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Sorel Crescentsong (A)

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Full name: Sorel Crescentsong

Age: 10,041

Date of Birth: March 8

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark Blue

Skin color: Light blue

Eyes: Amber

Height: 7'0

Weight: 235

Place of Residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms

Known Relatives: Elan & Alyssia Crescentsong (Parents, deceased), Kurellian Crescentsong (Brother, reanimated by Azshara),  Meria & Jeandle "Jean" Crescentsong (Grandparents, Nightborne)

Birthplace: Zin'Azshari, Ancient Kalimdor

Languages: Common, Darnassian, Draconic

Occupation: Leader

Likes: History, honesty, cultures similar to his own

Dislikes: Thalassians, Undead, Orcs, Trolls, Gnomes, radical extremist ideals, demons, the void, arcane

Favorite Food: Venison steaks

Favorite Drink: Darnassian Red wine (non-alcoholic)

Positive Personality Traits: Determined, always honest.

Negative Personality Traits: Reckless, racist,  emotionally stunted

Hobbies: Studying new fighting styles, practicing rune calligraphy

Weapon of Choice: Pandaren-forged pair of two-handed katanas he dual wields.

Special abilities: Heightened sight and musclar longevity.

Physical description:

Sorel Crescentsong is a tall, physical specimen of a Kaldorei. His well toned body is covered in a pale blue skin, with a full, wild head of dark blue hair atop his head. The body, however, is riddled with various forms of scar, most visibly an impact scar on his forehead.


Sorel is the perfect example of childhood trauma mixing with a culture unable to properly deal with it. Born in the last generation of Kaldorei to remember the ancient capital, Sorel was the second son of Elan and Alyssia, his older brother Kurellian being double his age. Sorel always admired the culture of the neighboring Pandaren Empire, wanting to become a monk, while his brother trained to be a mage. When was was 8 years old, the War of the Ancients started and tore the world apart. Sorel watched his mother get crushed under collapsing rubble,  and the last memory of his father involves him pushing him and his brother Kurellian through a portal to safety...

Sorel and Kurellian grew up in a changed world. Now immortal, they wound up fighting in a few conflicts together, including smaller skirmishes in the War of the Spider. They made a home for themselves in Astranaar, learning the new world together in their own way, with Kurellian becoming a ranger, and Sorel demanding the Sentinels train him until they finally gave in to silence him. This all crashed to an end when the Burning Legion invaded again. Fighting off Archimonde's army atop Mount Hyjal, Kurellian was struck down. Losing his last family member and his peoples' immortality broke Sorel, and he tried to reinvent himself, giving himself the draconic name "Shizari", meaning "One to fall back on".

He kept this name even as he marched south to Ahn'Qiraj, where he was taken out of action before the gates opened due to poisoning. He kept this name when the Dark Portal opened and he fought to slay Lady Vashj, when he worked with the Wyrmrest Accord to defeat Malygos. When Deathwing came back, he joined an Alliance military regiment lead by the fierce kaldorei Sakainu Redmoon. With Redmoon's blessing, he stayed on Mount Hyjal, fighting in the Molten Front, and eventually marched against Deathwing himself. For his staunch loyalty to the dragons, Alexstrazsa and Ysera blessed him and several others with the ability to understand and speak their tongue.

"Shizari" eventually, after spending most of the Pandaren campaign helping to clean up Deathwing's destruction, rejoined Redmoon's regiment as hostilities in the army against Garrosh continued to spread. Horrified by the Marshall's genocidal tendencies, he deserted and testified to get him court martialed in exchange for being removed from Pandaria instead of executed. When the Iron Horde appeared, he met up with a Light-based group to join in the Draenor campaign. However, many of them were lost to the Iron Horde, leaving him without an order. He eventually found himself joining the Knights of Dusk, where he met many of the friends that would eventually break off and form the Jade Lion. After Kurellian returned and revealed himself as a soldier of Queen Azshara, attempting to kill Captain Danariel Bishara in the process, Sorel put in a letter of resignation in despair.

When the final Legion invasion began, Sorel joined an order of Lordaeronian survivors with his long-time human friend, Margoz Anterius. Their eviction galvanized him to reject all forms of extremist thinking, and form a new order that would protect the Alliance, take in all its races, and weed out the extremist elements: The Night Vanguard. After a good start, Sorel's inadequacies as an adult became revealed in quick order, driving Margoz, his son Mardalius, and new wife Dailan to abandon the Vanguard. Many others now see him as not emotionally grown enough to cope with the world as well now, but it seems that events are finally acting to mature him... slowly.

Edited by Shizari

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Mardalius pinched the bridge of his nose. "Sorel Crescentsong..." he groaned to his anonymous inquirer. "Allow me to tell you about quite possibly the worst man and leader I have ever had the displeasure of following."

Mardalius swirled his glass of Thalassian Red, "Sorel has no tactical mind, he's heinously racist, and horribly manipulative and abusive. He would berate me daily for being half Thalassian, to a point that I had almost begun to believe I was filth. He once sent me on a mission to a remote cabin to await a communication from Sanctuary, before I joined, that never came. He left me out there for six months with no communications, just for me to find out the mission was called off a few weeks after I was sent. When he wasn't making poor decisions, he would bring me on missions for the specific purpose of being his personal portal vendor, all the while reminding me how he felt about my people. Then, he lied in a Thalassian court of law and got me exiled for an operation I had no part in."

Mardalius stopped, smiling apologetically. "But, I'm rambling. Most people would hate him for treatment like that, but honestly? I feel sorry for him. I don't want to be around him, but I hope he gets the help he needs. And a stiff drink. I've only ever seen the man drink prune juice."

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"Has to be the most persistent son of an elf I ever met. Everyone I know who knows him berates him constantly, and yet he keeps on at it regardless. Making him blush has become a hobby of mine. He may have trouble adapting to Alliance life, but he's got a big heart wrapped in his thin purple skin. I wouldn't trade him for a legion of Sentinels," -Jenivyr.

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Juli gives the person inquiring an evaluating look, as she does when she's trying to decide how much to say. She chooses her words cautiously, aiming for honesty but political politeness.

"I wasn't a good leader when I first restarted Sanctuary. I still have a long ways to go, too. What I do know is this. Being a leader means listening when people speak, but it also means carrying on when you know what's right, regardless of what anyone says. When do you know what's right, though, and when you should listen to others?"

She shrugs.

"That's a distinction only experience teaches how to make."

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Calrin blinked, looking up from the book on his lap. "Um... he was kinda a dick, really. Good heart, but not always good with people, especially mages and any elf that wasn't another night elf." He shrugged. "But he's not the worst person I've ever worked for?"

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