonric was previously the leader of an official order of Stormwind Knights known as The Brotherhood of the Sword. The Brotherhood of the Sword acts primarily as a branch of law enforcement for particularly dangerous criminals. At the beginning of the war with the Legion Tonric was dishonorably discharged from his post as Knight-Commander due to refusing to give up a criminal source (who had saved him and his men from the bombing of Theramore) and believed collusion with The Black--a large scale criminal organization. Removed from knighthood and given a criminal record, he decided to found a small special-ops team of mercenaries--The Honorborn.

The Legion Campaign and the Dissolution of the Honorborn

For much of the Legion campaign, Tonric and the Honorborn did not get involved directly with the fight against the Legion, despite a desire to. When they were first formed they were stationed at Silverwing Grove in Ashenvale, where Tonric was working closely with a Sentinel Commander Saedrynn Silverwing and her Beastwalkers (a specialized kind of Sentinel). Towards the end of the war, Tonric pushed even harder to get involved with fighting the Legion, coming to an agreement with the paramilitary group Night Vanguard to work together on a mission to Argus. The Honorborn moved to the Night Vanguard's base of operations--The Grove in the Wetlands, and set up camp. They worked closely with the Night Vanguard for awhile leading up to the Argus mission. Unfortunately, the mission to the demonic planet went poorly, resulting in the casualties and believed casualties of a number of people (some of whom were trapped on Argus for months after). Due to a number of factors including frustration and mistrust between members of the Night Vanguard Leadership and Tonric, as well as the fallout from the Argus mission, Tonric immediately resigned upon returning to Azeroth. Leaderless, and unsure if they could trust the Night Vanguard after seeing Tonric's dramatic exit, the Honorborn disbanded.

The Hiatus

After leaving the Honorborn towards the end of the Legion conflict, Tonric sought to put an end to The Black--the same criminal organization he was accused of being corrupted by years earlier. He was assisted by two of his most loyal men from the original Honorborn, Shruem Gildedbeard and Delphinia Acontis. While they were ultimately successful in taking down The Black, Tonric ended up in prison, on death row, for the lives of the criminals he took, and Delphinia was wanted under an execution warrant. After almost a year of battling legally and public opinion, Tonric was not only freed, but reappointed as Knight-Commander of the Brotherhood of the Sword once again and additionally hired by Night Vanguard as their Field Commander. Delphinia was absolved of her execution warrant, and Tonric offered his support and the support of the Night Vanguard in her reforming the Honorborn under her own command.

The Reforming of the Honorborn

As the fourth war drew to a close, Delphinia Acontis put out the call for both old members of the Honorborn and new recruits to join the company. Moving back to the base of Night Vanguard in the Wetlands, she established a camp and a contract with the paramilitary group to solidify the bond between them. 


OOC Rules and Structure

OOC, we are very good friends with Night Vanguard and at this point, The Honorborn is inextricably linked to Night Vanguard. We share their discord, RP together, hang out together, and if you want to swap your character between one guild to the other, or add an alt in the other guild, there is absolutely no bad blood about it. That said, any rules Night Vanguard might have about things like their discord or in their events you as an Honorborn member, are expected to follow. Please be respectful of them and their officers. 

As Honorborn members, you are also expected to be respectful of other members, and refrain from any kind of hate speech, slurs, bigotry, harassment, griefing, spamming or harmful trolling. Please listen to both the Night Vanguard officers and any Honorborn leadership. If you have drama with another member, try to talk it out, if you can't, let the Honorborn leadership (me) know. We expect everyone to act with basic roleplay etiquette when RPing, if you are new to RP I have a post about terms and etiquette here:

At the moment, there are no 'officers' of the Honorborn. I, Delphinia-TwistingNether, am the leader of the guild and most everyone else is a member or OOC member. 

/g in-game is considered an OOC channel. 

Very LGBTQ+ friendly IC and OOC

If you are interested in joining, please contact:

Delphinia-TwistingNether; BNET: Arahe#11800; Discord: Arahe#6448

or just apply via the guildfinder! (WARNING: Guildfinder is currently broken, please get in contact with me instead!)

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Honorborn Jobs List

The Jobs List has a twofold purpose.

One, often in RP there is downtime between events and stories, or you just get busy with real life and can't commit to RPing all the time. In the Honorborn, it's safe to assume that even if your character isn't participating in the big crazy jobs, they always have some low level work that  they're doing. The jobs list can be used to help with this so that you always have something your character could have been working on, even if you're not RPing it out. So if you take a break from RPing to deal with some real life stuff for a month, you can come back and say 'oh, yes, I have been doing X job from the job list' IC. 

The second purpose is to fill in whenever you don't have more exciting RP going on. Waiting for that big storyline to pick up? Just want to do something a little lower stakes? Want something simple to get to know your guildies better? You can ask me to run any of the jobs list jobs for you! I will try to keep this list updated with new ideas and expansion relevant jobs.

General Jobs

-Act as a consultant for any kind of specialized knowledge (i.e. acting as a consultant on alchemy as an alchemist)
- Assist a farm overrun with Quillboar
-Investigate a haunted house
-Protection detail for a nobleman traveling to Booty Bay
-Protect a caravan traveling south out of Duskwood
-Help remove troggs assaulting a dwarven villiage
- Assist a member of the Brotherhood of the Sword with a murder investigation
- Act as a bouncer for a fancy party
- Help protect members of the Explorer's League with a spelunking mission
- Fight alongside the Sporelings against Naga invaders
- Investigate rumors of demonic activity in a town
- Escort precious cargo through a troll infested area
- Help with a diving team trying to recover a sacred item from a shipwreck
- Keep Satyr away from a moonwell while Druids are attempting a cleansing ritual
- Head to the Plaguelands and take down a minor lich who is raising undead
- Drive vermin off a ranch in Kun Lai
- Provide security at a Tuskarr wedding
- Investigate a supposed bandit hideout in Westfall
- Check out a recently unearthed tomb in Uldum
- Help a goblin in Winterspring do research on the local Yeti
- Go undercover to help with a Brotherhood of the Sword investigation into a fighting pit
- Protect a group of druids collecting samples in Un'Goro
- Check out the disappearance of a group of settlers in Grizzly Hills
- Protect a shipment of jade from the Hozen
- Find out why the spirits are restless around an old ruin
- Fight back against a recent silithid incursion in Silithus 
- Put an end to a witch assaulting a Drustvar town with wickerbeasts
- Help discover the reason behind a failing harvest
- Assist the Gilnean Liberation front against a group of Sylvanas loyalists
- Help a group in Felwood attempting to cleanse part of the land
- Protect a group of Dark Iron from Ogres while they set up defenses on a new basecamp in the Burning Steppes
- Put a stop to agitated gnolls attacking Lakeshire
- Clear out a cave of kobolds so that the miners can go back to work
- Head to the Hinterlands and help with the Griffin hatching season
- Cull the overpopulation of murlocs along the coast of Westfall
- Head to Ashenvale to help with rebuilding efforts
- Protect a caravan heading through Hillsbrad
- Provide a protection detail for an ambassador
- Destroy an artefact that is driving a tribe of Furbolg mad
- Help take down a mogu who has been threatening a pandaren brewery
- Push back against a group of orcs threatening the usual safety of the mountain passes heading into Dun Morogh
- Help a trophy hunter claim the head of a large threshadon
- Take out a massive bear that has been eating the rams of a dwarven village
- Protect a shipment heading through Deadwind Pass
- Sneak into Freehold and stop an important business deal
- Assist a group of Wardens with clearing out a residual demon hideout
- Cull a den of giant spiders, and bring back poison to the nearby town for antidotes
- Protect a young lord going out 'adventuring' for the first time
- Help a rich, useless, mage move
- Fight a group of cultist holdouts in Stormsong Valley
- Help the Sentinels of Feralas fight back against an Ogre threat

Shadowlands Jobs

-Coming soon!

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