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Musings of a lone Seer

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*The white hooves clopped in the snow. The clop was muted by the sinking ice like snow. The creature upon it was strong weighed about a ton with the armor. The saronite gleaned with the reflection of the white snow and the sun. The cold did not chill him. And his blue eyes seemed to see farther in the ice. He came here to recollect but little did he remember the burial ground of the Dwarves whom made a home in a bunker nearby. He started to see a couple spirits huddled in the snow. One scowled at him aiming the spiritual gun.* "We are here just to survive." *He said in common. Ghost slayer gave pause swishing his blue tail keeping his weapons sheathed he held his hands out as if no threat. The shot rang out but went right through him. He didn't understand the dwarf only way he could was to be possessed.*

*He turned into a ghost himself dodging the shots as they went through him because he was on a different plane of existance he invaded the Ghosts home he wanted to know what made them restless.*
*To his horror he found it.. At the bottom of the ruins were small skulls of children he saw whisps of child like dwarf ghosts that couldn't even see him. The shots kept coming finally he couldn't stop the potent posession of the pissed off Ghost.*
*Flashes came, a scream of an orc. A slash of blood delicious blood. The roar of a Yongol.. * 
*Finally he woke up. He then realized again keenly why he took the oath. Looking at the blood on his hands he resolved himself to control so he didn't get ridden like a horse again. He took the oath to stop the blood. He has a deathknight was MORE than a killing machine he had the choice to be just that. He was a builder a spiritual guide a protector. This was more than the lich king could ever hope for. And he always wanted to strive for more. The reason the oath was in place was so that all people could build. Everyone could make something to make Azeroth greater, and with the great threats there or not it was needed.*

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