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Pelande Aijatar

Pelande Aijatar

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Full Name: Pelande Aijatar
Nicknames: “Pelly”, "P"
Date of Birth: Aug 21
Age: ~10,000+
Race: Nightborne
Gender: Female
Hair: White, hints of faded blue
Skin: Lavender
Eyes: Lavender
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 205lb.
Place of residence: Suramar
Place of Birth: Vashj’ir
Known Relatives: Maela Aijatar (sister)
Religion/Philosophy: None
Occupation: Warrior, mercenary, former construction worker/laborer
Group/Guild affiliation: None
Guild Rank: N/A
Enemies: Night Elves, Legion
Likes: Stiff liquor, exotic landscapes
Favorite Foods: Anything with eggs
Favorite Drinks: Fermented black tea
Favorite Colors: Navy and gold
Weapons of Choice: Spears, but mildly competent with a sword and shield
Dislikes: Birds of any kind, wine
Hobbies: Dance
Physical Features: N/A
Special Abilities: None
Positive Personality Traits: Enthusiastic, focused, principled
Negative Personality Traits: Prideful, reckless, holds grudges
Misc. Quirks: Wears light protective plating on her forehead and ears
Theme Songs: “Are Things Still Burning” by Em Harris
History: Born into a family proficient in magic, Pelande always lagged far, far behind her siblings in terms of arcane ability. She was surrounded by prodigies and yet struggled to cast the simplest cantrips. One of over a dozen children to busy parents and viewed as a consistent disappointment, she received the smallest share of affection by far. This led to a strong inferiority complex that has her always projecting a prideful air.

Now that she’s part of the Horde, Pelande has decided she must find out what this means to her. On top of that, she has reason to believe she isn’t the only survivor of her family line, and the clues point to the Alliance...

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