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Writing Contest: Race Bending

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1. Roll a 100 sided die (can be done digitally)

2. Your (main) character is now the race dictated by the results of your roll. If you roll your current race, you must re-roll. The point is, after all, to write something different!

3. Write a short story (500 - 2000 words, or 1-4 standard pages) involving your main character as this new race, and how he fits with the Horde or Alliance. Does being another race change your character's personality? Does it change their objectives? If the race they are changed to does not allow for the same class they were originally, how does that change your character? What aspects remain at the heart of your character that will translate if they are another race entirely? Note: Participants can write up to 2 stories to enter into the contest.

4. Post your story as its own separate thread with the tag (Race Bending Contest) in the title. Ex. Minny Fibblebottom's Lucky Day (Race Bending Contest)

Vilmah Bloodborne is an orc. I roll the die and get a 75. Suddenly she is a tauren! I write a short story about Vilmah the tauren, while utilizing her personality but in a completely different context. I also include (with the story) a short description of the original character, to offer some context for readers unfamiliar with them. Note: This description of your original character does not count toward the character limit of the short story.

1 - 7 Dwarves
8 - 15 Orcs
16 - 23 Gnomes
24 - 31 Goblins
32 - 39 Humans
40 - 47 Trolls
48 - 55 Night elves
56 - 63 Pandaren
64 - 71 Draenei
72 - 79 Tauren
80 - 87 Worgen
88 - 95 Forsaken
96 - 100 Blood Elves

The 1st place winner will receive 10k g in prize money in-game, with 2nd and 3rd place winning 5k g and 3k g respectively. The deadline is Sept. 1st. The winners will be chosen by Sanctuary (H), Twilight Empire (A), Borrowed Time (H) and Night Vanguard (A) representatives by September 7th.

Good luck!

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We're going to give you guys another week! The deadline is now September 8th. We will choose a winner on September 15th! Keep writing!

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Woo! Sorry for the late announcement, but here are your winners!

1st Place: Fhenrir
2nd Place: Qabian
3rd Place: Brinnea

Congratulations! You will be getting your prize gold in the mail. Thanks to everyone for writing!!

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