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Gunheya Darkhowl

Darkhowl's worn recorder

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The quality of the recording is low and scratchy

" September 17th 10:40 PM."

" All this time i've been trying to make a name for myself and it turns around to bite me on the ass. Apparently my record is noticeable! But only as a scout. Combined with my engineering ability, Command has decided I would work best in our Azerite operations out in Drustvar."

" If you've never been there, don't go. It's a cold, damp hellhole that makes Gilneas look tropical and cheery. But it appears to be good enough for farmland to have several towns scattered throughout it."

" All things considered it's a pretty cushy job. I just need to deliver a report every few days as I sweep the same areas. It gives me time to explore and a lot more freedom than the guards and miners in the mountain range near Krazzlefrazz. Save for the threat of being in enemy territory, it was going to be boring. At least, that's what I thought."

" At first I thought the place was just grey and ugly, but at night you can practically taste how wrong everything is here. Witches... I've heard the term enough and I thought it was just an insult or maybe an off-brand of magic. Primitive arcane, blood, or maybe even Loa based. But no, if there's anything that's truly a witch, it's the bitches out here."

" Right now i'm still not sure how all of this works. I've never seen the circles and symbols they use before and the very magic they call upon only bares a passing resemblance to the necromatic and shadow spellwork I know. But it involves a lot of sacrifices and revolves around a lot of soul infused constructs, much Trollish golems. The organization is women only and of those women, only the practitioners and converts are allowed inside. The rest are enthralled by whatever they're weaving... Whatever it is, it's horrible. A healthy person should never thank me for killing them."

" Whatever it is it has more uses than mere mind control. It's corrosive and ruinous as well, one week in and i've already lost my blades. It rusts metal, makes leather wither and crack, and skin rot while you're still alive. Compared to what else they can do to you, a death by rapid decomposition is merciful. It was better to lose my sword than my face but there's something insulting about working all campaign with a weapon that survived the entire Legion suddenly becoming useless. What's even more insulting is how fast they replaced it.

"They gave me a standard issue insurgent's blade when I showed them the shards. Imagine a butcher's cleaver got real tall and real thin and then screwed a pick-axe. It's a weapon without finesse and messy as hell but for what i'm fighting? It's perfect. At least Horde command seems to appreciate my initiative. A few strikes against hags when they're caught out in the open isn't in my job description but they agree that these things need to be kept in check."

" It's looking bleak out here. Talking with my friend only makes it worse. While i'm rubbing feeling back into numb fingers she's walking face first into troll abs in the tropics. Dunno if it's luck of the draw or karma, she's earned the reprieve. I should stop whining about it. I wanted a good fight. Doesn't get more good and justified and murdering witches. Wonder if my Mom ever had postings like this..."

" Around the time I start going back to THAT subject I know I should stop. Gunheya out."

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