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A Bull Among Silk (Mature Content)

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When one is very young, the world must be touched, tasted, experienced. Topaz was no exception to this rule for despite her physical appearance of young womanhood, she had only been alive for a mere nine months. Nine months. How does something like that happen? It begins with the rape of Danlily deStrasza by the father of Clys, the now deceased Baron Nex’Cruor. It blossoms with the cravings put upon the mother by the fetus for strange potions and blood. It instills itself with a crawling infant with a stubbornly curious mind and a thirst for liquids in her half-sister’s lab, and is cemented with a spark of brilliance by that half-sister, Clys, in the experimentations towards immortality.

So here we are now, a woman who appears something of 18 to 24 years of age. She has stopped growing now. Her thirst for foul mysterious draughts is satiated with an addiction to mana-infused bloodwine, an addiction brought on purposely by her half-sister, who by the way, is also her step-mother, Mistress Clys. The child’s mind has been tutored at an accelerated rated as well. She knows how things work, things like locks and doors that try to stay closed against her will. She is very strong willed, stubbornly so, for despite her physical and mental grasp on the world, her spiritual will and moral ethics of what is right and what is wrong, what is allowed and what is forbidden, has no more meaning for her than that of a stubborn, willful two year old child.

She goes forth into the world, once given permission by her Mistress Clys, touching and tasting and experiencing all the world beyond Quel’Thalas can show her, all that this world will give her and then some. She finds a fascination in death, in creating it and causing it. She delights in watching the light of life drain from her victim's eyes, squeeling childishly to herself and thirsting for more, compelled to kill again to watch that light fade again and again. She herself has come close to death several times. Why she has not died is strange. She heals at an alarming rate. Her willful spirit has been yanked from her body on more than one occasion and her compulsion to experience life refuses to give way. She forces her spirit back into her lifeless body, forces it to continue and heal.

And again, here we are now. Topaz has left her life among crystal goblets filled with deStrasza wines and the fine silks produced at the Nex'Cruor estate to taste life outside of that shelter. Raised among servants and finery, she is oblivious to the dust of Orgrimaar and the decay of the Undercity. To her it is all shiny and new and full of life and waiting for her to taste of it. Her favorite of places is an inn called The Rest In Peace. She has been here several times now, enjoying that she is able to meld among them, be a member….belong. She enjoys the banter, the conversations, the brawls. Tonight is no exception and she opens herself a bottle of rum.

Her topaz-lit eyes sparkle and glow with delight as she watches the other patrons. She gazes curiously at a rare tauren, so few are seen at this Inn, at least as far as she has noticed. He is a handsome bull, she notices, rippling with muscle under shiny ebony fur. Her fingers itch to touch his fur, to feel if it is coarse or soft. He makes a comment. She answers him. She is not sure how it happened, but suddenly she is curling back her lips and growling at him. She is both annoyed and excited. A feeling blooms and pours warmth into her loins, a feeling she’s only been allowed to experience at the hands of Mistress Clys, and then only after Mother Danlily and Kittsu have had their turn. The bull flirts with Topaz; at least she thinks he’s flirting. Topaz is confused and aroused, and frightened. How would Mistress Clys react if Topaz experienced a male? Topaz had never…oh what would it be like? Then again, what would Clys do? Would she punish her? Would she wave a hand dismissively and turn away bored and back to her experiments in the lab?


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Clys walked into the Rest In Peace, tired from a rather long excursion to Darkshire. There was a matter there to be taken care of, and she had had to prepare the spot. Upon entering the pub, she spied Topaz at a back table, and went to sit with her sister/step-daughter. Clys smiled at the sight of the young girl, who looked so very much like her mother Danlily.

It wasn't long before Clys wasn't smiling any more. Apparently, earlier in the evening, some Tauren fellow had put the moves on Topaz, and she had responded. Topaz was asking for permission to mate with the fellow! The fact that Topaz had thought to ask permission rather than simply following her whims didn't occur to Clys at the time. All she heard was Tauren male, and the image of her child with a grown bull was enough to blot out any further thought.

"Bring him to me! I want both of you at the house as soon as possible. I'll settle this, " Clys commanded, and stalked out, muttering to herself.

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I heard about a gathering place, a spot where the people of the Horde often congregate to drink and enjoy conversation and food together. Although I'm not much for crowds, I have been feeling some inner emptiness of the soul in recent days, and so I thought I would investigate this place.

As a druid, I am most comfortable in the out of doors. But I am no stranger to liquor, and I have spent many peaceful and memorable hours sitting around a glowing fire with my clan mates, swapping tales of the hunt, and passing the pipe. So the ambiance of the Rest In Peace was not completely foreign to me when I entered, although it was populated mostly with Orcs and Undead.

Given my size, it is not possible for me to enter a room without being noticed. I had to duck to get through the doorway, and turn my head sideways to clear my horns. So I received many glances as I arrived. Most of the people seemed friendly enough, and I introduced myself to several of them.

I noticed a young-looking troll woman near the back, sitting alone. She stuck out in the crowd to me, because her aura was inconsistent with her physical appearance. I recognized the bright reds of sexual readiness, and yet these were combined with the soft blues of childhood. I had never seen anyone with an aura like that, and I was intrigued.

Upon initiating a conversation with the girl, my fascination only increased. She seemed to be both innocent and depraved at once. I must admit that the combination had a powerful affect on me, and I had to struggle to disguise my physical desire for her. Fortunately, as we talked further, it became apparent that she was not entirely without desire for me, and in fact I felt it very likely that we could come to an arrangement rather quickly.

It was then that she seemed to pull back, her aura taking on the dark edges of fear. She mentioned her mother, or her mistress, or her sister. It was unclear to me her exact relationship with this person, but it was clear enough that she considered this person her guardian and her authority. The girl, whose name is Topaz, and who has eyes the color of the fields of golden wheat in the shimmering noonday sun, was not willing to make any further progress with me until "Madam Clys" was consulted.

I was a bit peeved, I will admit, and a bit drunk. We had been drinking rum rather heavily, I thought in preparation for our later activities. I arose from the table and went out, telling Topaz that I would speak to Madam Clys and get her permission. Topaz did not say anything, looking a bit stunned. She thought that Madam Clys would be in or around the Undercity this evening so I went there to find her.

I spent the next few hours wandering the fetid streets of the Undercity, talking to merchants, asking if anyone knew where I could find a person named Clys. Invariably, their answer was the same. First, they laughed, thinking I was joking. And then, when they realized I was not, they warned me away, saying that I did not want to find her.

Whoever she is, she is apparently well known, respected, and feared. I should probably just forget this whole thing, but somehow I cannot. There is something about Topaz, something different. I must find out what it is. I have the feeling that she is to play an important part in my eventual destiny. I don't know why I feel this, but the indication is very clear. Even the scrying knife confirmed it. So...I will keep looking. I hope that when I find this Clys, I do not regret it.

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((WARNING: The following contains MATURE content of a sexual nature ))

After hours of fruitless searching, I finally gave up and returned to the Rest Inn Peace. Perhaps Topaz would be there again, and perhaps she had heard from her Mistress. Besides, I was foot weary and very thirsty. A drink was definitely in order.

I squeezed myself through the doorway and stood for a moment as my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the interior. Yes, there was Topaz, at the same table in the back. She looked up and smiled, as if she'd be awaiting me. I took it as a good sign, and made my way to her.

"I was unsuccessful," I told her. "I could not locate your Madam Clys."

She nodded and told me that Clys had in fact come to the pub just after I left! The gods are playing tricks with me, perhaps. In any event, she said that we were to go immediately to meet with Clys, so I had to forego my drink, and we left.

Upon arriving at our destination, we found the door barred, and the windows dark. Topaz had the key, however, so we went inside to wait. Clys did not return. I was very uncomfortable waiting there alone with Topaz. A very large part of me wished to simply pounce on her and to hell with the consequences. But I managed to restrain myself. In due time, we both fell asleep, she on the couch and I on the floor.

The next day, Clys had still not appeared, so I went back to Mulgore for some hunting and exercise, agreeing to meet Topaz in the pub again that evening. We would wait there for Clys to make her appearance.

I arrived fairly early, and again sat with Topaz. She had gotten word that Clys was off in Darkshire doing something or other, and that she would be back. All we had to do was wait. So we waited, and drank, and talked, and drank, and waited, and talked some more. Our attraction for each other continued to intensify, and eventually our talking turned more to flirting, and then to unabashed seduction. By the time midnight rolled around, Topaz was sitting on my lap, nibbling at the fur on my jaw and running her fingers through the fur on my head. The others in the pub were yelling at us to get a room, so obvious was our desire.

At last we gave up waiting for Clys, and I took Topaz to the Swaying Rock. It is a fine, flat area, with the open sky above, and very romantic. I was afraid that there might be others already there, for it is sometimes a popular place for lovers, but as the fates would have it, it was deserted.

By this time, my inhibitions, such as they are, were in full retreat. I wasted no time before pinning Topaz to the ground and running my hands over her body. She was more than ready for my attention. I had to take a very deep breath and a mental step back, reminding myself that this would be her first time with a male, and it must be done properly.

I had brought along some scented oil, because I am an optimist. I gently removed her clothing and laid out a soft fur, bidding her to lay face down upon it. I then proceeded to dribble the oil onto her back and rub it in slowly with my hands. I started at her neck and worked my way down. When I got to her buttocks, I slowed my pace, and spent a very long time enjoying the feel of her. Now and then I let my hands dip between her legs and massage there. I wanted her to be fully relaxed and well lubricated, to ensure her a good first experience.

I flipped her over onto her back and she gazed up at me. Her eyes were glazed with passion and desire. It was clear that she was fully submitted to me, and that her full attention was mine to enjoy. I dribbled the oil onto her chest and began to rub it into her breasts. Her nipples were like hard little rocks as my fingers swept across them. She was moaning and arching her back, and I knew that I had better not wait much longer, lest she either explode or spontaneously combust.

I knelt between her legs, which she had flung wide apart, and gazed down at her. The moonlight glittered upon her oiled skin, and I swear I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life as her lying there, all mine. Nor will I ever. Her eyes seemed to cross slightly as she beheld my erect organ for the first time. Then she threw her head back and flung her arms above her head and I prepared to mount her.

Just at that moment, I was startled out of my wits by the sound of a voice, right behind me!

"Hold it right there, hot stuff," said Clys.

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“My step-mother is very loving and giving but there are some things that Mother Clys is very restrictive about. One is never get romantically involved with Alliance. Okay, I can agree with that one. From what I’ve observed in my young life they are nothing but a bunch of liars and hypocrites wrapping themselves in a cloak of self-righteousness to absolve themselves of guilt. And they’re fat. I got the chance to peek in on one of Auntie Kittsu’s “interviews” and she’s right, that Teelia woman is fleshy. I mean, big as in rippling with muscles like Brogun, that’s good big!”

Topaz sighs wistfully, then sits up straighter as she gets back on the subject

“But that Teelia is big without any tone at all. Anyway, I digress.

So step-mother Clys has but a few restrictions on me but the second one is in regard to intimate pleasures. She and only she is allowed to give us such pleasures unless she is rewarding us, such as she often does to Kittsu, her favorite spy and information gatherer. My birth mother never cares to seek it elsewhere as she is completely content with our Mistress Clys and the pleasures she bestows upon her but frankly, me, I just don’t think I swing that way. There’s something missing and I want to find out what it is. And, I might add, I don’t think it’s fair that I’m always having to wait my turn. It’s just not fair!”

Topaz whines and stomps her foot.

“I don’t want to always be at the end of the line in Mistress’ harem. I don’t begrudge them their orgiastic bliss, but I want to be the center of someone’s world, not the leftovers.

The fact that I am the leftovers was quite apparent the last twenty-four hours. Mother Clys demanded that I find Brogun and bring him to her, bring him to the house. So I did. I was obedient. I didn’t allow myself any pleasures. I did as I was told. Did Mother Clys show up for the meeting? Nooooo. So the next morning she calls me on the hearthstone and says she has a very important meeting in Darkshire with Kittsu. Always Kittsu. Again, I am at the end of the line. Darkshire is much too dangerous for Brogun and I. We are both young in our training. Madam Clys bid us to wait for her in the Rest in Peace and she would “settle” the matter there. Well apparently she and Kittsu were having so much fun terrorizing their little human psychopath or psychiatrist or psycho-something or other that she never showed up last night at the Rest in Peace.

Daala was there, she tried to argue and convince me that I should not worry about consequences with my step-mother, but I know better. I know of one incident where one of her harem fell in love with a human and tried to escape the Nex’Cruor estate. She ended up killing that girl and forcing her human lover to eat her heart…literally. Not kidding. Madam Clys is a wonderfully loving and caring woman to those she cares for, but crossing her is never a good idea. I like my heart in my rib cage, thank you very much.

So anyway, Brogun and I waited, and waited, and waited. We talked and we drank more rum, and more rum. At first it was just curiosity. I wondered what it would like to be with a male. Any male. Heck, someone not related to me would be a change of pace. We’re all silks and perfumed oils in the Manor. I am curious what it’s like with someone that’s got firm muscles and firm…um, well parts and doesn’t smell of peaches and lilies all the time. It wasn’t my intention to find such a large male such as a Tauren, or one so hairy. But there he was, growling at me two nights ago and he’s all I’ve been able to think of ever since. To be beneath him, to feel all that soft fur covering me, to feel up close what is coiled in the crotch of those leggings that cling to his forceful thighs”

Topaz sighs again, her eyes glazed in thought. After a moment, she speaks quieter now, her voice less angry, less annoyed, a soft sadness invades her mood as she continues.

“So there Brogun and I were, a second evening drinking and admiring each other in the Rest in Peace. There was more than a physical attraction growing between us, at least I think so. His scrying knife had told him that we were meant to find each other, to teach other something. He acted as though it were a fact that we were meant to be together and that he would simply explain this to my Mother Clys and get her blessing, as though it was but a formality. I could wait no longer. I ached to submit myself to him. I could no longer keep my hands to myself. I found myself stroking his soft fur, caressing his face, nibbling through the edges of his braids to find the soft spot under his jaw to softly nibble and suck there. Finally he pulled me into his lap and I could feel his maleness hard beneath me. I was oblivious to the other patrons and forgot my fears over my step-mother’s displeasure. I needed Brogun to possess me; I needed to be the center of his world, not the leftovers at an orgy where Mothers Clys and Danlily starred with Auntie Kittsu. Oh gods, how I needed Brogun. He whispered to me, that it might be best if he restrains me. He worried about hurting me and he would better control my first experience with a male if my movements were safely constricted. I understood and agreed. I knew he was quite large, I could not help but grind myself into his lap at the feeling of it beneath me. I begged in his ear to take me to Swaying Rock. He wanted to wait for Mother Clys, to reason with her, but I was beyond reason. I needed him, and I needed him now.

We left the Rest in Peace and he took me to the place his people often went to for mating rituals, Brogun explained to me. He undressed me and bade me to lay on the huge rock, face down. I wondered if his people mated like uncivilized bovine. I was not taken aback by this, just curious. But Brogun did not enter me. He rubbed scented oil into my back, touched me everywhere and then he had me roll over to face him. He brought more oil, and I could see him warm it in his hands first before caressing my skin with it. His blue eyes were dark and glittering, we both breathed heavily and I was ready for him to apply the restrains. I had thought he might have forgotten them as he hovered over me, his manhood erect and thick as a strong branch. I sucked in a breath at the sight of its size and then was overcome with….oh gods, that raspy voice!”

“Hold it right there, hot stuff!” Mother Clys had found us.

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I'd been rather busy the last couple of days. Dealing with the unexpected pleasure of Verloran's sudden interest in his past had taken more time than I planned, and so I was not present when Topaz brought her bull-friend to see me. When at last I returned from Darkshire, they were gone. I sought them out at the pub, only to find that they had left.

"Danlily, where do you suppose they went? You know more about Taurens than I do," I said.

Danlily had accompanied me to the pub, seeming a bit worried about Topaz.

"Well, I don't know for sure, but I have heard about a spot where the young Taurens often go to enjoy themselves, sort of a lovers hangout. We could try there."

Danlily gave me a little frown, and I nodded. Topaz was getting to be rather a pain in my backside. She didn't have the same obedient attitude as her mother, that much was becoming abundantly clear.

'Lily and I traveled quickly, but silently. After all of our years of hunting and fighting as a team, it was natural to us. As we approached the spot, I motioned Danlily to circle around while I approached in the shadows. The moon was bright, giving me plenty of shadows to see with.

I heard the sounds of a female voice, moaning low. I pushed through a bit of vegetation, and there they were. Topaz was splayed upon the flattish rock, and Mr. Cow was kneeling over her. I had arrived just in time, it seemed.

I stepped from the shadows, directly behind the Tauren, and unsheathed my dagger.

"Hold it right there, hot stuff!" I commanded.


The Tauren spun around swiftly, rising to his feet with remarkable grace for such a large creature. His eyes were wide with surprise, and there was a moment when he just stood there, giving me time to assess his strength. He was a fine specimen of a Tauren, heavily muscled, covered with black fur. Not my cup of tea, but I could see why a youngster like Topaz might be drawn to him. Nonetheless, a lesson would have to be taught.

I pointed between his legs with the tip of my dagger.

"You dare to point your...two-handed my child? I should cut it off of you and make you swallow it," I said.

He showed no fear, despite his youth, and despite the fact that I'm sure he knew I could cut him down in a moment if I chose. Instead he bowed his head and knelt before me.

"Mistress," he said. "Please do not punish Topaz. This is my doing, and I should be the one to pay."

Hmm. He's good, I thought to myself. Topaz was now standing behind him, looking fearful yet defiant. I sighed. I am really not cut out for parenting.

"Listen, cow-boy, get your clothes and get out of here. Topaz, get dressed, we're going home. You're grounded until further notice."

Topaz lower lip quivered. "But Mother..."

"No buts! Now!" I said, but she still didn't move.

At that point Danlily came up next to me, and she and Topaz exchanged glances. The Tauren bowed to her as well, and she nodded at him.

"If I might say something?" the Tauren interjected.

I threw up my hands.

"Fine. Talk." I said, giving him my most withering stare.

"I am sorry for the timing, Mistress, but the spirits seem to have selected me to watch over and teach Topaz, and her to teach me. I mean no offense, but you have little time for her, and she is young and energetic. I offer myself to your service, as guardian and protector. It would relieve you of the burden, and you would have peace of mind knowing she is accompanied and not just loose in the world."

I have to be honest, my jaw dropped. He had some spine, this one.

"And this is how you guard her, bringing her here alone to take advantage? I don't think so, fuzzy," I said.

Turning to Topaz, I motioned with my dagger.

"Come, girl. You'll get your sex from us, not from some random furball you found in a bar. Home. Now."

Topaz blinked, her eyes filling with tears.

"But Mom... I don't WANT to be a lesbian!" she cried.

I looked at Danlily. Danlily shrugged and said, "Where did we go wrong?"

The Tauren spoke up.

"You have not gone wrong, she is a fine and special child. But she is not you. Her path is her own."

I let my arms drop to my sides. I was suddenly exhausted. I really don't have time for this. Bull-boy was right about that much.

"What do you think, 'Lily?"

"He's hot," she said. Unhelpful wretch.

I stepped up to Topaz, looking her straight in the face.

"You want to be with males, do you?" I asked.

She nodded, swallowing.

"So disappointing," I said. "All right, here's how it's going to be. If I let you have your fun with fur-face here, that'll be all you get. I'll put him over you, as your guardian and master. You get him, but that's it. No other males, or females."

I turned to the Tauren.

"You think you can keep her in line? I will expect you to watch her every move, and report to me. She gets into any trouble at all, it'll be your flea-bitten hide. Got it?"

He bowed deeply, his voice low and resonant.

"Yes, Mistress. I understand."

"Topaz? You're sure about this? One hundred percent, no going back, sure? Because I don't give second chances, " I said.

She nodded, and wonder of wonders knelt before me. Huh. Maybe this would work out well after all.

"Danlily, any objections?" I asked.

"No. But I'd like to watch, " she said.

I laughed out loud at that. I love Danlily!

"Done, then. Bulltoy...hmm, what's your actual name?"

"I am called Brogun, Mistress," he said.

"All right. Brogun, you're now in service to me. You will guard Topaz with your life, and keep her safe and out of trouble, helping her to learn her way in the world. You will report to me regularly, and the two of you will present yourselves for inspection whenever I call. If I see anything I don't like, you'll change it. If anything happens to Topaz while under your care, you will pay, dearly. I'll pay you, of course, sufficient to keep her in the manner she deserves as my child. Do you agree to this?"

He nodded his huge head. "Yes, Mistress Clys."

"Topaz, you understand the terms? You get out of line, he dies, slowly, and you will be punished beyond your wildest imaginations. You obey him, or else. No other males or females for you. This is all you get."

I motioned to the hulking black figure of Brogan.

"Yes, Mother, I understand."

Her eyes were positively glowing. I nearly retched.

"Danlily, you really want to stay and watch? It could be pretty gross. Look at the size of that thing!" I said.

She just nodded and smiled.

"She's still my little girl. I'll watch. You going home?"

I thought for a moment.

"You know what? I'm exhausted. I could pass out right here. You want to stay and watch, fine. We'll both stay."

I sat down right there on a tuft of grass.

"All right, Brogun," I said. "Here's your first order. Fuck her silly."

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((Oh God...I dunno why but that made me laugh so freaking hard.... I think it was the "but Mooooom! I don;t want to be a lesbian!" But damn well written.))

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((*giggles* Thanks, that was my line, thought it up while we were talking about the plot in bed one night and we were laughing over it and knew we had to use it in the story. Clys and I have been writing together for a couple of years now and the working-out of plot lines invades our pillow talk more than any other topic. We can't help but put a bit of comedy to our writing, can't take ourselves too seriously, ya know. :D))

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((Yah. by the way, sorry if I offended that one night. Iwas more worried that some one might report you guys for "Ovrt sexuality" me kicked out of a guild ally side, but I realise now horde is much, MUCH looser. Looking forward to more from you and the other dude person Clys///or Cyls.....Involves C, L, Y and S. Curse my no spelling power))

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((Ah, well you didn't. *hugs* We weren't going to go any further with it in /RP channel and were just about to take our characters out of the inn to log for the night. We have limits too. At least to what we'll do in public channels. We don't care how far others go. If our characters are offended they'll just leave the Inn for a while and come back later. The really racy stuff we reserve for private chat channels and the written forums with warnings so people can choose to read or not read them. Anyway, glad you like them and I'm really enjoying all the RP on both horde and alliance side It's good to be back.))

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((Any time Till talks ot any of you or your hubs chars, she always leave swith a headache and confused. I'm just trying to get my writing better, more like yours or Vil's. still needs a crap load of work.))

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