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Site Updated plus Future Plans

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Hey all,

I did a fairly major upgrade to the site this morning.  One of things you might want to do is update your bookmarks so they link to https:// instead of http://.  The site will auto-redirect you, but it might save you a fraction of a second in loading the site if you change your bookmark.

The site should run a bit faster now, and I've got some options for speeding it up more that I might test.

The forum software that this site runs on,  is leased for a fee every 6 months.  The next renewal day is in late May.  The one after that is in November.  I will likely be going with a newer, cheaper forum option in November.

Why? You might ask?

Because Invision forums are like sports cars, and TNG is being used by grandma to drive herself to church and back home once or twice a week.  The lease renewal fee is pretty reasonable for a sports car, but more than I want to pay for only a few posts per week level of activity.  This isn't a cry for money, by the way.  It's just a recognition that, while TN RP isn't completely dead, what RP that is happening has mostly moved to Discord.  This isn't a TN specific probably either.  I've checked around and where I used to find a few other servers that had something similar, I can't find anything anymore.  But Discord servers? They are everywhere.  And the truth of the matter is it's a better interactive medium than forums are.  

But forums are still better for permanence and stability.  The purpose of this site was always to preserve the fanfiction of RPers on the Twisting Nether server (and later for Ravenholdt too!).  That isn't going away.

Things the *might* be going away:  the front "news" page, private messages, old discussion posts, leaderboards, clubs, and profile public messages.  But November would be the earliest that that would happen.

Hey, who knows, maybe they'll merge TN with another RP server and life here will get crazy again and make that sports car lease worthwhile.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns or if you find a bug with the new version of the forum.


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