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The Sacred Night (Race Bending Contest)

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Raelana De Bergerac was found on the side of the road in Eversong Woods and no one claimed her, so she has no family and Raelana is her made up name (since she had to pick one). She served in the ranks of the Blood Knights, moving up quickly to being a Master before trying to quit the Blood Knights to explore. As such, Liadrin made her a deal to continue serving the Blood Knights, but giving her the position of Ambassador which allows her to travel and explore while continue to serve.

TL;DR: Raelana is an amnesiac who serves as the Ambassador to Lady Liadrin and the Blood Knights.



A gentle breeze wafts through the field, the smell of grass and flowers floating along as the moon begins its slow rise as the night begins. A small tauren with reddish brown hair and large green eyes delicately wades through the field, picking flowers and occasionally looking up as the stars begin to appear. She often claims it’s to guide her way at night, but truthfully it’s because she is often daydreaming more than anything else. Especially on this night, when she knew precisely where she was headed, her daydreaming is at it’s best. Thinking about seeing new lands and meeting new people, eventually she pauses to actually reorient herself and pick some more flowers before continuing on her way.


Looking up to the west, lies a village, long ago abandoned and it lies in wait for someone to come care for it. She glances to the house at the top of the hill and wistfully contemplates leaving the path to go inside, but knows her final destination is more important. Trying to distract herself, she starts weaving the flowers she has collected together into several wreaths as she walks. Cadmus, her stallion, walks nearby and tries to steal flowers from her as she weaves them. Laughing, she picks several flowers from a nearby plant and offers them up to him. He gobbles them up greedily causing her to giggle louder.  She grins and pats him on the snout, but as her thoughts resume to the task at hand her smile quickly falls again.


Trundling onto the road, she starts to look around for signs of where she needs to go, eventually finding the path she needs to take.  The small totem often goes unnoticed to those not looking for it, but it really isn’t for anyone but her. The wood is slightly cracked with age and the grass has grown around it as it has sunk into the mud. She pauses to brush it off and adjusts it slightly so it is no longer leaning to the side. She sighs softly, glancing up and thinking of Mu’sha and the Earthmother and her hopes and dreams before shaking her head to refocus, her ears twitching and tail flicking as she straightens herself up. Cadmus, having made this trip with her often enough, nudges her gently, prodding her to continue her journey. She rests her head on him for a moment feeling sadness wash over her.


She doesn’t continue just yet, but instead glances behind her at the house on the hill.  It seems like just yesterday that she was there playing as a little girl, laughing with her sisters and brothers, not a care in the world. She thinks of her parents coming home from working their elemental magic and work with all of them to hone their skills. Glancing down at her hands, she attempts to feel the elemental spark within them. She snaps her fingers a few times out of habit, feeling the spark of power within which then quickly fizzles out. She long ago turned away from that path and her birthright, instead dedicating her time to An’she. But from time to time, she calls forth that power within herself, just to remind her of where she came from.


It’s a quiet night, the kind of night she likes best, as she continues to amble down the road. The altar she made long ago is the first thing she sees: Heavy rock and aged wood make up the altar which is also adorned with candles. Approaching it and not wanting to waste any more time, she takes out a small box of matches from a pocket and draws one forth. She strikes the match several times, getting only sparks.  She frowns as the match breaks in her hands and she delicately pulls out another match out and attempts to light it. It lights long enough for the wind to blow it out. Cadmus snorts, almost in laughter, and she shoots him a look, but a small smile creeps up on one side of her face.  She turns back to pull out another match and realizes the small box is empty. She shakes her head and then closes her eyes and feels for the little bits of elemental magic residing within her. It’s easy enough to feel for the tendrils of magic, but still being out of practice it takes several attempts to call it forth.  She finds it and snaps her fingers -  once, twice, and then on the third attempt little sparks of fire come out of her fingertips.  It’s just enough to get a candle lit, which she the then uses to light the rest.  Once the candles are lit, she assesses the state of the altar more closely. She brushes the leaves away from the windrose she had carved into it long ago and she picks up and adjusts a few small items on the altar. A long pipe gets moved so it’s facing South; a small, opalescent stone is adjusted slightly so that it glows perfectly in the candlelight; and finally, she adjusts four small bowls, each placed on a direction above or to the side of the windrose.


Satisfied with the altar, she turns to Cadmus. Knowingly, he trots over and turns so she has access to her bags. She draws forth a small pouch and brings it to the altar. She places her sword in front and then slowly removes four small vials. She holds them in her hand and begins a ritual.


To the Easternmost bowl, she places a small vial with what appears to be nothing inside it. She calls out, “Earthmother, I bring you mists of dawn from far away lands and beseech you to watch over us.”


Next, she places a small vial of ash in the bowl to the South. “Earthmother, I bring you the remnants of a fire I built after a great hunt on a full moon and beseech you to watch over us.”

To the West, she places a small vial water. “Earthmother, I bring you waters from  the edge of the world to represent your sorrow and beseech you to watch over us.”


Finally, she takes out a small vial of dirt and places it in the Northernmost bowl. “Earthmother, I bring you earth from all the far away places I have visited since I last was here and beseech you to watch over us.”


She then gets down on her knees and closes her eyes in contemplation. She looks up to the stars and says her prayers for safe travels as she continues to fight for peace across Azeroth and the other far away lands she is sure to visit. She prays for safety for her friends and her guild as they embark on their own adventures and she prays that in between everything she has time to search for truth and meaning in her life. She then prays for the ability to make good decisions and be rational and reasonable when dealing with those who are not.  And lastly, she prays for her family and asks Earthmother to watch over them. She cries softly as her prayers echo out to the stars.


She goes quiet for a bit, taking in the whole of the universe before her.  Then, methodically working through the altar in reverse order, she opens up the vials, returning them to her pouch as she goes along, and repeating the words she has said many times over the years: “Earthmother, I thank you for hearing my prayers and for watching over us.”


When she’s done, she waits a moment, listening to the wind blowing and feeling so close and connected to the Earthmother. She turns and picks up the wreaths of flowers she made and walks behind the altar.  Brushing away the leaves and dirt from their markers first, she places one on each of the graves for her deceased family members. First her mother, then her father, then her sisters and brothers. Kneeling on the ground before them she talks, recounting her adventures and telling them about the broken shore and the ongoing fight against the legion. She promises to make right the wrongs that were done to them and tells them how she has asked the Earthmother to continue watching over them, as she does every year when she visits.   


A long time passes as she sits there talking and finally just sitting quietly. She turns and stands as An’she’s rays break through ending the night, saying a prayer to him as she does every morning, asking for guidance in following him. Quietly moving to the altar, she picks up her fiery blade once again. Double checking to make sure all the candles are out before getting on Cadmus, the two of them begin the slow, long walk back to Thunder Totem. She turns her head and looks back at the graves and altar fall out of sight, a single tear trickling down her face, and whispers “I love and miss you.”

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