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Tonric Anthony Baur

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Full Name: Tonric Anthony Baur
Nicknames: 'Ric
Date of Birth: Spring, Ten years before the Dark Portal 
Age: 43
Race: Stormwind Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 195lbs
Place of residence: Ratchet
Place of Birth: Goldshire
Known Relatives: Johann Baur (Son), Geren Baur (Father), Arlebrand Baur (Brother), Catherine Baur (Sister), Marta Baur (Mother)
Languages:  Common, Dwarvish, Darnassian, Orcish, Thalassian
Occupation: Vigilante. Formerly Blacksmith, Military Officer, Knight
Group/Guild affiliation: None. Formerly the Honorborn, Night Vanguard, Brotherhood of the Sword, Templars of Dawnglade
Guild Rank: None.
Enemies: Mel, leader of the Black. Cairel, leader of the Flame. Margoz, leader of the Night Vanguard.
Favorite Foods: Lamb Chops and Collard Greens, Skullfish Soup, Fire Spirit Salmon
Favorite Drinks: Sweetened Goat's Milk, Cinnamon Tea
Favorite Colors: Red, Black
Weapons of Choice: Swords.
Likes: Teaching, Blacksmithing, Military Strategy, Killing
Dislikes: Secrecy, Deception, Criminal Activity, Magic
Hobbies: Fishing, Blacksmithing, Flying
Religion/Philosophy: Tonric has a complicated relationship with both religion and philosophy and has ever since the destruction wrought on his home by the Horde when he was a child. Religously, Tonric was brought up to see the Light's power, but balked when faith and the Light were utterly helpless to stop the devastation that turned his family into refugees. Even in the face of the militarization of the Light under Uther, Tonric always held a certain skepticism and contempt for the failure of the Light in the face of the evils of the Horde. Despite this skepticism, however, Tonric has always wished to return to the state of belief that helped define his childhood, going so far as to join a religious order and marry a paladin from Northshire Abbey. Philosophically, Tonric believes unwaveringly honesty, compassion, and courage are always superior to deception, apathy, and fear, often using 'honor' to denote these positive ideas and 'dishonor' to denote the negative ones. Ethically, he believes using the ends to justify the means to be dangerous and frequently the mark of an evil, destructive person. He is, however, narcissistic and hypocritical about both of these ideas, using dishonest tactics to accomplish honorable aims or ignoring the dishonor among those he likes or trusts. In the end, Tonric trusts in his own moral compass to determine right from wrong more than anything else, much preferring to live within his own moral confines than anyone else's.
Physical Features: Though he only officially found combat later in life, Tonric has been fighting for most of his life. As a child, he fought against bullies his age. As a teenager, he fought brigands trying to take advantage of Stormwind's fall. And for his entire adult life, he's been fighting to preserve order, accomplish good, earn a living, and/or everything in between. Because of that, Tonric bears the scars and physical damage of all of those altercations, and while for others these scars might be alluring or beautiful, for Tonric they have done nothing but erode whatever good looks he might have had. His eyes are sunken deep into his face, perpetually surrounded by dark circles. His cheeks are pocked and scarred from a vicious plague he suffered while killing a Death Knight. One of his lips is split, two sides never healing in the proper places. A thick, brutal scar extends down his chest and back where his left arm was almost lopped off by a rampaging criminal hitman. Speckled burn scars run up and across his right shoulder from an adolescent smithing mishap, while four of his fingers on his left hand were once lopped off and reattached in a street brawl. Tonric keeps his hair long, slicked back into a pony tail and his beard short and choppy, covering up as much of the damage to his face as he possibly can. His build is sinewy muscle, especially in his upper body.
Special Abilities: Tonric himself has no magical abilities whatsoever. He cannot cast even the easiest cantrip or connect with the most talkative spirit. But he is an exceptional smith and defines himself by the arms and armor he carries into battle. During his war against the Lich King, Tonric and two of his other smith friends devised a metallurgical process that created a special opal-like piece of metal called a Titan Core, which had the ability to store not just vast amounts of magical power, but also very intricate and complex magical power. Forging Titan Cores into his weapons and armor and partnering with a uniquely skilled enchanter, Tonric was able to create special swords and plate that could change their enchantments at will with a command word, giving him the flexibility to switch from a flaming to a shocking enchantment with just a word. With these possessions, Tonric is able to go toe to toe with powerful enemies with innate magical abilities. 
Positive Personality Traits: Tonric is honorable, loyal, intrepid and determined. He is a natural leader, inspiring and confident even in the face of grave danger. Tonric tends to attract people to him because of his dogged pursuit of righteousness and justice in a world that doesn't always provide those for people. And because his conception of justice and injustice are so clear and he invests so heavily in them, there's a certain hope to working with Tonric. When he's accomplishing his goals, because he believes so fervently that they are good, it's easy to agree with him and help him accomplish that task because they do feel so righteous. He also avoids the failings of typical honorable knights, readily seeing through lies and feints for the truth at the heart of them. He thinks outside of the box to solve problems strategically, matches opponents' cunning and clever strategies with his own. Tonric has an easy time thinking on his feet, never panics under pressure and always has a plan to accomplish his goals.
Negative Personality Traits: There is a subtle but insidious narcissism and stubbornness to Tonric that underlies the heart of his righteousness and conviction. Tonric's dogged pursuit of right and wrong does not rely, as other belief systems do, on any code or standard of ethics. A paladin may be self righteous about the Light or a druid about nature, but Tonric is self righteous about himself, since the source of his beliefs is entirely his own perspective and outlook on the world. Frequently, this can lead to Tonric behaving hypocritically when he cannot separate his personal goals and his personal belief structure. In addition to this, Tonric's unwavering convictions read as stubbornness to anyone that isn't precisely aligned with his beliefs. While he has a limited willingness to compromise for the sake of his friends and allies, he has repeatedly chosen self-destruction over compromise with his enemies, more willing to remain honorable according to his code than perform as a commander, friend or even family member at times. Additionally, Tonric is driven by his own feelings of challenge and competence. To some, the way he approaches killing borders on psychotic. He enjoys the challenge of killing someone and the feeling of competence that killing someone brings, with the only thing standing in the way of his doing either of those things being his own personal ethics and convictions.
Misc. Quirks: Tonric doesn't drink, disliking altering his state of consciousness. 
History: Tonric was born ten years before the Dark Portal opened to Geren and Marta Baur in Goldshire. A miner, Geren was a member of the local militia and dealt with bandits or trolls from time to time, but spent most of his time earning a living for his four children. Geren was not absent, but Marta primarily reared the children, the both of them hoping that their children could find lives doing something more than manual labor in the mines around Elwynn Forest. As a child, Tonric enjoyed spending time with the clerics of Northshire Abbey, attending classes for young ones on the nature of the Light and its teachings. Even in that schoolyard, Tonric had a tense aversion to bullies and frequently got into scuffles to protect those in the community that he thought were being harassed. 

Unfortunately, when he was ten years old, the Horde launched its invasion of Azeroth. Geren and Marta were among the first to flee their homes behind the walls of Stormwind for safety. While Geren wanted to serve, he was convinced by his wife not to form up with the rest of the militia and instead the family focused on themselves and their wellbeing. This would prove fortunate, as the Goldshire Militia were next to obliterated outside of their town, and Geren would be able to remain with his family. When Llane Wrynn was killed by Garona, Geren and Marta sheperded their four children into the ships heading North for Lordaeron, though an outbreak of pox would lead to the death of their baby, Johann, along the way. 

Tonric and his family landed and lived in Southshore for the duration of the Second War, Geren working in the Azurelode Mine while his sons apprenticed with local craftsmen. Catherine, having passed the Kirin Tor's magical aptitude exams, was inducted into their mage academy and moved to Dalaran to study magic, remaining with the Kirin Tor even after the end of the Second War and the family's return to Stormwind. 

Like many refugees, the Baur family returned to a devastated Stormwind and Goldshire, with little to rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, they would do so without their father. When news of enlistment with the Alliance Expedition came, Geren eagerly signed up to join Turalyon's forces beyond the Dark Portal. He had shirked his duties in the First War and didn't want to do so for the Second. While Marta was brutally betrayed, Arlebrand and Tonric, at this point both teenagers and almost adults, understood and saw their father off to another world. The Dark Portal would close and they wouldn't see him again for more than twenty years. 

In the meantime, Tonric and Arlebrand became part of the team of craftsmen that rebuilt first Goldshire and eventually Northshire Abbey, Tonric as a smith, Arlebrand as a carpenter. Returning to the Abbey of his youth, Tonric fell in love with a young acolyte named Belaryn, peaceful and caring, brave and self-assured. In Tonric, Belaryn brought out the desire to truly accomplish 'good' on Azeroth, though, he found his own lens to do it through. In Belaryn, Tonric instilled a fierce willpower, encouraging her to pick up a mace and train as a paladin rather than a priest. 

Underneath it all, however, Tonric had picked up a fitting will to fight. When word reached him that criminal fighting rings were popping up all over Elwynn Forest, Tonric forged a pair of swords to go fight in secret. He lost, quite a bit. His swords, forged light and fast for the sons of lords, were like carrying sticks in his hands rather than the devastating weapons that could take advantage of his smithing muscles. So, he made himself a second set of weapons. Then, a third. Finally, a fourth, graduating from bastard swords to practical greatswords in either hand. Combining his greatswords with an instinctive fighting style, he won matches all across the southern kingdoms, eventually ending up dethroning a champion troll headhunter in Booty Bay when he was in his twenties. Belaryn's healing abilities grew, patching him up between fights, healing his scars, even after they married. Tonric continued fighting even after his young son, Johann was born. As he got older, however, and the damage he was dealt became more brutal, Tonric abrutly retired when Belaryn refused to heal him any further. 

Tonric stayed out of the Third War, content to rebuild his home and avoid zombies and orc rebellions and the other terrors that were unleashed on Lordaeron, but when Belaryn was deployed with some of the first missions to diplomatically meet the kaldorei in Kalimdor, Tonric and Johann followed along. Tonric would eventually join with the Alliance Corps of Engineers, smithing for them as the Alliance established outposts and presences in the fight to claim territory against the Horde. He enjoyed his days smithing with the army, learning from some especially wise men and making friends with quite a few officers, but Tonric left them and his family abruptly: the Dark Portal had reopened. 

Determined to see his father again, Tonric bid farewell to his family and journeyed across the Dark Portal to Honor Hold, where he found his father, Geren, twenty years older, but still alive as a corporal in their fighting force. With his own military background and his father's influence, Tonric was able to enlist with Honor Hold and spent a year working with a special relations team of theirs, reaching out to factions on Outland on behalf of the Alliance. Tonric would earn the rank of Captain for this effort when he returned as the sole survivor of a mission to the Mag'har and had to rebuild his team as its new leader. 

Leadership would prove a good fit for Tonric as the war with the Scourge birthed the Valiance Expedition. Brought on as a Captain there, too, Tonric and his team performed the same task, only this time with the Kalu'ak and Argent Crusade rather than Sha'tari and Kurenai. Still, his time away from his family had taken a toll. Though Tonric could afford to give Johann the all the training and schooling the boy could want, he spent precious little time with either his wife or his son, doggedly focused on his work for the Valiance. Soon, that work would pay off, Tonric getting knighted as a knight-captain of the Brotherhood of the Sword, a Knightly order dedicated to the execution of escaped criminals and particularly powerful foes. 

Tonric's Knighthood turned him into something of a law enforcement officer as well as a military commander, a role he would end up playing on the front in the Southern Barrens. There, he imported as many of the friends and allies as he had found to try and win the unwinnable stalemate of Fort Triumph vs Desolation Hold, a question that ended up being moot when Garrosh Hellscream marched an army for Theramore. Explicitly disobeying his orders to evacuate to Theramore on the word of his intelligence operator, Tonric evacuated his people North to elven lands rather than to the doomed city. While this would save his life and the lives of hundreds of others, it would also leave Tonric with a charge of insubordination hovering over his head. He was stripped of his rank pending those charges.

Pandaria was discovered in the meantime, and Tonric had his knights work diplomatic missions with the natives, looking to establish strong ties with them. He made more friends, more enemies, carried the weight of his loss of rank with dignity. And despite the good that Tonric was able to accomplish with his knighthood, he was eventually brought to a military tribunal for his insubordination charges. For an entire year, Tonric and the tribunal went back and forth. Had he saved lives? Had he recklessly disobeyed orders? Why did he trust a secret intelligence operative he refused to name? In the end, Tonric's stubbornness caught up with him. On the outbreak of the war with the Legion, he was dishonorably discharged with a commuted sentence. He lost his knighthood. Had a criminal record. And on top of all of this, Belaryn divorced him for barely being home since he'd first stepped through the Dark Portal. 

Tonric frustratingly sat out the war with the Legion, working with an old sentinel friend to curtail Legion threats to kaldorei territory in Ashenvale. He would eventually start his own mercenary special ops team, the Honorborn, and bind them to the Night Vanguard in an attempt to gain notoriety by going to Argus and winning some renoun. He would fail at that.

Though he successfully participated in some activities with the Vanguard, he would eventually learn from Johann that Belaryn had gone MIA after the Legion was defeated and the portals closed. Convincing the Vanguard to launch a daring rescue operation, they were able to locate his ex-wife, as well as dozens of other survivors to be evacuated from the planet. That evacuation was not a complete success, as nine members including his adopted daughter and best friend were lost on the planet, leading to Tonric angrily clashing with the Vanguard's Commander and resigning his post. 

Today, Tonric lives in Ratchet, following his undying ethics to pursue justice alone and unsanctioned. He holds no rank, no knighthood, not even his old mercenary command. But he would bring justice to the world, even if he died trying.

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