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Brudicus Anterius, Lord Former of Strahnbrad

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Brudicus Anterius

Lord Former of Strahnbrad

Full Name: Brudicus Gaius Anterius
Date of Birth: Born in the winter of the year five hundred and fifty four, by the King’s Calendar.
Age: Died at fifty nine and stopped counting. Is currently seventy.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Skin: White
Eyes: Icy Blue
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220lbs (unarmored)
Place of residence: Greenwarden’s Grove
Place of Birth: Strahnbrad, Lordaeron
Known Relatives: Margoz Anterius (Son), Sirius Anterius (Son, Deceased), Mardalius Anterius (Grandson), Justica Anterius (Niece), Galus Anterius (Brother, Deceased?)
Occupation: Master of Arms, Night Vanguard; Master Blacksmith; Death Knight
Group/Guild affiliation: Night Vanguard, House Anterius
Guild Rank: Second in Command
Enemies: Kurellian Crescentsong
Likes: Solitude, reading, directness
Favorite Foods: Brudicus does not eat.
Favorite Drinks: Brudicus does not drink.
Favorite Colors: Silver, blue, and purple.
Weapons of Choice: A large, two handed runemace.
Dislikes: Political games, poor leaders, and inefficiency.
Hobbies: Smithing, reading, and sparring.
Physical Features: Muscular, covered with scars, and wearing a goatee.
Special Abilities: Standard Death Knight abilities coupled with a mastery of many martial weapons.
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, intelligent, and dauntless.
Negative Personality Traits: Cold, emotionally numb, and sometimes cruel.
Misc. Quirks: Brudicus avoids conjunctions at all costs.
Played by What Famous Person: Stephen Lang
Theme Songs: I Want Out - Helloween

Brudicus’ early childhood was uneventful. He was educated by tutors paid by his father and recieved an exceptional education in tactics, statecraft, and eventually, weaponry. His younger brother, Galus, was born when he was five years old, his mother dying in childbirth. Shortly after, his father’s demands for perfection translated to abuse, and Brudicus was brutally whipped and beaten for any failure, perceived or otherwise. When his father drove the family into debt and near destruction, Brudicus took up smithing and proved to have a natural talent for the craft. His father, overjoyed at the prospect of not losing his manor and power, stole the money Brudicus had made to continue fueling his gambling and alcohol addictions. When Brudicus found out, he was furious, but contained himself, resolving to deal with his father at the first opportunity. That opportunity came when Brudicus was seventeen, when a travelling alchemist stopped in Strahnbrad. Brudicus purchased a sinister poison, which he fed to his father in a stew. His father died painfully in his bed that night, and was greatly mourned by the townspeople of Strahnbrad, as his public face was the opposite of what his family saw. Brudicus was applauded by the townsfolk for his strength in the face of such a tragedy, but in truth, he was filled with turmoil.

This turmoil was carried with him through the years as he worked less and less at his now highly successful smithy, where his brother Galus had taken to management and hired on several Dwarven artisans to keep up with the influx of orders. Brudicus was forced to step to the forefront of his family, attending court functions and making allies. He was known as a rogue and a womanizer in the court of Lordaeron, renowned for his prowess with the sword as well as his ability to bandy words. After a period of living with wild abandon, he met the woman who would become his wife, who eventually bore him two sons, Sirius, the elder, and Margoz, the younger.

Brudicus’ life then settled, becoming the familiar routine of a nobleman overseeing his town and raising his family. It was broken only by the First and Second Wars, where he led his personal armsmen in the vanguard of the King’s armies. Brudicus met his fate in the Third War, dying in the defense of his home, Strahnbrad, before being raised as a death knight. His time as a member of the Scourge was standard, as he was used as a shock troop alongside many of his death knight brethren.

After the Death Knights were freed, Brudicus threw himself into working with the Ebon Blade, not taking outside work until the Draenor campaign came about. In the intervening time, Brudicus learned of the death of his eldest son on Outland and that of his wife shortly after. His time spent under the dominion of the Lich King had dulled his emotions, and he was mostly unaffected by this news, or even that of the passing of his brother in Gilneas. Seeking purpose, he took a posting to the Jade Lion, under Captain Zhi Fa. However, the Navy under Captain Fa, who Brudicus viewed as a very “hands off” captain and leader, did not provide the direction Brudicus sought, and he turned to the Void, seeking a return to the comfortable dominion he knew under Arthas. He spent several months in thrall to it, eventually attempting to murder his family and new captain, Danariel Bishara. After a lengthy purging by the Light by the good priests of the Cathedral of the Holy Light in Stormwind, an excruciating process for his undead body, he found himself freed and followed Margoz into working Alliance Black Operations, handling contracts the crown could not publicly acknowledge or risk SI:7 being exposed performing.

Following the dissolution of their black operations outfit, Brudicus followed Margoz and Mardalius in the formation of the Night Vanguard, under the command of their longtime ally Sorel Crescentsong. Brudicus served as Master of Arms, while Margoz served as Second to Sorel. After a falling out over several command decisions, Margoz left the Vanguard and Brudicus was elevated to Second, a position he holds to this day.

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