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Full Name: Lunk Lunk the Destroyer

Nicknames: Lunk for short

Birthday: 01 April, at least that's what he's told

Age: Don't ask

Race: Hobgoblin

Gender: Mook

Hair: Mook

Skin: Mook

Eyes: Mook

Height/Weight: Mook

Place of Residence: Razz's House

Place of Birth: Don't ask

Known Relatives: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Religion/Philosophy: Whatever Miss Razzy tells him

Occupation: Miss Razzy's Bodyguard/Protector of her house

Enemies: LONK

Likes: Pretty ladies (particularly Ketani Addison), his shows, bun huggers/underoos, Miss. Razzy

Dislikes: Lonk, when people are mean

Favourite Weapon: Zappy Stick, itchy stichy (itching powder)

Favourite Food: Floaty Sammich

Hobbies: Watching his shows, picking pretty flowers, and helping Miss Razzy

Positive Personality Traits: Unending positivity, always tries his best

Negative Personality Traits: Has the intelligence of a hobgoblin

Theme Song: Womp Womp, Wimp Wimp by Mook Quartet

History: Lunk work hard for Miss Razzy, write journal telling all  adventures! He try hard, do best job!

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Hearing Lunk's name mentioned caused Lonk to stomp his feet, and gnash his teeth. "Lonk Hate Lunk!" He yelled. "Why Lunk get all nice tings? Floaty sammich chose Lunk, and Lunk get to talk to pretty lady and get gold stars! WHY! It not fair!"

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