Ankoba Earthwhisper (H)

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"Do you remember? When we were free, when the Earthmother ran her fingers through our manes with each gust?"


Full name: Ankoba Earthwhisper (Fr. Warhoof.)

Age: 33

Race: Tauren

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Skin color: Lightbrown/white mottled.

Eyes: Blue

Height: 8'0

Weight: 550

Place of Residence: Wandering, at the behest of the Earthmother

Birthplace: Somewhere in Mulgore, prior to the settling of Thunder Bluff

Languages: Orcish, Taur'ahe

Occupation: Shaman (fr. Brave)

Likes: Fishing, the wilds, spice bread

Dislikes: Goblins, large cities, a disrespect of nature

Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, the occasional plant tending

Special abilities: Survivalist- a keen nature of what the Earthmother offers for natural healing.

Physical description:

A kind face and sweeping horns, for a shaman, his hide bares many a divot and scar that suggest he may have been quite the fighter at one time.


Born to a pair of Braves while the Tauren were still nomadic, his parents swore themselves- And a young Ankoba- to the security of Cairne Bloodhoof and Thunder Bluff. A rambunctious calf, Ankoba excelled at his training. A promising young Brave, sent to Taurajo in his teen years to shadow older guards and learn the way. All things, all good things, come to an end, however. Not even the Tauren were immune to the horrors of the war between the Horde and Alliance. Returning from a hunting trip, they were stopped in the flickering lights of the blaze that ate away at Taurajo.

A heated battle, screaming civilians. Something struck his head, and he was left to burn. But something spoke to him, cradled him. "Come back to us, Ankoba. There is so much yet to be done. So much to be tended to."

Ankoba awoke with a startle. This was not Taurajo. He had been dragged to safety, taken back to Thunder Bluff. He would no longer be fighting, not with his injuries. He relayed what he had heard to the medicineman that tended after him, and was soon set upon by a shaman's circle, asked if he might want to join, learn the ways of the elements, how to harness and commune. It came naturally to the bull, and he found his calling. He left his former name there in the mud and blood with Taurajo. Earthwhisper.

His anger, however, would still best him. In Stonetalon, with a group of equally upset young shaman, they came together, they wailed at the destruction, called upon the elements, the storms and rain, driving winds- They called a deluge of rain to wash away the logging camps, those that might disturb the Earthmother's peace. Fugitives from Garrosh's Horde, logging disrupted, Orcs and Goblins washed away, drowned and crushed under their equipment.

Ankoba Earthwhisper, Speaker of the Great Rain Dance.

His whereabouts, though debatable, trace him to a tribe clinging to life in the Thousand Needles.
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