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Full Name: Mariz
Date of Birth:  Unknown
Age:  Around 17
Race:  Darkspear Troll
Gender:  Female
Hair:  White
Skin: Light Blue
Eyes:  Amber
Height: 7’
Weight: 180 lb
Place of residence:  Dalaran
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives:  Unknown
Occupation:  Waitress at the Wyvern’s Tail Cantina
Group/Guild affiliation:  Sanctuary
Guild Rank:  Initiate.  Apprentice to Mardalius Anterius
Enemies:  None currently
Weapons of Choice:  Frost spells
Hobbies:  Learning new spells, exploring new lands, meeting new people

Physical Features:  Mariz is average height for a troll.  She’s not skinny, but she is on the slender side.  She has short white hair that tends to get a bit spikey in the back, and in the front, her long bangs cover nearly half her face on one side.  She has light blue skin, with a scar on her upper right arm in the shape of a Horde symbol.  Several gold rings adorn her ears, and she wears too much dark makeup around her eyes.  She usually carries a small book with her wherever she goes.

Positive Personality Traits:  Mariz is generally easygoing and usually eager to please those she cares for or looks up to.  She’s usually neat and tidy.
Negative Personality Traits:  She easily loses track of time when she’s absorbed in something that interests her, sometimes forgetting to show up for previous commitments.  She is inexperienced in the dangers of the world, so she doesn’t always take proper precautions in situations.  

Misc. Quirks:  She sometimes taps her tusks with her tongue when she’s thinking hard.  She often smirks or rolls her eyes when she’s lying, but she isn’t always lying when she smirks or rolls her eyes.  She often acts tough to hide her nervousness when faced with authority if she thinks she might be in trouble.  

Played by What Famous Person: Gigi Edgley (Farscape’s Chianna)
Theme Songs:  ???


Mariz grew up in the Orgrimmar orphanage.  Some adventurers found her as a young girl in the Alliance occupied Northwatch Hold. When inquiries were made on her behalf at Sen’jin Village, nobody there knew who she might be. At the orphanage, she helped with chores as most of the kids there did, and as she grew, she helped take care of the younger ones.  She was often in trouble for things like missing curfew, running away, and once for accidentally setting a bed on fire while trying to learn a new spell.  

Around the time of the defeat of the Legion, Mariz met Tahzani and started working for him at the Wyvern’s Tail.  Shortly after that, she joined Sanctuary and was assigned to a more experienced mage for training.



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" By de time ah was Mariz's age ah was already fightin' fah my village, doin' stupid tings dat ah would regret latah. By comparison, sneakin' outta de orphanage just cause she tired a walkin' de drag be... It be downright adorable." Tahzani folds his arms across the bar and leans against it with a troubled expression. " Ah helped her out, gave her a job ta learn a bit of responsibility, earn a little money an' get de matron off her back so she can do what she really wants ta do, explore. But even seein' her be like a slap in de face. Since we settled in dese lands an' entire generation grown to adulthood. A generation raised in a mixed populace, a generation apaht from tradition an' family. Ah been helpin' Mariz as ah can... An' prayin' she lets me continue ta do so. Let me know dat de world in good hands... Bettah hands den de ones dat shaped what she inheritin'. Still, she a smaht kid. Smaht enough ta disobey an' learn."

He grins wryly. " Ah got high hopes fah her... An' hopin' ah can keep mah fat mouth shut ta not drag her down."

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