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Full Name: Goreth
Nicknames: Ret
Date of Birth: Year 600 by the King’s Calendar
Age: 26
Race: Mag’har Orc
Gender: Male
Hair: Jet black
Skin: Reddish-brown
Eyes: Amber
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 232 lbs
Place of residence: Orgrimmar
Place of Birth: Nagrand, Draenor (AU)
Known Relatives: Father - Borgug, deceased. Mother - Glasha, deceased. Older sister - Rekamai,  missing, presumed dead 
Religion/Philosophy: Shamanism
Occupation: Shaman
Group/Guild affiliation: None (yet)
Guild Rank: N/A
Enemies: Lightforged Draenei
Likes: The elements, meditation, other Mag’har orcs
Favorite Foods: Pork belly, pastries when he can get them 
Favorite Drinks: Mead
Favorite Colors: Red
Weapons of Choice: Maces, axes, shields
Dislikes: The Draenei, dishonorable actions
Hobbies: Fishing, cooking
Physical Features: Heavily muscled like most male Mag’har, but is slim in build. His jet black hair is long on both his head and beard, and is braided throughout.
Special Abilities: Has an affinity for air over the other elements
Positive Personality Traits: Patience, sense of humor
Negative Personality Traits: Has issues forming trust and creating long lasting relationships with others
Misc. Quirks: None
Played by What Famous Person: N/A
Theme Songs: None
History: Goreth was born in AU Nagrand, Draenor, to Borgug, a shaman, and Glasha, a blademaster. A member of the Frostwolf Clan, he had a traditional orc upbringing, going through all the rites and trials that would be expected of any orc, with his parents originally planning to have him follow in his mother’s footsteps, same as his older sister, Rekamai. This changed, however, when Goreth began to show an affinity for the elements. Pursuing the shaman’s path, he took to it well, as not only did it suit his gentler nature, but he had a natural connection with the elements.
Upon coming of age, Goreth embarked on his journey to the Throne of the Elements to seek the blessings of the spirits, and to attune his mind to the elements. He would return a few years later, a fully fledged shaman, taking his place at his father’s side a spiritual leader for his people.
It was during this time that the Draenei would begin their attempts at “converting” their once orcish allies to the Light. Both on the front lines wielding the fury of the elements, and acting as healer to the many wounds inflicted by their pursuers, Goreth pressed on, suffering both the loss of his mother and father during a skirmish.
Soon after, Horde emissaries emerged from the Nether, seeking the aid of the Mag’har. In the battle that followed, Goreth and Rekamai became separated in an explosion. He looked frantically for her among the debris and bodies, but could not find her. Forced into a retreat, Goreth fled.
With Grom Hellscream leading one last charge against the Draenei, and presuming his sister to be dead, Goreth followed the Horde into Azeroth where he would make his new home, and fight for his new allies.


Edit: Updated age and birth year

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