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Draveux (aka Tarrin)

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(Just throwing a brief reference appearance here for people interacting with this character in Discord)
All physical features are current apparent features. Subject to change.

Name: Draveux
Aka: Tarrin
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 15

Race: Void Elf
Gender: Male
Hair: Medium bland grey
Skin: Medium dusty grey with slight purplish hue
Eyes: Pale blue
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: skinny and gangly
Physical Features:
- Wide slightly oversized ears make him look dorky
- There doesn't seem to be as much Void lingering on him as most void elves.
- Does not gain a void appearance when in combat
- Not pretty by any stretch of the imagination

This young scrap of a kid looks like he's had to fend for himself or grew up in a rough neighborhood. Wary and difficult to gain the trust of, he's looking for his next meal and a place to sleep. He doesn't like being touched.

- His Common is poor
- Has some crude jewelry, if you can call a few bits of dark stone strung on twine jewelry. One looks like a bit of hearthstone.
- Clothes are well worn but appeared patched and cared for.

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