Allycia Amouria (A)

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Full name: Allycia Amoura

Age: 265

Date of Birth: November 17th

Race: Quel'Dorei (Now Ren'Dorei)

Gender (SEX): Female

Hair: Brown with some blonde throughout (Blue)

Skin color: White

Eyes: Fel Green (Blue)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 120lbs

Place of Residence: Quel'Thalas (Now Stormwind)

Known Relatives: Alrindra Amouria

Birthplace: Quel'Thalas

Languages: Common, Thalassian

Occupation: Mage, Priest (somewhat), ambassador

Likes: Arcane Magic, children, wine

Dislikes: Overly violent people, spicy food

Favorite Food: Human Style Food (Mainly mexican style food for reference)

Favorite Drink: Wine

Positive Personality Traits: Optimisitc, loving, and trusting

Negative Personality Traits: Too optimistic (almost to a fault), too loving, and too trusting

Hobbies: Wine making, learning new magic, reading, and writing

Weapon of Choice: None she uses magic

Special abilities: arcane, frost and fire magic

Physical description: 
Ally is rather normal for any Sin'Dorei, with the fel green eyes and the rather paler skin. After the transformation her skin became white almost blue, with a lighter blue hair and her eyes turned a bright blue.

Allycia Sundawn was born a noble in Quel'Thalas by a wine making family that owned a vineyard. They, like most Quel'Dorei people, loved arcane magic. As a result Ally grew up learning arcane magic. While she didn't exactly hate it, she always truly wanted to heal, as fighting was never really a passion of hers, and most magic she learned was offensive magic. As the oldest of her siblings Ally's duty was also to help assist and raise her sisters. She was... rather bad at this whole task, but did try her best. The duty eventually passed on to her sister Alrindra, who did a much better job at it then Ally ever did.

Following Arthas's attack on the sunwell... began a terrible time in Ally's life. Not only was most of her family murdered in the onslaught, but her precious arcane magic was lost to her. The withdrawls were terrible and almost overwhelming for her. The instant something else came up for them to use she immediatly jumped on the opportunity. Something she would regret later down the road. The fel magic did indeed twist her lightly for a time, but feeding her addiction was worth it for her at the time.

When the Quel'Dorei became the Sin'Dorei Ally was completely on board with such a decision. The name change felt natural to her, and Kael'Thas seemed like a noble and perfect leader. Finding a new resource for them to feed upon, building the Blood Knight Order, and even trying to keep ties with the Alliance. It felt like the right thing. For a few years Ally even got to live in Stormwind, and enjoyed living with a human family that made wine. She shared her old families recipies with them, and trully enjoyed her time with them. Even her racist sister grew to love the family. It's where they adopted their last name Amouria afterall.

Then they joined the Horde. A decisions she felt so completely uneasy about. Sure it was necissary for their survive, but it didn't hurt any less. The Alliance was her home, her family, and she couldn't just dismiss those feelings and now she was forced to leave them all behind. It was a hard choice for her, but she knew that without the Horde... her people would of died. It broke her heart, but they needed the help.

In the following years Ally spent most of her time in isolation, as she couldn't really stand how she felt, and how much pain she was in. She helped destroy world ending threats sure, but after words she would return to their old families home. 

Now she finally has come out of that stupor and has made new friends within the Alliance and Horde respectivly. A new family to call her own.

Not too long afterwords though, a new option appeared, a third option. To become a void elf. She could leave the Horde and re-join her human family. Ally jumped at the chance and took that third option. 

Edited by Allycia
She became a Ren'Dorei!

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"She seems nice, based on the I think once I've talked to her? Maybe way too innocent for her own good to be around some people, but very nice."

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"Allycia is an... interesting sort." Sorel huffs. "She basically forced her way into the Vanguard, and given how devoted she claims to be to the Alliance, I felt compelled to let her stay, despite being a full-blooded Thalassian." His eyes narrow a bit. "That said, she doesn't seem like the kind who will ever waver, so we will see how that goes.

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