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Maznar Cliffgrove

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Full Name: Maznar Cliffgrove
Date of Birth: Sixty years before the Dark Portal
Age: 94
Race: Bronzebeard Dwarf
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Green
Height: 4' 5"
Weight: 195lbs
Place of residence: Greenwarden's Grove
Place of Birth: Dun Modr
Occupation: Mountaineer
Group/Guild affiliation: Night Vanguard
Enemies: Dragonmaw Orcs, Dark Iron Dwarves
Favorite Foods: Bloomin' Onions, Beer Basted Boar Ribs, Ram Flank Stew
Favorite Drinks: Beer, Ale, Lager
Favorite Colors: Green, Blue
Weapons of Choice: Though not sentimental enough to name it, Maznar has been working on a customized rifle since his time with the Explorer's League in Ulduar. A revolver rifle with an arcane toggle sight, Cliffgrove built two cylinders into the gun that can be swapped with the crank of a lever. In one cylinder, he loads mundane, typically elementium, ammunition. In the other, he loads runerounds that carry a variety of magical effects. Though they rarely get out into combat together anymore, Maznar also once journeyed with his black bear, Tarhide into battle. At more than twenty years old, however, Tarhide is arthritic and more liability than asset on the field. 
Likes: Mechanical Engineering, The Explorer's League, Beer, Animals
Dislikes: Dragonmaw Orcs, Dark Iron Dwarves, Salad
Hobbies: Hiking, Tinkering
Physical Features: Maznar is in many ways the proto-typical dwarf. Thick, bushy beard, long wirey hair, a plump nose and stocky build are all expected character traits. He most commonly wears green or blue mountaineer's mail with a cloak to match. Even his hatchet and mining pick are standard issue mountaineer's gear, though the climbing pick he uses is decidedly not dwarven. Of less angular construction and blue hue, the climbing pick is a relic of the Shattered Hand orcs. 
Special Abilities: Maznar's most important talent is his ability to craft runerounds: bullets that can be fired from a weapon that unload a magical effect. While he is by no means alone in his ability to construct and use runerounds, the rifle he uses to fire them keeps the expensive ammunition from drawing too much on his time and bank account. The ability to swap between mundane ammo and magical ammo means that he can save costs where necessary. Cliffgrove also has a speciality in dwarven engineering stemming from his time in the Second and Third War. 
Religion/Philosophy: Like many dwarves, Maznar believes in and defers in some ways to the Light spiritually, but the heart of his religion and philosophy lie in the Titans that spawned his people. Curious enough to work with the Explorer's League, if never brave enough to join them outright, Maznar has delved with them to the depths of Uldaman and Ulduar in search for answers about who his people are and where they come from. With those questions definitively answered, especially given the reports of his former liege lord, Magni, Maznar is now in a position of great understanding.
Positive Personality Traits: Maznar is a quick thinker, adaptive learner and loyal friend. Those that have earned his loyalty have done so for life, even if those that haven't may find him a bit abrasive. He is also, by admission, less of a leader himself and happier to be a supporting player on whatever team he's currently with. He wants to be the favorite student in the class, favorite soldier in the unit, the one relied on by commanders and strategists to deliver on those tactics and strategies. 
Negative Personality Traits: Maznar is quick to anger, overthinks problems, and holds long lasting grudges. Maznar is never the person to withold his opinion and when he's surrounded by others that don't value it is prone to just repeating himself over and over to see if he can browbeat them into submission. On top of this, those that have lost Maznar's trust have lost it for life. Even when he does express compassion and friendship, it's commonly with mutually assured insults. Finally, Maznar is haunted by some deep seated PTSD from his time serving during the Second War.
History: Born in the medium sized city of Dun Modr, Maznar Cliffgrove was one of many siblings in a large family of brewmasters and mistresses response for keeping the swampy settlement flowing in booze. Adventurous and inquisitive, Maznar and his brothers would hike the area, its mountains, its fens and even wrestle a few crocolisk into submission in their day. As Maznar reached into adolescence, he began to hone himself for the life of a mountaineer, patrolling the dwarven wetlands and keeping them safe. 

For quite a time, Maznar served in this role. Several pets came and went during his lifetime, a crocolisk, a bear, a wolf, a raptor. He saved up, nearly starving himself, so that he could go on far reaching vacations to Lordaeron in the North, Stormwind in the South, the Badlands, the Black Morass, Gilneas. He visited Tol Barad and Kul Tiras off the coast, every single one of the human kingdoms at least once. But he would always need to return to Dun Modr to make sure that his home and his family were safe. 

Like many, Maznar heard tale of the orcs in the south and thought them myth. He'd seen trolls before, even troll behemoths. It didn't worry him to think that some of them had made their own tribe somewhere in those swamps. But when the orcs devastated Stormwind and the surrounding countryside, that confidence quickly dispersed. Dun Modr, a tactically unwise move, was abandoned and evacuated into the protection of Ironforge itself. Though he had every intention of joining the battle, Cliffgrove and a large number of his people were too late. By the time their territory was liberated, the orcs had suffered a vicious defeat in Lordaeron and were retreating all the way to the Dark Portal. 

That time spent in Ironforge, however, introduced Maznar to the engineers of the city, and though he was viewed as a country bumpkin for the first few months, eventually his curious mind and inquisitive nature got the better of them. Maznar quit his post with the Mountaineers and instead joined the siege brigade. It was here that Maznar crafted the first iteration of his custom rifles, using the hard to craft, but effective rotating cylinder as the basis for a quick firing gun. 

When the Third War broke out, the Siege Brigade was brought to bear against the scourge for the first time and found good headway carving through the zombies, ghouls and necromancers of the Cult of the Damned. While Arthas was being corrupted in the North, Maznar was a tank gunner mowing down abominations and frost wyrms in their journey towards the center of the undead menace: Stratholme. 

As it turns out, that would be for naught. While the siege brigade was busy pushing deeper and deeper into Scourge controlled territory, Arthas returned and murdered his father, almost instantly shattering morale across the Alliance and sowing chaos in their military forces. As Arthas struck down Uther the Lightbringer, things only got worse. As the spearhead in the Alliance forces trying to retake Lordaeron, the siege brigade were swiftly cut off and surrounded on all side by the undead menace. Day by day, their tanks and numbers were being cut down as an inability to resupply and repair almost ended in doom. As Arthas' forces chased after them, the Dwarves sought refuge with the high elves, but were turned away lest Arthas' eye was turned on them. Luckily for Maznar and his crew, it was already. Doubling back, the siege brigade was forced to abandon their vehicles and try and trek through the eastern mountains to the safety of the Wildhammer's home of the Hinterlands. That trek, brutal and long, dogged by ghouls and abominations the entire way, would claim more than half the siege brigade. With no small part being played by Maznar's mountaineering skills, the dwarves were able to reach the Hinterlands and were, covered in wounds and bruises and frostbite, evacuated to Aerie Peak. 

In recovery, Maznar chose to remain with the siege brigade and helped upgrade their fleet of steam tanks into a more robust set of siege engines still in use today. He took a few moderate missions dealing with foes, but otherwise, remained in Ironforge and worked with the other engineers in preparation of another deployment on the scale of the Third War. That time would come again against the scourge, but this time in the icey reaches of Northrend. The Siege Brigade were deployed to the base of the Wrathgate with the forward forces of the Valiance Expedition, though, their hardy tanks and steam engines were mostly used as long range artillery rather than frontline combatants. While using his turrets to gun down flying scourge gargoyles, Maznar witnessed the events of the Wrathgate unfold to his horror. For the second time in his life, he and the siege brigade retreated in the face of the Scourge onslaught.

Shaken, Maznar immediately requested a transfer away from the front and was granted a guard detail alongside intrepid Explorer's League dwarves venturing deeper into Northrend. Almost as soon as Maznar found his way to the Explorer's League did he find more combat with Vrykul and Scourge. This time, however, Maznar was able to beat back his opponents with his upgraded rifle. Soon, the League would find itself fighting against the Iron Dwarves of Northrend, prosecuting conflicts in Thor Modan, and later, deeper into the Storm Peaks, culminating in the assault on Ulduar. Along the way, Maznar learned in a few short months than he did over years spent engineering. His dual cylindered rifle was first dreamt here, when pilfered runerounds caused Maznar and his colleagues to decode the creation of the magical ammunition. 

Ulduar was the time of Maznar's greatest success in battle, returning with the siege brigade to the gunner's seat of his steam engine, they fought along the Kirin Tor to liberate the temple from Yogg Saron's dark influence. As the explorer's league remained behind, Maznar and his new allies unlocked the secret of runerounds and forged their first batches in the fires of Ulduar's forges. Simultaneously, Maznar upgraded his rifle to the dual cylinder format, allowing him to switch between magical and mundane ammunition thereafter. 

With the war against the Lich King concluded, Maznar returned to Ironforge with a new confidence. He was more learned than ever, Tarhide was in the prime of his life, and Maznar was ready for more fighting. He wanted to assist in retaking Dun Modr. Unfortuantely, that wouldn't quite be possible. Even after re-enlisting with the Mountaineers, Maznar would later find that Modr was sacked by the Orcs and Dark Iron dwarves, virtually unusable even after its liberation. And even worse, he was kept in Khaz Modan rather than returned to the Wetlands. 

Years passed with Maznar doing everything that he could to find a way back to the Wetlands and his home, but little could be done. He took every odd assignment he could find, hoping that it would give him the good will to get back to Dun Modr, but was neglected at every turn. He did a tour with an Alliance airship in Deepholm, another at Lion's Landing in Pandaria. He joined up with Admiral Taylor's expeditionary force in the Spires of Arak, escaping a third brush with defeat and failure because he was captured and forced to fight in Shattered Hand fighting pits. But it was during the War against the Legion that Maznar finally caught his break. 

A new, diverse military force had been commissioned by Genn Greymane and turned into the Paramilitary force known as the Night Vanguard. Though they were based in Greenwarden's Grove and under the control of a sentinel, the Mountaineers of Ironforge wanted a liaison that they could rely on since the Wetlands was so close to dwarven territory. Maznar was the first to apply and qualified with flying colors. Since then, he's been working with the Vanguard in their operations all throughout the Wetlands, hoping that one day they'll be able to retake the ruins of his hometown for the dwarves once again. 

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