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[A] Magic Protection Service

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The mission statement of the Magic Protection Service is “To observe, inform, and secure the study of magic for the benefit of all.”

Magic is tool, and like all tools it must be used responsibly. The MPS exists to secure the use of magic so that all may coexist.

The MPS is not an enemy of magic. The founding member of the Service is renowned mage, Fjalla Gladstone, who has seen the magical society grow and adapt much over her seventy years. She has seen magic used and abused aimed at both the protection and destruction of life throughout Azeroth and beyond. Gladstone and her associates strive to encourage protection and discourage destruction, while keeping the magical community thriving.

Similarly, the Service takes responsibility for the abuse of non-magical people by magic users. Rogue mages presenting a danger to society are not tolerated by the MPS.

The MPS recruits from all walks of life. Be you mage or layperson, you can provide to the Service, and provide to Azeroth.

Join, and Serve.
((Feel free to contact me by personal message here, on Discord at RikTheRed21#0639, or in game at Fjalla-Ravenholdt if you are interested in joining.))


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