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Full Name: Lanette Wetwhistle

 Date of Birth: September 4

 Age: 32

 Race: Goblin, Formerly Steamwheedle Cartel

 Gender: Female

 Hair: Cyan, shoulder-length

 Eyes: Blue

 Height: 3 feet

Weight: 40 lbs

Place of residence: Dragonsroost Port

Place of Birth: Booty Bay

Known Relatives: Not among the living

Religion/Philosophy: Money

Occupation: Goblin Engineer, Pet Tamer, Sailor, Gun for Hire

Group/Guild affiliation: Borrowed Time

Enemies: Bloodsail Buccaneers, Southsea Freebooters, any and all slavers, some warlocks, the naga, the Venture Company

Likes: The smell of the sea, animals, sleeping under the stars, tinkering, the tropics, photography

Dislikes: Snow, ice, the color white, Northrend, snow cones, and ice cream

Favorite Foods: Pineapple

Favorite Drinks: Piña colada

Favorite Colors: Teal, Brown

Weapons of Choice: Rifles, Grenades, Rockets, Traps, Tasers, Knives

Physical Features:  Angular facial features. Sharp eyes. Messy hair tied up with skull-pattern pendants.

Special Abilities: Wild imagination. Can put together workable contraptions quickly and with limited supplies. Can tame just about any beast, given enough time and resources. Trained in wilderness survival, specialized in tropical jungles. A spirited climber and excellent swimmer.

Positive Personality Traits: Open-minded and logical. Easygoing. Can keep a secret.

Negative Personality Traits: Aloof, disinterested. A natural liar. Lacking in social graces.

Misc. Quirks: Loves to spend as much time around the water as possible. Seems to hate everything cold and related to ice or snow. Paints all her gear bright and tropical colors. Photographs everything.

MusicEscape -- Rupert Holmes


She spent her early life growing up in Booty Bay with her parents, both fishers. Pirates raided the bay and killed her parents. She was taken as a slave and sold to a plantation, where a warlock stripped away her ability to think for herself. A hero saved her and the other slaves from the plantation and gave them kaja kola, which restored their minds slowly. She still relies on the kola to keep her mind from being addled, since she was brainwashed from such a young age.

Reliance on kaja kola has made her brain move twice normal speed. She’s able to hold a conversation while also rapidly coming up with complex plans in her mind. This makes her a natural improvisor, and made her a natural engineer.

After the hero dropped her off back at her home, she felt lost and out of place. She got a sailing job with the cartel, but disliked all the rules and structure. Eventually, she left the cartel in pursuit of her own self-image. Though she is still looking, she has managed to gather numerous skills she enjoys practicing, including pet taming, hunting, survival skills, photography, and exploring. Nowadays, she drifts between jobs. In fact, she heard of a really nice job, just the other day. Something about a mercenary company in the Twilight Highlands…


Lanette Chibi.png

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