The House: Season 2

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If it worked once, they'll hit it, shape it, and hope it works again! Welcome to the Second Season of The House, an Azerothian reality show created by Razz Blastwhizzle! (Link to previous show here:

The House is an RP event that will take place entirely in Discord and welcomes both Horde and Alliance participants as contestants or audience members.  There will be chances for the audience to participate and help guide the challenges for the contestants.   The main goal of this event is to put your character into a setting with other characters they might not normally interact with, for some fun RP!

More information about the house is available on the Discord channel as well as the channel to apply for a spot on the show! All applications are due by December 29th!
Discord link:


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1. This event is open to all Horde and Alliance RPers.

2. This event will take place entirely in the designated Discord Server

3. You may apply on as many characters as you want. Please list your main/player name to ensure that only one of your characters is selected at the beginning. Prize will be distributed as available (Given contestants can be spread across multiple servers or not even have an active subscription)

4. Most of the Show will be freeform RP in the House. The main goal of this event is to KILL have fun and put characters in a different situation while giving people a chance to rp with others that they would never meet with otherwise.

5. There will be occasional IC challenges. The day and time of the challenges will vary, to give opportunity for everyone to participate. The challenges will take place in Discord, but will start and complete within set time frame, so participants will be expected to be able to be active and attentive during it. Winners of the challenges may be determined by dice rolls, contestant votes, audience votes, or possibly other means. Winners will receive points and/or some other meaningful award.

6. IC, applications have been left in all major taverns with instructions to leave nominations and volunteering in drop boxes located in neutral towns. If your character would have no reason to join the show but you wish for them to participate, claim anonymous submission by a friend/enemy.

7. The contestants will NOT be all from one race or one guild. Such balancing will be kept in mind as contestants are selected to ensure variety in the household population.(edited)

8. Each contestant will earn points through various challenges and means, part of it will be luck based, but participation will lead to a higher chance of prizes.

9. Security has been employed to keep the peace within the house and around the property. They will not interfere with minor fights but anyone attacking with deadly intent will be detained. Please respect their authority and if your character does get violent, play along with getting arrested. Punishments will range from loss of points to imprisonment to other means. Repeated offenses will lead to a ban.

10. If you are interested in participating in The House, please see the #applications channel. 11. All House RP rooms are "open" meaning anyone in the house can enter and join in the RP there at any time. Bedrooms might be an exception depending on the RP. (Please do NOT RP any explicit content on this server)
AUDIENCE Anyone may participate in special Audience events. These may include voting on winners of events and other issues, being a special guest star in the House for a short period of time. Suggestions for events, and even running an event may also be options for audience members. Anyone in the Discord server who is not a contestant will be given the Audience role. This is another opportunity to RP outside of your character's usual circles as they watch the show and talk to other fans and viewers(edited)

ANYONE may play a member of the security team (A member of Livewire or a Mook) if one is needed to break up a fight, except for the people involved in that particular fight. Security will only break up fights that look deadly in nature. They may lock the offender(s) up in the cells. They may also step in if someone is trying to cause harm/theft to the House or the support staff or any other serious violation. Livewire Security Co.: Well trained, beefy, intimidating, and surprisingly affordable, members of Livewire are trained to be observant and well versed in a number of non-lethal takedown techniques and the use of a variety of tools to apprehend and subdue those who become too rowdy such as pepper spray, nets, manacles, stun guns, and a variety of small arms. They are best noted for their eye-catching, bright uniforms. Mooks: Mooks are not very bright, but they are large, strong, and very durable. They are also equipped with a variety of weapons including nets, stun guns, and the heavier armaments that may do more than knock someone out. Players are expected to play along with any member of the security team trying to apprehend them. RPing resistance is allowed, as long as the player allows security to "win" in subduing the character.(edited)

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