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"Lady" Jenivyr Vayne

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 Full Name: Jenivyr Vayne

 Date of Birth: April 2

 Age: 28

 Race: Gilnean Human

 Gender: Female

 Hair: Blonde, curly and usually tied back in a tail

 Skin: Pale, decent complexion

 Eyes: Light green

 Height: 5'5''

 Weight: 125 lbs

 Place of residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands

 Place of Birth: Gilneas City

 Known Relatives: Lord Walther Vayne (father), Olivia Vayne (mother, deceased)

 Religion/Philosophy: Church of the Holy Light

 Occupation: Mistress of Scouts for the Night Vanguard

Group/Guild affiliation: Steward of Night Vanguard

Enemies: The Horde, House Hunter of Gilneas, Witherbark Trolls of Arathi

Likes: Parties and various social gatherings, hunting trips, fishing trips, planning trips and events

Favorite Foods: Fish

Favorite Drinks: Ale and wine

Favorite Colors: Green and Yellow

Weapons of Choice: Bow and arrow

Dislikes: Quiet places, being alone, discussions about abstract or unnecessary things (foreign politics, ideology, scholarly or artistic things), sudden and poorly-planned adventures, insensitivity, fighting people.

Physical Features: Angular features, somewhat sharp nose and chin, prominent cheekbones. Thin lips with bright gloss. Small eyelashes and thin eyebrows. B-cup breasts.

Special Abilities: Excellent at planning and tactics, or navigating intrigue and political plots. An excellent shot with a bow and handy with a spear. Spectacular horse rider.

Positive Personality Traits: Strong practical skills, has a sense of duty and loyalty, sensitive and warm, always trying to connect people.

Negative Personality Traits: Overly concerned about her social status, inflexible and wants things her way, reluctant to usher in change for the sake of change, vulnerable to criticism, very needy, and possessive.

Misc. Quirks: Flirts with just about anyone -- male, female, single, married, human or otherwise.

History: Born the first and last child of Walther and Olivia Vayne. Her father was lowborn and earned his lordship through his friendship with one Mayes Blackmane. Jenivyr was born the second generation in this new dynasty, and her mother lived not long to carry on the name through a male heir. With this in mind, Walther allowed his daughter great freedom, hoping she would strike her own path. Even so, he nagged her often for her laziness and disregard for social conventions. 

Jenivyr never fit in with the noble ladies of court, and garnered many insults and taunts for her tomboyishness and general awkwardness. As it turned out, she was awkward in large part because of her interest in women above men. Though, to impress both, she often flirted with just about everyone. Due to the utter rejection by the women, she preferred the company of men and learned to track, ride, and shoot a bow from a string of short-lived boyfriends.

When Gilneas fell, she avoided the Worgen using her survival skills, though her father was bitten and she looked after him throughout the ordeal. She even managed to subdue him long enough for the elixir to be finished. She moved with her father to Stormwind for a time, then to Duskwood after Walther purchased a plot of land for them to settle on. Jenivyr hated the area. The people were grim and disliked her as much as those in Gilneas did. The game were mostly mangy or inedible, and in all she grew stir-crazy before too long.

Walther was kidnapped while investigating a plot of treason against the crown, so Jenivyr used the chance to take some time away from his nagging. She set into drinking too much ale and wine, until the day the Night Vanguard arrived at her doorstep. Recruiting their aid, she managed to free her father, unveil the conspiracy, and earn herself a position in the Vanguard's base of operations leading the men who formerly worked for the conspirator. She found her true calling leading others, organizing events, and even fell in love with the woman of her dreams -- Justica Anterius.

Theme Songs:
 "Jupiter,"  by Gustav Holst

"England Peace Theme," Sid Meyer's Civilization 5

"I Vow to Thee, My Country,"  from a poem by Sir Cecil Spring Rice and the music of Gustav Holst

((Justica and Jenivyr))


Jenivyr and Justica lineart.jpg

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"She seems nice," Siané says. "Very nice. I'm glad she's with the Vanguard. They need more friendly people."

She hastens to add, "I mean, there are friendly people in there, it's just... she's very nice!"

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"Jenivyr is a bit too flirtatious, it feels heavy handed." Sorel explained, "That said though, everyone enjoys her company, and she's proven time and time again to be a very capable person and leader. I'm glad to have her."

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"Jenny?" Justica said with a smile. "She's brave, and strong, and determined... She's the best part of Night Vanguard. She makes everyone happy when she's around, and she can fit in with the common soldiers or with the officers and lords with ease. I..." Justica blushed, "Oh, I could go on for hours about Jenny, but the best way to know her is to meet her. Just remember, she's off the market."

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