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The House is an RP event that will take place entirely in Discord.  All Horde and Alliance roleplayers on TN/RH are welcome.   There will be contestants and audience.  There will be chances for the audience to participate and help guide the challenges for the contestants.   The main goal of this event is to put your character into a setting with other characters they might not normally interact with, for some fun RP!

More information about the house, including screenshots and descriptions of each room are on the Discord server.   Applications are due by midnight on Sunday, June 3, and may be submitted on the Discord server in the Applications channel.

Discord link:



1.    This event is open to all Horde and Alliance RPers on Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt.

2.    This event will take place entirely in the Discord server, Razz’s House.  However, any gold prizes earned will be sent through in-game mail.

3.    You may apply on as many characters as you want.  Please list your main to ensure only ONE of your characters is selected.    There is a non-refundable application fee of 1000g per character.  This money will ALL go in the prize pot, along with enough of my own gold to make 100,000g, to be distributed to the winners at the end of the game.

4.    Most of the “game” will be freeform RP in the House.  The main goal of this event is to give people a chance to RP together whose characters would normally not interact with each other.

5.    There will be occasional IC challenges.  The day and time of the challenges will vary, to give opportunity for everyone to participate.  The challenges will take place in Discord, but will start and complete within set time frame, so participants will be expected to be able to be active and attentive during it.  Winners of the challenges may be determined by dice rolls, contestant votes, audience votes, or possibly other means.  Winners will receive points and/or some other meaningful award.

6.    IC, applications have been left in all major taverns, along with anonymous nominations.  If you want to participate, but your character wouldn’t apply to something like this, you can say someone nominated him anonymously.

7.    The contestants will NOT be all from one race or one guild.   Such balancing will be kept in mind as contestants are selected to ensure variety in the household population.

8.    Each contestant will earn points through various challenges, voting opportunities in the House, voting opportunities by the audience, and whenever Razz feels like giving out points.

9.    Hobgoblins/mooks will be employed to keep the peace within the House and grounds.  While they won’t interfere with scuffles and small fights, anyone fighting with deadly intent will be thrown in the dungeon.  Please respect their authority in the House, and if your character does get violent, play along with getting arrested.  Your character may remain locked up for a couple days, lose some points, or receive some other punishment agreed upon OOC.  Repeated offenses may get them banned from the House.

10. If you are interested in participating in The House, please see the #applications channel.

11.  All House RP rooms are "open" meaning anyone in the house can enter and join in the RP there at any time.  Bedrooms might be an exception depending on the RP.  (Please do NOT RP any NSFW content in this server.)




Anyone who does not have a character in the House can participate in special Audience events.  These may include voting on winners of events and other issues, being a special guest star in the House for a short period of time.  Suggestions for events, and even running an event may also be options for audience members.

Audience members may also RP as mooks if they choose.  (See below.)

Anyone in the Discord server who is not a contestant will be given the Audience role.


ANYONE may play a mook at any time if one is needed to break up a fight, except the people involved in that particular fight.  The mooks will only break up fights that look deadly in nature.  They may lock the offender(s) up in the cells.   They are not very bright, but they are large and well armed with various weapons, nets, handcuffs, stunrays, etc.  They may also step in if someone is trying to cause harm/theft to the House or to Razz, or other very serious infractions.

Players are expected to play along with any mook attempting to restrain them.  RPing resistance is allowed, as long as the player allows the mook to "win" in subduing the character.


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  • 2 months later...

SIXTY DAYS later.....  The House event is finally over.

Some highlights from the show:

  • A band of murloc pirates who took over the pirate ship playhouse in the back yard, followed by fish fillet sandwiches the next day.
  • A kraken with frikkin' lasers.
  • Peachicks
  • Shower stabbing
  • Women in bikinis
  • Piranha pond
  • Outcasts
  • Interviews
  • The audience
  • Mind-wiping
  • Fights and Romance
  • The coffin, truth serum, fish broth, lava floors, itching powder
  • Spa Day
  • Bun huggers for buns and hot dogs
  • Lunk, Lonk, Lank, Ponk, Cronk, Wonk, and Bob
  • Fireworks exploding the house after the final awards ceremony, mysteriously at the same time other fires started elsewhere in the house and throughout the grounds


The challenges:

  • What's In the Box guessing game won by Nokh and Bor'ghul
  • Drunken Obstacle Course won by team of Nokh, Megeda, Bor'ghul, T'suro
  • Talent Show won by Shaelie for individual and team of Nokh, Megeda, Bor'ghul, T'suro
  • Pool Chicken Fights - several won points for this one
  • Trivia Contest won by Myaka
  • Riddles won by Ketani
  • Foam Sword Balloon Popping won by Soren
  • Cooking Contest won by Myaka

The big winner of the trophy and 100,000 gold is......

Ketani Addison of Twilight Empire!


The Bilgewater Cartel Entertainment Division would like to thank the other contestants as well:

  • Draquesha and Soren Bearcharger
  • Nokh Deadeye and Mythiis
  • Myaka Winterborne
  • Kirsune  Aedious and Mardalius Anterius
  • Niala Moonthorn
  • Aruku Hitowa
  • Hayleigh Davenport, Tynalie and Shaelie Brightwing
  • Megeda Dustrunner
  • Sanjay
  • Aaren Anastasis
  • Bor'ghul Flamespeaker
  • T'suro Sunspear
  • Murue Azurehammer
  • Asteray Yu'una
  • Syreena Shadowblade


And now, we leave you with this final thought......


((Thank you to everyone who participated!  ❤️  ))

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This was an incredible RP experience, and resulted in some pretty big changes and character development for Shaelie. 

For one, she got the opportunity to apologize to Myaka and Ketani of Twilight Empire for wronging them in the past. It gave her a chance to make amends and form new friendships with people- including members of the Alliance, that she might not have ever gotten to meet before. 

She also was able to officially reclaim her original name and identity of Nika Davies, which was very important to her. 

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