The Vengeful Death of Geodorik Deepwater

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The small farm outside of Andorhal was coming along nicely.  Syreena was pleased with the progress she was making on the herb gardens, and the workers were scheduled to start tomorrow on digging out a room under the barn for her alchemy lab.  As she tended her growing herb garden, she paused to look over her land.  Finally, after so many years of living in sewers and tents and inns and the guild hall, the little rogue had finally decided to buy her own place with some of the vast amounts of gold she’d accumulated over the years through various means, most of them questionable if not outright illegal.

It was peaceful here, she thought, and although peaceful wasn’t normally her preferred atmosphere, it was a nice change of pace at times.  It was especially welcome at her own home when she was working on her personal projects.  Just as she was musing about how much progress she could make in her alchemy projects, she heard a strange tearing noise nearby and turned to see what it was.

A dark purple portal was opening just a few yards away.  A man stepped through the void portal, wearing dark leathers, light hair and facial hair, and a black eyepatch.   One of his arms was made of an odd metal now, but Syreena’s undead flesh crawled as she recognized Geodorik Deepwater, the halfling of few words who seemed to oversee security for Eternal Aegis when she was a prisoner there.  Her memories of that time were still fuzzy and incomplete, despite all attempts to remedy that, but she did have broken and distorted recollections of Geo’s hands on her as he bound her wrists behind her back, or tied her legs together so she couldn’t run, or shoved her into a cell.  Now, judging by the look in his eye and the pistol in his hand, he was here for only one reason, and he wasn’t planning to wait to see it through.

Armed with only a garden trowel in her hand, Syreena didn’t hesitate.  She threw the little spade at Geo’s face, which was just enough distraction to jolt the revolver’s aim away from her head.  She grunted as the bullet pierced her stomach instead, flowing right through her leather armor as if it weren’t even there, but at least that wouldn’t kill her there. 

Neither rogue wasted any energy on words.  Syreena did not bother with asking why he was here, or trying to taunt him with insults, or attempting to intimidate him with threats.  Though details were fuzzy, she knew without question that he was all business when dealing with her, thorough, and more than competent.  As he raised the revolver for a second shot, Syreena was already in motion, rocking back on one heel to kick her other foot at Geo’s wrist.  She felt the impact all the way to her hip, but the gun went sailing through the air.  With the pistol gone, Geo drew two swords.

As Syreena spun away, she pulled three small throwing knives from slots on her chest armor and flung them at him with deadly precision.  He was quick with his swords though, and managed to deflect one of the blades.  Another stuck in his armor and did no harm.  The third blade, however, landed in the exposed flesh of his living arm.  Syreena saw the reassuring sight of crimson blood running down his forearm as she drew two long daggers from her belt.

Geo barely winced as he yanked the blade from his arm.  Blood sprayed in an arc with the movement.  The two stared at each other, and as one, moved in, both raising their blades for attack.  Geo had the reach with the swords, but one of his arms was injured, and Syreena quickly took advantage of that, striking that arm again and again until it was near useless to the halfling.  

Her success did not come without a cost, however.  One of her own arms was missing a chunk of flesh, her torso was pierced and sliced, and now Geo had her effectively pinned against the stone wall of the house.  His demonsteel arm was raised, ready to pummel her head.  He knew that was the only way to do permanent damage to a Forsaken.  She ducked at the last second though, and his mechanical fist went through the wall, damaging the arm at the wrist in the process. 

Geo raised his sword and brought it down at Syreena’s neck, in a strike meant to decapitate the Forsaken.  Her own dagger, however, had found its way under his chest piece and pierced the skin there, taking the momentum out of his swing just as it cut through the skin of her neck.  Syreena thought this wound to her neck felt different somehow, but she would deal with that later. 

“I told you I would kill you someday,” Syreena hissed at him.  In truth, she couldn’t remember saying such a thing to him, but it sounded like something she would say.   Her golden glowing eyes were fixed on his face as she drove the dagger deeper up under his armor, and the tip of the blade went through his heart.  This was something she would not forget.

She studied him like that for a few minutes before pulling her weapon from his chest.  She sheathed one dagger, but kept the other in hand, just in case of...anything.  Going through Geo’s armor and pockets, she took any coins she found, as well as any other items that looked useful.  The wrist of the mechanical arm was severely damaged after going through the stone wall.  She was certain that house was severely damaged as well, but right now, she was more interested in the Eternal Aegis man that lay dead before her.

“One down, four to go,” she said softly to herself.

She finally put her dagger away and picked up one of Geo’s swords.  She lifted it high and brought it down with all her strength at the weak point in the demonsteel wrist.  After several tries, the blade finally cut through all the metal and the hand was free for her to take as a trophy. 

With the hand safely tucked into her armor, she moved to cut off Geo’s head, thinking she was way overdue in sending presents to Marrus and the rest of the Aegis.  Before she had the chance to collect his head though, purple flames engulfed the body.  The body was quickly consumed by the flames.  When the void flames finally died out, nothing remained on the ground except a dark purple burn patch on the ground. 

Syreena reached up to scratch the side of her neck where Geo had cut her.  She was no stranger to a variety of injuries, but this felt different.  It was itchy, and, although she couldn’t see it, the color of the wound matched the purple of the patch on the ground.

 ((Story by Geodorik and Syreena))

Edited by Syreena
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