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Calrin "Cally" Bolfrey (A)

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Full name: Calrin Bolfrey

Age: 23

Date of Birth: May 6

Race: Worgen (Gilnean)

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Skin color: White

Eyes: Emerald (Sky blue Worgen form)

Height: 5'10" (7'2" Worgen form upright, 6'5" hunched)

Weight: 170 (215 Worgen form)

Place of Residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms

Known Relatives: Henry Bolfrey (Father, deceased), Olivia Bolfrey (Mother, human)

Birthplace: Stormglen Village, Gilneas, Eastern Kingdoms

Languages: Common, Darnassian (learning), Taura'he, Zandali (learning)

Occupation: Doctor

Likes: Fruity-tasting treats and drinks, children

Dislikes: Undead, feral worgen, people dying on his watch

Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite Drink: Lemonade

Positive Personality Traits: Cheerful, hard working, easy to talk to

Negative Personality Traits: Scares easily, poor emotional control

Hobbies: Hearthstone (the game), reading, flying

Weapon of Choice: A simple druidic staff, the head looks like a pine cone.

Special abilities: drudic ability to use nature for healing purposes, a deep knowledge of medicine.

Physical description:

Calrin doesn't look like someone who'd stand out much in a crowd. In human form, he stands at a standard height, and he ties his medium-length brown hair into a ponytail. He inherited his light skin, hair color, and thin figure from his mother, while his eyes are the exact, crisp green color as his fathers'. His worgen form's fur is a light gray, and his eyes turn an icy blue.


Calrin was born after the wall went up, in the coastal village of Stormglen along the southern edge of the peninsula, and he spent his days with his best friends, who gave him the nickname "Cally", which Calrin only allows certain people to use to this day. His mother, Olivia, was originally born in Strahnbrad, whereas his father Henrey was a Second War veteran, serving as a Rifleman in the Gilneas military. After the war and wall, Henry and Olivia decided to follow in her parents' footsteps, and open a medical practice out of their home, which made it convenient for when Calrin was born.

When he became a teenager, Calrin actively started to help his parents out with their patients. By this point, the name "Bolfrey" had become synonymous with the best healthcare south of the city, which made young Calrin beam with pride. To further help out, Calrin looked into magic, originally trying to learn the Light like his mother Olivia. After some initial training, he didn't take to it, turning towards the harvest witches instead. This turned out to be a perfect fit for Calrin, and he learned all about how to heal through nature.

The good life did not last much longer. One day, there was a massive attack on Stormglen by a pack of feral, wolf-like creatures. Henry, Calrin's father, was bitten and tended to his wounds, then went back to help Olivia and Calrin tend to the other wounded. After a few hours, Henry doubled over in pain and turned into one of those same creatures right before his family's eyes! The now feral beast lashed out, biting Calrin on his shoulder before Gilnean soldiers burst down the door and managed to kill Henry. Realizing that he would turn too, and not wanting to die, Calrin agreed to let his mother bind him until a cure could be found. The Night Elves were able to restore Calrin to sanity, and he was amazed by their druidic power.

After leaving Gilneas, Calrin grew into adulthood living with his mother, now in Stormwind, before leaving to learn more about Druidism. He was worried about joining the Circle for a long while, working on his own. During this time, he found himself on the Jade Lion, finally earning his official medical license from Alliance Command, allowing him to become their medical officer. He left the ship when he decided to accept the Cenarian Circle's invitation, learning traditional druidism from a Tauren teacher, who taught him Taura'he as well. After completing his basic training, Calrin was allowed to return to his previous life... but as before, he followed Margoz Anterius, a man the same age his dead father Henry would have been, wherever he went, eventually joining the Night Vanguard Margoz helped to form with his former shipmate, Sorel Crescentsong.


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"Ah, Calrin. The one person outside of my family and within the Alliance who was decent to me. We bumped heads a few times, but who doesn't? He talks a lot, but I don't mind it too much. Very energetic and excitable. Good healer, too, but he's got a bit of an ego about being officially recognized as a doctor at such a young age." Mardalius shrugged, taking a sip of his wine before continuing. "I suppose he's earned it, though."

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