Outlaw Rogues - Leveling/Questing

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General Rogue Tips

Pick Pocket Macros
Pick Pocket with all openers for faster collection of Coins of Air.  Example:
#showtooltip Ambush
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Ambush

PVP Sap Macro
Saps a PVP target in range.  Can also be used to find other rogues/kitties and pull them from stealth if you spam it where another stealther might be.
#showtooltip sap
/cast sap

Tricks of the Trade Macro
Puts tricks on a party member in the following order of priority:  Target.  If no target is selected, Focus.  If no focus is selected, Target of Target.

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast help][target=focus,help]
[target=targettarget,help]Tricks of the Trade


Weak Auras Import Strings -

Outlaw Rogue Tips - For Leveling / World Quests

Outlaw is my favorite spec to play this expansion for questing out in the world, and even some dungeon runs.  However, for sustained single target DPS, as in raids, I can't get the numbers I can get with Assassination.  So this post will focus on using Outlaw for quests, and it should work well enough in dungeons as well, especially on trash packs and bosses with adds.

Artifact Weapon - The Dreadblades
I usually work my way down to Greed for my first gold trait, then up to Blunderbuss, then Blurred Time.  For relics, I go with the highest ilvl, and if I have a choice beyond that, I like the ones that have the Blade Dancer trait (Reduces the energy regeneration penalty of Blade Flurry.)  


1. Ghostly Strike is good damage, but I go with Swordmaster or Quick Draw, because I like passives when they're "close enough" to the active ability on the same tier.
2. Grappling Hook is one of my favorite talents in game.  Use it to get to difficult places, or as a quick way to get a short distance ahead.  Put it on your stealth bar!  It is usable in stealth and does not break stealth.  Acrobatic Strikes is recommended for more serious play, and Hit and Run is used for more damage if you have the legendary boots that benefit by increased run speed.
3. I like Vigor here, because I don't have to think about it too much, and the increased energy is great to start with.  Deeper Stratagem is a favorite for more serious play, but you don't often need to get to six combo points on quest mobs.
4. Iron Stomach or Cheat Death.  You don't have to think about either of them to benefit.  With Elusiveness, it only helps you if you remember to press Feint when there's incoming damage.
5. Parley is like a longer Sap.  I've never used it.  Prey on the Weak does increased damage when your target is affected by certain spells, most of which break on damage, so I've never used it either.  I go with Dirty Tricks for some energy-free spells.
6. Marked for Death is what I usually pick here, though Death from Above is fun for big numbers and closing gaps.  On quest mobs and trash packs though, Marked for Death is usually a free five combo points on every mob, because the cooldown refreshes if you kill the mob within one minute of using it, which is nearly always.


Fighting Easy Mobs (regular quest mobs, dungeon trash packs)
1. Start in stealth.
2. Ambush target (with Pick Pocket macro)
3. Run Through
4. Marked for Death
5. Run Through

They're usually dead here, if not, just Saber Slash (or Pistol Shot when free ones proc) a few more times until you have enough combo points that you think one last Run Through will kill them.

If it's a pack of easy mobs, or there are adds, activate Blade Flurry before step 1 above....
6. Select next target.
7. Marked for Death
8  Run Through
9. If necessary, Saber Slash (or free Pistol Shots) a few times and Run Through until dead.  Do not switch targets until dead, so Marked for Death refreshes.

10. For additional mobs, repeat from step 6.

If you're taking damage from melee attacks, you can hit Riposte.  Riposte lets you parry everything for a time, and strikes back at your attackers.  If the attacks are magical, you can use Cloak of Shadows and interrupts (Gouge makes a good interrupt if Kick is on cooldown).  If both are on cooldown, and you're taking a lot of damage, use Between the Eyes, Blind, Gouge, etc. to slow the incoming damage. If you're going to die, Vanish and run away. You can also Bribe a humanoid to help you fight for five minutes.  

Fighting Harder Mobs (rares, named mobs, bosses)
1. Start in stealth.
2. Cheap Shot or Ambush (with Pick Pocket macro)
3. Roll the Bones (doesn't really matter what buffs you get from it for questing and dungeons)
4. Marked for Death
5. Run Through
6. Curse of the Dreadblades and Adrenaline Rush
7. Saber Slash (or Pistol Shot if free)
8. Run Through
9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until Curse of the Dreadblades buff expires
10. Saber Slash (or free Pistol Shots) to five combo points
11. Run Through
12. Repeat steps 10 & 11 until dead, using defensive cooldowns as needed, refreshing Roll the Bones when it drops off, and using cooldowns (Marked for Death, Curse of the Dreadblades, and Adrenaline Rush) as they become available again.

If there are multiple mobs, activate Blade Flurry before starting, and use Marked for Death on each new mob if the cooldown has been refreshed.

Once you get legendaries, some of them will change the way you play.  There are pants that heal you when you use Feint, and several that may change your rotation or even talent choices.

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