T'suro Sunspear (H)

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Full name: T'suro Sunspear

Age: 32

Date of Birth: April 10

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Auburn

Skin color: White-pink

Eyes: Emerald

Height: 6'4"

Weight: "205" (130 normally)

Place of Residence: Sanctuary Guild Hall, Dalaran

Known Relatives: Quen'tyn & Rolaana Sunspear (Parents, deceased), Le'sara Sunspear (Sister, Blood Elf)

Birthplace: Tranquillian, Ghostlands

Languages: Orcish, Thalassian, Common

Occupation: Blood Knight, smith

Likes: camaraderie, honesty, working for respect

Dislikes: Undead, the Legion, racism, unchecked aggression, night elves.

Favorite Food: Tiger Burgers

Favorite Drink: Hard Apple Cider

Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, honest, hard worker

Negative Personality Traits: Reckless, not always forward thinking, not very romantic

Hobbies: Studying metals and minerals, reading,

Weapon of Choice: The Sunspear, a golden-colored spear with a sun-shaped head.

Special abilities: Paladin powers

Physical description:

T'suro has an appearance of physical prowess. While not overly muscular, his body is toned and slender. His auburn-colored hair flows halfway down his body on both sides, framing his head. Without the power of the Sunwell, however, T'suro's body is near painfully thin, barely able to maintain the heavy plate he normally wears.


T'suro was born into a somewhat-well off family in Tranquillian, one of the southernmost towns of Quel'Thalas. His parents doted on him constantly. but not because he wanted it: he was born with muscular dystrophy, a condition that gave him weakened muscles that would continue to atrophy over time. His parents tried to balance helping him find a way to overcome it, while spoiling his two-years-younger sister Le'sara, a magical prodigy. Nothing worked, and T'suro resigned himself to his life...

Everything changed, when the Scourge attacked. Forced to retreat to Silvermoon, T'suro's parents were cut down and eviscerated, leaving the teen-aged T'sruo and Le'sara orphans. On their own, T'suro felt like he needed to do something, but knew he couldn't. Things changed for him when he heard that Prince Kael'Thas had given his people a gift: A Naaru, from which they could draw power, and become priests and paladins. T'suro wanted to join this new paladin order, the "Blood Knights", because he felt that tapping into the power of such a holy creature could help him. However, the Knights refused him admittance, so he sat in front of their headquarters every day and night until they finally gave in and took him in.

The instant he placed his hand upon M'uru's body, he was filled with a surge of power that it overwhelmed him and knocked him unconscious. He awoke a few hours later in their barracks... with muscles! For the first time in his life, T'suro could lift a heavy load, fight, and move without feeling winded. He was excited, and gave himself fully to the Blood Knight cause. Even when Kael'Thas betrayed his people, the recruit continued to serve his country, eventually being brought to the Sunwell itself to fight Kil'Jaeden... mostly due to a lack of able bodies.

Throughout the years, T'suro proved that his determination was not just stupidity. He was among a group of Blood Knights sent to Northrend by Lor'themar to help pad out the Horde's forces, often disobeying more aggresive commands. During Deathwing's Cataclysm, he was among those on the frontlines against the resurging Zandalari, then the Firelord himself. When the Pandaren campaign started, T'suro was mostly serving as a guard in Silvermoon... until the Purge. He was among the forces Lor'themar sent to rescue the imprisoned Sunreaver and Sin'dorei, which included his own sister Le'sara, who went insane and lost major control of her magic soon after. This event sparked his joining the Sunreaver Onslaught against the Thunder King.

While he mostly dedicated himself wholly to a soldiers' life, it was at the start of the Draenor campaign, as entered his 30th year, that he felt like wanting to do more, help out the Horde at large, not just Quel'Thalas. While his initial attempts found him face to face with The Grim, the now Knight Sunspear seemed to hate their company, finding himself more at home among the members of Sanctuary, where, soon after being intiated, he brought his determation to them, proving himself a loyal ally of peace, enough so that when he was minted as a Knight-Lord after the Draenor campaign, he was made liason to Sanctuary by the Blood Knight Masters, allowing him o continue to serve in an official capacity to Silvermoon while continuing to see more of the Horde at large.

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"Eh, your typical prissy purple-people elf," Syreena mutters with a roll of her yellow eyes.  Then she grins wickedly.  "Me and Lilly pushed him off Tahz's boat a couple times.  His ears are on my list."

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Mardalius smirked at the mention of T'suro. "Ah, yes, Sunspear. A good man. Honorable, loyal, and good in a fight. We've always ended in draws in the sparring ring, and he carries his weight on the field. Impressive, really, for someone with his condition. Did you know he's the one who convinced me to join Sanctuary over other groups? I had been looking at Borrowed Time or Rutilus Luna, but something about the way he described Sanctuary pulled me there like a moth to a flame."

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"T'suro has been a member of Sanctuary's ranks for some time. He and Shokkra used to get into it... probably more than I should have allowed. But he's grown and prospered despite all the challenges that have been in his path. I'm glad to have him in Sanctuary."

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Aaren shrugs when asked about T’suro. “I dunno, he doesn’t really talk to me. Maybe he’s afraid of me?” She smirks and leans toward the inquirer. “I’m harmless.”

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"Fah a mon dat used ta be a frequent customah ah surprisingly don' know much about him. He be dutiful, loyal, an' because a dat, frustrated as shit." Tahzani remarked, setting a clean glass down. "Mon has patience like a saint though honestly. How he used ta deal wit Shokkra wit a stiff upper lip until he eventually called her out. He does dat a lot actually, can't disagree wit what he says but his timin'...Not de best."

The troll blew out a breath and eyed the interviewer. "Seriously jah don' know how many times ah seen him get his ass beat, hell ah NEVAH got de bloodstain outta my boat from dis one time."

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